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15 July 2012


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Have no idea, but definitely worth a laugh. Too funny!

tears...laughing so hard but does it really even matter what a weenis is..?

Well at first I thought it was French Husbands pinkie finger that she thought she was squeezing but I hope for your sake Corey that there would be a size difference between a weenis and the thing that rhymes with it and that would be the only thing they had in common.....ZUT ALORS !!

Ha ha ha haaaaaa (Bing had the definition)

I didn't know I had a wennis. Mine is small, it should grow bigger with age.

As always, google knew...ha! Pretty funny! ;)

Too funny Corey! Who knew that even had a name!!

I had to check the banner and make sure I was at the right blog, LOL.

This is too funny...

I didn't but I do now...Hilarious story

I laughed so much when I read it but I knew it couldn't have been what I thought it was so I had to Google it to find out ... oh my goodness, I didn't even know there was a word for that!!!!!!!!!!

I had to look it up as I didn't know what a weenis was lol

What a fun day:)


Well, I miss typed and found "interesting" definitions. I knew immediately that I had mis-spelled! LOL! I never knew that body part had a name! Thanks for the giggle!

I didn't...but I do now!!

Denise certainly embarassed readers with her extensive vocabulary...and created a few belly laughs.

:) now you're really killing me Corey.... this is toooooo funny! But my first thought (after having checked that I was indeed on TiC... (!!) was, why would ANYONE squeeze the ...., rub it in public.... etc etc - then I washed my dirty mind with carbolic soap and looked it up - so utterly funny! Thanks for the giggle.
have a happy week sweetheart - you crack me up!

Yes, I learned what a weenis was when a friend had his tattooed. He said "'m going to have a spider-web tattooed around my weenis!" My jaw must have hit the floor.

But, finish the story...after Denise finished rubbing this guys weenis...did he at least buy her a drink? ;-)

I would be a bit more concerned that my friend was squeezing any regions on my husband..wenis or not!0_o

Actually, recently my daughter told me what a wenis was. She learned the term in her biology class and we had a few good laughs about that too :-).

Nothing like a soft, floppy weenis !!! love it, and the fou rire....

I've obviously led a very sheltered life!

Urban Dictionary:
"An excuse for 12-17 year old guys to say a word that sounds like x but isn't"

I once played footsie with a stranger. When I finally realised I was not touching the intended, the accidental recipient gracefully accepted my apologies with "no problem, it felt good".

Haha, new to me too! I also thought you might be taking your blog in an altogether different direction when I saw the opener :))

Ha, had to look it up before I even finished reading the post! Very funny.
Why did that young man let her do all that pulling and prodding anyway? He must have been enjoying it :)

okay... I didn't know that! and my mind took me elsewhere! glad I looked it up!

Did not know but do now + That is hysterical! Learned something new today...yeah! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Thank goodness for Urban Dictionary.

I've never heard of someone pinching someone else's weenis ... whether known or unknown. Is this some sort of regional behavior? Do I need to keep my arms crossed, cupping my weenises, when around Denise?

now tell me again why your friend Denise is pulling on french husbands weenis? lol.

(ah… and now I am beginning to understand why French Husband accompanies you to the Brocante quite frequently, as it has this “magical” effect on the ladies.) Oui!?


Wonder if there is a reason for this part of the body to have a name of any sort except for plastic surgeons, dermatologists or snickerers?Hmm wonder what it is called in other languages.

I don’t blame her...I mean who wouldn’t want to.?

days later I am still laughing so hard I can't even read this post around people because they think I've lost it! I don't trust myself to explain... this is what ROFLMAO was invented for. I can't wait to casually use the term in conversation!

funny and good story

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