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17 February 2013


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i agree, the best thing to do in Paris is walk and soak up the sights and sounds they will stay with you for ever....my neighborhood is a small town in England....very old in parts, full of charm and character. the market today will be almost french....you can return with delicious bread, cheese, olives and flowers. i love it here and despite there being a big wide world out there, i hope this is my forever place.

Wonderful, wonderful!

Yes definately the best thing to do in Paris is walk, walk, walk! So much to see and not enough time. My neighborhood is full of an assortment of shops. A great cheesemonger, a shop full of french produce, a pizzeria with a wood oven, a few good cafes, 2 local supermarkets, a library, a quaint old pub.....all in all a good place to shop, and just 5 mins walk away. But sadly it's not Paris.

Oh, how I would love to spend a day like that!

love all these pictures...red is my favorite color-cafes and conversations are two of my favorite things walking walking walking in any city is also my favorite thing-sounds like a FABULOUS day-enjoy!

I love love love Paris. When I was a student I lived there for several months with other poor students but it was the best time and i have been back a couple of times. Today I wish that I had never left. Beautiful photos Corey, I feel as though I have gone back in time.

I would love to spend the day with you in Paris! It's beautiful.

Such a feast for the eyes. I think I am looking at a fantasy world. Thank you for sharing.

Walking in the neighborhoods, streets of Paris is the BEST. And of course the cafes :-)

Here in Zurich, my neighborhood is near Enge. I am a 10 minute walk from the lake of Zurich.

We have a lovely park and art museum within 5 minutes, as well as a few cafes, dry cleaners, flower shops and supermarket. And of course, I'm very close to wonderful chocolate :-)

aww, wow, speechless, got my walking shooz on ~ lovely pics Corey ~
dreamy again ~ ideas, ideas, ideas ~ Merci ~ XO ~ job time there ~ :-)))

-happy sigh-

Please keep taking us around...


Love, love, love it! I bet you could go for a wander every day for years in Paris and never tire of it. Hope you'll be sharing more of these with us.

That is exactly what I would do in Paris is walk everyday and explore. Maybe you could stay in your apt when it isn't rented and give us a tour of your day.

Firstly,can you tell me what shoes are appropriate to wear while walking since the American walking shoe doesn't seem appropriate for Paris. I'll start breaking them in now - I'm thinking leather shoes of some kind.

Secondly, when you give us the french word of things, can you also show us how it is pronounced? Have to start learning some french. It would make the trip so much more pleasant.

Love the tour!

Two years ago I spent one precious day wondering the back streets of Rome, skirting down alleyways, ducking into hidden churches, stumbling upon tiny archeological digs, and sitting on ancient, sun drenched benches. It felt as though I was given a glimpse of the souls of generations.

Paris, Venice, FLorence, Rome - all great cities to walk in. Thank you for the reminder that there are few things more lovely than a well-painted door.
Barb in Minnesota

You scored the truth, walk . . . without a map . . . I have enjoyed my walks in Rome, Florence, London, Dublin, Edinbourgh . . . my favorite was a walk about again and again . . . in the tiny village of Asciano in the valley of Tuscany . . . Oh my, just get out and walk, visit, see . . .

Oh I love walking in Paris. To dream again of visiting there. My neighborhood could be a bit of Leave It to Beaver reemerged. When we move to Portland over 30 years ago I was afraid to drive in this neighborhood, now it is being more and more gentrified and quite fun. There is graffiti on some walls and you can find the peoples art here and there.

I love your tours, Corey! They're the next best thing to actually being there.

I live in a corner apartment building, with old, real old, double hung windows that face directly onto other buildings. Out on the street is a bakery, tailor, pizzeria and one darn good Burmese take out. The #33 passes by every 15 minutes and SFPD passes by every 10. To my right and up three very steep hills, the Presidio and it's dramatic views. To the left is Golden Gate Park, with it's spongey green grass. Walking and gliding in between is my neighborhood.

Can't wait to visit your piece of Paris someday.

this ---> ""When in Paris
I like to have Onion Soup,
the vegetarian broth version.""

and always & without fail to B lost in Paris
is The Best !!

{{ me?

i would fly all
the way to Paris
just to walk
walk }}

loving all your Red Captures ...
they make me swooooon ...

I feel like I have been in a 1950's movie - Gigi or Lili. Maurice Chevalier is singing in the background. A beautiful neighborhood. Here is suburbia. Kind of like a Monopoly board. I am in the desert in Washington State, so now everything is beige except the sky. It is blue today, gray yesterday. Monochromatic colors waiting to explode into the color spectrum in a couple of months. A time for the eyes to rest. Thanks for the tour of your neighborhood. xo

Are you in heaven? I would be...

OK, I give up. What is the one thing the zinc horsehead meant? My mind is awhirl!

I love the size of the windows or should I say doors and the faux balcony effect. What are the measurements?

Paris is wonderful. Thanks for sharing it with us!
Here - three feet of snow last weekend. Today wind howling and 28 degrees.
Like I said - Paris is wonderful...

How fun it has been to see Paris through your eyes! Reading about walking from one Mission to another in California today and then looked at your post and wished I were walking all the day into night with you in Paris!
The neighborhood is 50 year old tract homes above the ocean and our street thankfully has a little hill to add variety to the walk .

Coincidentally, I made a batch of vegetarian-broth French Onion Soup for dinner yesterday afternoon, because it was a very cold, wintry day with a bit of snow. Today's weather is the same, but at least there's enough soup left over to warm us at dinner tonight!

Have you researched the boulangeries and patisseries near your apartment thoroughly yet? I'd volunteer, if I were going to be there (although I have no prospects any time soon, alas) -- as the old saying goes, a dirty job but someone has to do it ;-)))

We missed each other at Vanves. Was there with my son on Saturday and he had a great time haggling for a few trinkets to bring back to California. We are also staying in the 15eme...we too are nearish to rue du Chateau. Have a great weekend!

Yes, just walking and exploring Paris with no particular place to be is the dream. . .

When in Paris... makes me hope that someday i will be in paris!

Thank you for taking me on a walk around the neighborhood.

Thanks for the visit to Paris today... our favourite city.

We live in a village which has been amalgamated into the city, but it is still very village-like. We live on a long island; at the middle of which is a bridge and a stone mill from the 1860s. There is a ghost in the mill they say -- a young bride, the second wife of the owner who died the day after they were married, during her first tour of the mill. Just a couple of blocks down is a branch of the public library, a private swim club and the local curling club (someone from our village just won the national championships). We have many coniferous trees and many squirrels -- black ones, grey ones, and our favorites, the tiny and very funny red ones -- and there are 2 nesting pairs of cardinals that fight over our backyard and bird feeder. We also have wild rabbits who hop through. Just beside the island is the store of our French baker, Remy, where we get croissants and French cheeses on Saturdays.

It represented a horse meat butchery.

Great photos - my preferred city! So beautiful and so many places to discover - to just walk around and BE!

Ah. I thought it was something more sinister and mysterious.. LOL!

From my Android phone on T-Mobile. The first nationwide 4G network.

OMGees! Those curtains with the round lacy panels - gorgeous! Especially with those fancy black railings.
At the moment, my neighbourhood is very dry and crunchy.

Continuing to live vicariously!!! Thanks for the advice. When in Paris we always have an agenda. So much to see so little time!
Well comparatively I live in a new neighborhood. My house was built in 1947. We have remodeled and updated several times. Everything in Dallas is new. Soooo as the older homes sell they are torn down and replaced with mcmansions. Huge beautiful trees. Lovely manicured lawns. Neighbors walking dogs. I love it!

I just love all the places you have discovered. I agree that by exploring on foot that it is the ideal way to see all the nooks and crannies.

My neighborhood is fun on foot, too. If I walk down the hill from my home and then turn right, I will be at the ocean. Many mornings, I walk along the beaches with my husband or a couple of my friends. On the way, there is a district with quaint little shops, coffee places, and cool boutiques - no chain stores. If I turn left at the bottom of the hill, there are great local restaurants. There is the famous Del Mar Racetrack within walking distance, too. It's crazy during racing season but at other times, there are antique or gem and Bead events. Plus, the weather is always great!!

Oh that soup!!!!

My neighborhood is younger than Paris, but historic nonetheless. My home was built in 1908 and the third floor window affords me a glance around to see what flowers are abloom in the neighbors' yards. Snowdrops. Snow came late to us this years. We have over a foot in most areas. I'm itching for spring. The cure is a walk with my four-year-old granddaughter, stopping to pet the horse head hitching posts in front of the older homes. There are five, and an additional hitching post that resembles a branch. Life through her eyes is always exciting!

What is the significance of the zinc horse head? Curious...:)

BeUtiFUL ~ I live near the Gulf of Mexico, emerald green, sapphire blue ocean and shuga white sands, thus we call the beach shuga beach ~ while I pretend & mix your village in the mix within my head ~ wonderful photography ~ XO

My neighborhood is on upper Broadway in NYC. All low-rise apartment buildings, with Victorian row houses behind them. Although many of the houses are in ruins, the ones for sale are at least 1 million. Our neighborhood is lively, and not the tourist section of Harlem to say the least. But it is a REAL neighborhood, not a Starbucks or Gap in sight. (actually, there used to be a Starbucks a block away, but no body went there...we go to the cuban coffee place across the street for real coffee) I've learned a lot about Dominican culture, music, food and friendship since moving here. It has opened up my heart and my life!

Oh good grief NOT LIKE YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD!But I do own one of those ZINC horse heads!That red garage door...........swoon worthy!
I have a question for you!How long does it take it you to decide where your signature goes on each photo!Its like looking for WALDO!I love it..........I must find out how you do that!Finding WALDO was a popular book when our kids were little..........you probably missed out on it but believe me it was fun!

You're speaking my language. People ask me what did you do in Paris? Wander, eat, repeat.

Your love affair with France is contagious.
Because of you, Corey, I am ”head over heals”
with France…………….A place I have never been to.

I live in a quiet neighborhood that just happens to be
across the road from a winery.
There is always something going on there, some small shops, flower shows, wine tasting,
a tiny coffee bar were they also serve “pub food”.
And Jazz on the lawn on Sunday afternoons.
We can hear it
from our back garden and often eat our dinner enjoying
the music blowing in the breeze.

I often explore Nancy's neighborhood, she is a short distance from me.
I enjoy reading her comments.I have never met her,
maybe someday ..........


Wow! That is terrific! I think we should get together for lunch sometime!!!

I live in the country surrounded by 2 acres of woods although one hour from NY city.

but return often to my favourite neighboorhood my mother's neighbourhood in the 5th arrondissement, by the place Maubert and St Nicholas du Chardonnet which I think is the only church in Paris where mass is still said in latin.

Anne v.

Oh, I love this post! Thank you for sharing this walk through your neighborhood. So much to love, but the red door is just gorgeous. Now to go searching for a recipe for vegetarian onion soup!

I can't wait to walk in Paris in June! Thank you for this encouragement!

sigh... Would that my neighborhood had ANY kind of character! We live where we live for good reason - family! And there are wonderful people who live around us. We have to go to another city to find wonderful neighborhoods. Ours is a military town so people are constantly coming and going. Few look at their homes more than just a place to live for today. BUT the daphofils are about to burst into bloom as are the cherry blossoms! Every thing is beginning to burst into life and the beauty of spring. This is what I love about where I live! The joy of spring, the blue water, the white fluffy clouds and the abundance of nature around our area. An hour from the city, an hour from the mountains, two hours from the ocean. It's o.k. I so enjoy visiting the places on your blog! Its where I visit the wonderful places you see. Thank you.

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