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27 December 2012


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My bread and butter is always my beautiful family and friends and our bounty of blessings and my faith.
Love you and I love all you share.

Flight delays that gave us another 24 hours together! Lemonade.

But that's just it, Corey. You are the one who sees. You are the one who's soul is on the tip of her Tongue in Cheek ready to get the sacred messages readily around us in daily life. You are the one who sees a morning table as if it were a devout still life of significance.

And that is part of why I am devoted to your eye and heart.

(Yann knows by now what his wife sees)

Today the verse that keeps coming to my mind is Lamentations 3:23: The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning, great is Thy faithfulness. It has kept me going these past several days.

Coco, One of my favorite posts of yours of all time--and I think I've read them all! We are kindred souls, and this simple post brought tears to my eyes in its beauty and simplicity and grace.

Just lovely, these little moments of hidden meaning and joy...being open to them and willing to see is part of the gift.

Bless you, each and every!

Corey, this post was so beautiful in its simplicity and its message. Your soul was in your eyes that morning to be able to see and feel what you did. Thank you so much for sharing. I loved the breaking of the bread. And yes, I think French Hubby read your mind :)


It takes an artist to see the beauty in simple things

My "bread and butter" tonight will be boiled potatoes and butter ;-)

Just looking at that baguette -- doubtless from "the good bakery" in town, right? -- as well as wonderful French beurre makes me miss France. And I bet it hasn't been snowing there, either! (This afternoon poor old Farmboy Husband had to shovel out all the hard, heavy, salty snow that the municipal plows shove into the mouth of each driveway).

an argument deflected

I had nightmares most of the night. When I opened my eyes this morning the first thing I saw was very happy puppy, wagging her tail. A sign that life is good, full of love and far outweighs bad dreams.

Bread and I had to break up. Butter may not be around for much longer either.

Oh my God, this is why I love your blog. Your words just touch my soul~so simple and so beautiful. The word "blog" itself to me is not a pretty word, but the way that you write and express your thoughts--Pure Simple Beauty. Thank you.

My husband's strength and conviction to leave our home each day and work so hard to support us, especially through this terrible downturn. Top the bread with the butter of having all my children at home while I watch them play a simple card game and hear their laughter. All so sweet topped off with a good friend's blog who reminds me to be grateful for my daily bread & butter. xoxo

Corey, How is Annie? She wasn't at your Christmas table so I was wondering if she is with her family during the holidays?

When Corey writes like this I keep hoping she will capture her words and thoughts in a book someday!


How lovely to be able to notice the small things like a bread and butter prayer. Beautiful! Love cup in the last photo. I need to go find my bread and butter and notice more closely.

The bread and butter of my morning today was the smile and giggle and clear eyed view of my 5 month old grandson.

It's funny; yesterday I had my own bread and butter prayer.

We don't usually have bread and butter for breakfast, but yesterday we did. We drove to my husband's hometown on the 24th, to take part in the Reveillon at his sister's home, with the rest of his family and her in-laws. We drove home, 500 kms, on the 25th, and as we departed, Pierre's mother tucked 4 frozen baguettes in with our baggage.

This past spring, Pascal le Boulanger set up shop in my husband's little ski village, north of Quebec City. Pascal is a baker from Lyon, and has all his flour shipped from France. Homesick as we are for France and Suisse Romande (having returned a year ago, after having lived there for 5), to us it is food for the soul. There is no bread as good in Ottawa, and I am sure, no other bread as good in Quebec City. Maybe in-between, in Montreal, there is a baker as good. Even when we lived in Geneva, and shopped in Ferney-Voltaire, there was no pain au levain this good; on Saturdays, our ritual, after the weekly market in Ferney, was to drive to Divonne for pain au levain from the baker Lucien. Pascal's bread is in the same league as Lucien's.

So, breakfast was a meditation and prayer about passion, the art of living, of taking something as simple as a wild yeast floating in the air, and flour and water and turning it into an amazing bread. Alas, no Beurre d'Isigny AOC to accompany it, but a nice local unsalted cultured butter instead.

Simple gifts.

I'm the same-sunlight on something draws my attention every time.

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