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10 July 2012


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Purple paradise :-).

here-in bucks county pennsylvania, we have 2 lavender farms-one owned by a french man and his partner-and we already experienced the high blooming season-simply beautiful and although nothing compared to your neck of the woods, still as special for us-we have planted quite a bit of lavender from this farm and happily on an even smaller scale, i enjoy the sight and smell daily-- right now we still have some blooms and the bees and butterflies- living in the city of philadelphia you can imagine how wonderful this is for us-- provence-philly style-the pictures you have taken are beyond words and make me want to get on a plane and come right over--if only!

Gorgeous photos. Wow. All that seems to grow here in such abundance is corn and soybeans. Not as beautiful or wonderfully scented.

It's almost ridiculous how beautiful that is. It's like a fairy tale. I can hardly imagine what it would be like to ride that (first) bike through the fields, stop for a picnic and perhaps a nap, all the while breathing in the intoxicating scent. In this daydream, I think I'm taller and thinner as well :)
(oh and I imagine I can speak French too!)

Your photos are breathtakingly fabulous, Corey - bookworthy. Thanks for sharing this beauty with us - and for the great links too!

Soooo Beautiful.

Off topic--after reading TC everyday for 4 years or so, I finally subscribed. For some reason the links come a day late. Has anyone else had this problem?

The picture with the lavender on the horizon and the sun flowers in the rear view mirror is just amazing! I don't know how you got that one.

what a team! corey and jann.. what a wonderful adventure through the back roads of provence capturing the beauty of the burst of colors in july.

your pictures are so tantalizing and inviting. they help to remind us of how beautiful your home is when we cannot be there. merci beaucoup

The sunflower and lavender photos are breathtaking! Living in an area such as that must make you all very very happy, it's so absolutely gorgeous! xxoo

Lovely. oh how I wish I could pop over for a visit - tomorrow!

For me, there is nowhere as beautiful as Provence this time of the year -- and thank you for the photos that remind me of this.

two of my favorite things Corey- lavender and sunflowers- My grandmother often wore lavender and I still have lavender soap that she gave me. A good friend often buys me lavender things because she knows that I treasure it so. As for Sunflowers - they are such a happy flower- seem to be always smiling...
Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos of two of my favorite things.

Your photos are breathtaking Corey! I wish I could buy armloads of French lavender. I love that photo of the old bicycle with lavender bundles. I agree, I could live there too. Who would ever tire of it?

How beautiful - I would love to be there instead of dull, wet, England with floods and 10 cm long jagged hailstones. my poor car is dented all over! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of France - I can almost smell the lavender. I wish.

It's so lush and inviting, I can see why the two of you love it so much. Lavender has such a nice scent.

LAVENDER. My absolute favorite. Excuse me for repeating myself - my absolute favorite scent. I adore it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful post, Corey.

Thank you so much for these beautiful pictures! Tomorrow I can see it all in reality and I am so looking forward to it!

What a wonderful way to spend a day! Gorgeous photos. A hint of heaven.

We just returned from a glorious 3 weeks in France. The lavender was just beginning to bloom when we were there. Love your pictures. So vibrant and lush.

Your photos are just wonderful!!! We were there after the season was past two years ago, but we still saw a few new fields that had blossoms. I do believe we may have stopped at that shop too. We bought soap to bring home, just wonderful.

BTW, I saw some different fields of sunflowers near the town of Willows, California on Saturday. My husband and I stopped by Gatherings and had the wonderful opportunity of meeting both owners. How fun to chat with your mom as she watered her little hidden garden.

I adore lavender and paired up with the sunflowers...Honker pride!


Really, really gorgeous!

Glorious photos! I love the sunflowers and lavender together - gorgeous! I just harvested my little plants and made wands. I am hoping I have enough left to try the baskets! Thanks Corey!

Love, love , love the lavender. Thank you for sharing such beauty! Amazing that the smell has reached this little city of Chico, Ca.through your link Corey!

This post and your pictures are wonderful !!!
Thank you SO MUCH !!!
Have a colourful and "scenty" day !!!

PS - No French link up in your sleeve for lavender bottles ???
I DO love them !!!

Adored this post! I have a lot of lavendar growing in my yard in CA and have found latifolia to be the best variety for me. Do you know which varieties the lavendar farmers in Provence prefer? FABULOUS POST!!

you captured the soul of lavender + just stunning images. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

thank you. i love, love, love this so much

Wow! Ces plantes sont de toute beauté ! J’adore la lavande et son odeur relaxante et apaisante!

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