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17 July 2012


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Now you have me drooling over bread, cheese, and oh those cherries in the end. We have a market nearby that sells a wonderful batard. I am addicted to it.

I always heard that in France you can tell a foreigner by his shining white tennis shoes. I would never wear them to France for sure.

Thanks for visiting me. I do get many comments on my hair and it always makes me smile. Loved, loved chatting with your mom as she went about her job of watering the plants. Just pure delight.

I feel that I have been to the marche today with your beautiful pictures. Give me the fresh goat cheese with the rosemary for lunch. I'll buy cherries here today(on sale for $1.99/lb). Bon appetit!

Oh Cheese, how I love you so!

When I was 19, a friend and I spent a week wandering the streets of Paris. We ate cheese and bread, and the occasional glass of wine. That was all we could afford. I couldn't find a reason to complain, it was all so perfectly yummy. Good memories!

A very informative and pretty-to-look-at post! If the shelf life of a baguette is only one day, no wonder you have a recipe for soup that uses them. I assume you eat the charcoal outer layer with Valencay, or not?

love the topic today... am in berkeley ca and shop @ acme bakery and am often at a lost as to what type of bread i should purchase and what are the difference...

love the different types of cheese as well as the accompanying photography.

am always left breathless and humbled by your articles.

Hi D

Yes you eat the charcoal layer. As you eat most of the crust on the cheeses in France.


I love cheese, especially Charolais cheese.
Charolais cheese+bread=heaven !
But above all, I love CHERRIES !!! And if I could get them at the price that shows on the "ardoise" on your last picture, I would buy tons of those !!!
2,..€ a kilo !!! I can't believe it !!!
Round Paris the average price was between 5+ and 7+ € the kilo !!! ARRGG !!
I DID buy some but we ate them parsimoniously !!

Posts like these should come with a warning: "Drooling, sudden feelings of hunger, and trips to the fridge are known adverse effects of Corey's posts about French food."
Bye for now, my fridge is calling. Not sure if I have any cheese :-(.

Coco, making fart jokes across the Internet. Like I said, you can take the girl out of Willows ...

Why rock-hard cheese? I grew up with an ever-present wedge of Romano in the refrigerator which Phil grated into a snowy cloudy every time we had spaghetti. It wasn't until I was older that I tasted Parmigiano Reggiano ... sheep vs cow. Both divine.

I love bread and cheese, I'm eating a cheese sandwich now. It looks like a farmer's market, that is another love story.

I am eating Bing cherries as I type - yum! I love ficelle and like you, would love to have that body type. Due to too much cheese and bread, I am a batard. ;) Valencay is music to the ears and honey on the tongue. My brother shudders and claims that I only eat stinky cheese. Of course, he thinks good cheese is the stuff made by Kraft and wrapped individually or in a box and looks like rubber (ick, ick!!!) Thanks for making me hungry. I'll go have some stinky cheese with stinky olives and bread. ;)

Yum. Now you have me wanting to make baguettes!

Hmmm, bread and cheese and fresh fruit for supper. Perfection.

Oooh~I love the cherries picture!!

I have done a bunch of posts about my French vacation last year. What a wonderful time and your post is bringing back memories as well. Thanks for sharing Corey! xxoo Nancy

Your post today inspired me to go pick up a couple of new cheeses. I love cheese, but I have only begun exploring unusual (to me) cheeses. I picked up a Garlic Cheddar and turned the package over to learn more about it. I noticed right away that it was from Willows Calif., so I had no choice but to buy it because I thought of you. It's very good, and tomorrow I'll try it in a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. MMMmmm.

The love story is of that last blackboard exposing years of various freshness written upon its surface!
PS. Summer chuckle: My daughter ate a wrap at McDo called "Chevre". Imagine a tourist with a dictionary trying to understand its contents. My girl decided that would make their "Cheeseburger" a cow-cow.

That dirty batard! That dirty bastard. Bastard. Basterd!
Damn Batard. Damn Bastard! Bassturd. You Bastard.

Got that out of my system.

Rules on how to cut the cheese....oh how well I know about this! The first time I ever visited France, I was a volunteer at a Medieval Castle restoration project. There was one French guy in particular, who despite his hippy hair and lifestyle, was very very particular about how the cheese was cut, and was convinced that Americans knew NOTHING about cheese since " all your cheese is orange, comes in individual slices and is wrapped in plastic"...on and on and on he went, at every meal. It's a big joke between us now, but at the time, it was tiresome to be scolded everytime I tried to get a bite of cheese.

Oh, the bread! I like to get the bread here in our village that is called "Sanilhacoise" because it is the tradition of the village to make it that way...a darker crust, maybe some whole wheat mixed in? We leave on Saturday, and I miss it already.

Hi Mat
I could see your face as I read this, and lol all along the way.
And I'm still laughing.
You're nuts!


What a lovely start to my day. Merci!

Last summer I was sitting at a cafe in Nice. From the angle of the table chair where i sipped my cappucino the first thing I saw as people approached were their shoes. Americans are easily identifiable by their footwear!

Cheese + bread + fruit + flowers! My favorite things. Fabulous pictures.xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

YUM! Everything looks just delicious and beautiful.
Except the lady's outfit. :)

hahahahahaha I love it.

I don't think it was the scarf that caught my eye....just sayin.
Love cheese. I even carry cheese stick in the car for a quick pick me up.

Oh my goodness...totally agree with your choice of bread...and how do the french wear their scarves? How about a post on that one?!

Will love to have my own bread and cheese love story!

Corey, I always learn so much from you and have so much still to learn. Lovely, mouth-watering market photos.

A baguette, however, is the one and only baguette = a wand!

The others are not types of baguettes, but variations on a loaf.

Vive le pain!

Lovely photos, I never have time to go to wet market I usually buy fruits and bread in a mall or in a grocery store. I love reading your blog.

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