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24 June 2012


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Ooh I would so love to have one of the night dresses. I love antique clothing and textiles. It is fun to see all of your brocante "finds" on your blog.

I would wear the nightdress in the cool mornings and evenings while sitting on my small patio... my summer dream is to construct an old-fashioned clothesline on which to hang my vintage linens.
What makes me happy during summer is watching flowers bloom, taking a boat ride on the lake, and having friends and family over...I dare to create a small fountain myself on the back patio! Jamie V in MT

What do you dare to do?

What makes you happy during summer?

This year my summer dream is to build my mother-in-law a little chicken house so she can have the rooster she's always dreamed of having. I want to use old wood chairs for the nesting boxes and hang a picture or two on the walls. A shabby chic chicken house is what I dream of this summer.

I love sitting on my back porch before everyone has woken, and listen to the birds. We have doves that nest right outside our bedroom window. They twwwrrr along so prettily in the morning.
I would love one! I'd wear it while I sit there sipping my coffee and listening to the birds!

Curling up to read. The summer, July specifically slows down slightly so there is time to relax and read. I've got about 10 books in my stack ready for my undivided attention. I can't wait!!

is slippers doing better? i agree with you.. it is nice to have your husband there and do the yard rather than alone.

would love to be the recipient of one of your nightgowns. i would wear it and pretend i'm back in the south of france in bed in the cool evening, hopefully smelling jasmine scenting the air around me and my ah.

your description of dinner made my mouth water!! well, since I just moved to Fiji everyday is summer! I am reallyyyy looking forward to mango season which is quickly approaching. coconuts are really inexpensive here and I have been making dinner with lolo (coconut milk) every week. but my most amazing summer dream for while I am here is to get my scuba diving certification and then going to Beqa island to dive with sharks. even as i type all of this my life doesn't sound real to me yet!!

love your blog, as always. glad to hear that your friend is doing better :)

what an absolutely splendid idea. what a dreamy thought. and you are right, we only have one life. do those out of the way special things. i have often gone out in dark
to view the country skies and the diamonds in the heavens. of course,i would love a gown as i have been a gown girl since a child. good luck,girls. Bestest,Denise

Who wouldn't want one of the beautiful night dresses. They would be great to wear in our hot summers out on the patio at night. Just had the first peach of the season and enjoyed it so much.

Loved your fashion blog. Wrote down the guidelines. It helps to know what one is looking for while shopping. Not much available 5/6 hours north of Willows. So a French night dress would keep me on track with the new fashion statement. Spring is best and summer is better. The hayfield is green, the lavender is blooming, the sunflowers are growing, the animals are all happy and we are opening red wine to sip on the deck this evening. Thanks for your inspirational writing.

In my youth, I collected old nightgowns etc. and wore them out, so I agree with you :-) My favorite was an old pair of linen split bloomers I found in Amish country. I put my arms through the leg part and pinned the front closed with a vintage broach. It was my favorite summer top!

How whimsical! How romantic! How perfect for summer and.moonlight!

I would dare to wear the nightdress with nothing underneath; nestled in the arms of my husband of 36 years!
Your caring and sharing is uplifting.

I think that white cotton night dresses are so beautiful- I am not sure that you would have one large enough for me but they are so pretty..
I am looking forward to summer nights to enjoy the stars with my beloved and to smell all the gorgeous smells of summer.
wishing you and yours a very happy one,
warmest regards,

I am leaving the heat of Texas and heading to NW Illinois for a few mos. So happy to see all of my girlfriends where We plan to have a slumber party and watch movies all day. A nightdress would be so perfect. Wish you could bottle the jasmine or make sachets for us. It is one of my favorites scents.

Love, love love antique clothing and especially when it is French. I don't own any, but would love to have one of these pieces. It would be so much fun to wear over so many things. That is exactly the kind of clothes I wear. Linen - cotton - and loose. I loved the link yesterday and have it in my favorites. Jan

Such lovely vintage nightdresses should certainly be worn.
Perhaps while lying in the porch swing on a warm afternoon
reading a good book. Marie

Summer dreams... here are small ones and big ones... The smallest but must urgent right now is to find the owner of the teckel mix that we found tonight while walking our dogs. He just joined the company and refused to leave. Young, black, shiny and very playful. I really do hope that his owner will appear, this little fella does not deserve going to shelter.
Big dreams for this summer... Sun. More sun. Warm sea, a lot of swimming. Right now I'm packing my bags... I hope, I really do hope in two weeks to stare at the Moon in Tarn :D Last night we celebrated our summer solstice feast and it is a turning point for the summer here. Och, well, so far it has been windy rain all the time, miserable. But yes, even here the strawberry season has started!

Hi Corey,

I have always been amused by the
concept of "one size fits all" but
would love to see how one of your
beautiful night dresses fit this
5'10 body.

It would also represent a nice
change for those who see me
when I fly out the door at 5
in the morning to scare away
the crows who squawk in a tree
overhanging my balcony. Presently,
they are used to the plaid
flannel clad nut case with
broom in hand. I think it
time for a change in dress
if I am going to continue
to make such appearances.

That aside, my heart was made
happy to hear about the
progress of your dear friend.
May the power of prayer
continue to be with her.

In the 70s and 80s I wore only nightgowns like the ones pictured. I haven't seen them in the stores for years - it would be the ultimate luxury to snuggle in one again in the arms of my precious husband.
My summer dreams will be waiting out the heat in southern California and praying the cooling rains come soon. I love to listen to the rain. And to the birds chirping all year 'round.
Corey, your blog brightens my every day. Thank you for your generous sharing of the days of your life. xoxoxo Anne

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