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04 May 2012


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You forgot to mention that every other year there is a huge must see vineyard equipment expo in Montpellier.

Beautiful photos of you. You look radiant.


Love the photos of you. My favorite of these photos of France, is the color of the building with the surprising facade. Would you call that coral? Persimmon? Rusty Pomegranate?

Lisa Johnson

Oh Corey! you look beautiful. I don't leave many comments on your blog, but read it daily. I would love to come visit you and go to the Broncante. I've only been to Paris once 7 years ago and I've never been to Provence. Dying to come back and explore, get lost, eat lots, find treasures to bring home, and just absorb all the beauty that is there. Don't be surprised if I come knocking at your door someday. Ok, I would never do that, but I am serious about coming to visit you. Have a lovely weekend!

French la Vie

Hi Mardog,

Every year there is a huge must see vineyard equipment expo in Montpellier... and that is when I see my dear friend Mardog!!!

Now the secret is out abut the vineyard equipment show.


French la Vie

Hi P

Let's put those colors in a blender and call it Surprising Facade :)


French la Vie

Hi Lisa

I am ready when you are!



Great job Laurie! We don't see enough of Corey on Tongue in Cheek.
France, seductive as ever in your posts, Corey. Have a great weekend.


Corey, your last two posts have stirred my passion up for living in France. Love the links & pics of you.


Oh Corey, You had me last time you posted photos of those beautiful poppies and then today's post wrapped it up. I'd be on the next plane if I could. When my children were small we spent a good deal of time in Italy and my favorite photos are of them posing in the fields of poppies and sunflowers. One day I will come to Provence. Thank you for always posting such beauty.

Sharon Penney-Morrison

beautiful!! Oh how I love Provence. Bonnieux was a favorite. The blue restaurant awning you show yesterday..was that in Bonnieux? I know I have seen it in one of the little towns we visited because I took a photo of the vine growing over the entrance.
You are beautiful.


Oh my dear woman. I just might turn up this summer. :)

Kathie B

Corey, the photos that Laurie took of you for today's post finally answer one burning question: Where did Chelsea learn to mug so well for the camera? The only question remaining is what percentage of it derives from nature, and what percentage from nurture? ;-)))

Kathie B

Farmboy Husband and I saw that same shade in a lot of places when we visited you. At our B&B, the walls, bathroom tiles and towels were all that color, and you commented that it's quite common in the region. I'd just punt and call it Provençal Orange.

Kathie B

Yeah, I'd wondered a bit about that. I didn't think it was for corn or soybean farming ;-)

Lana Kloch

you look fabulous in the photos.. you make me long to be back in france... i can small the coffee and taste the croissants ... i never get enough of the varieties of cheese. this is a secret.. i eat the butter as if it were a slice of cheese.

thanks for sharing new sights and sounds. your photographs capture the oohs and aahs of where you visit.

merci beaucoup

Amy Kortuem

haha! Corey, you are "f-ing" gorgeous!


Hi Corey,
I'll come visit. I only live next door, so I'm not very exotic...and I am not very "in" to brocantes...quelle horreur. You must think me a "monstre"! But I love Provence, like you. So when do we meet? tea? Rosé in Aix? xxoo Meredith


You picked up a little color in Mexico, you look smokin' lady. I would love to dip into a french dessert right now, anything chocolaty or fruity. Thanks for the tour.

French la Vie

lol Jenna, that is the best compliment I have had in a long time!

French la Vie

Hi M

I am ready when you are. Name the date, or come on by whenever!


French la Vie

Hi A
Thanks! Lol!
I wondered if anyone would say something about my slang!


Kathie B

For those who fantasize about rehabbing a home from afar, "Expatriate Bloggers Chronicle Details of Home Renovations":


Your post is so full of your love for Provence and so full of inspiration for our next trips to the South of France. Thanks a lot and have a nice weekend, Monika


I see you have heard this before but I will say it again. You are a beauty! Your joy comes through in that smile, in your eyes. It is contagious! Thank you!

Kathie B

Here's something else to do in Provence, if you're a risk-taker. "In France’s Verdon Gorge — and maybe in too deep":
Can't you just envision Yann and Sacha bungee-jumping here? (Better than Sacha trying to jump the gorge with his bike or Yann flying the "Mosquito" into it, of course).


So wonderful Corey to see you spreading your dancing wings outdoors. Now, I see where Sacha also got his beautiful free dancing moves from. Fun to think of seeing your whole family dancing together!
Your friends photo remind me of when I traveled with a good friend, and dancer across Canada by train and we danced in many of the train stations. What fun it was, so free in our early twenties. Keep on dancing!!!

Brother Mathew

Again always nice to see you happy but please show more of the church! I want to see more of the stone detail behind you in the first photo. Stand back and take a picture looking up. Please.

Franca Bollo

Choop ... just go see for yourself. Your wife needs a vacation.

Laurie SF

Pack your uber tight bicycle shorts and get yourself over to France. Corey's village is a cafe stop for many cyclists passing through.

French la Vie

Ditto to Laurie and Franca!

French la Vie

Hi Kathie

Yann has JUMPED the bridge twice.

You gotta see it.

The bridge and the jump.

Yann has flown in it.



Making my way through Provence, wandering as you suggested. Stayed at the most wonderful b&b out side of Malaucene, La Madelene, run by Philip and Jude Reddaway. A 13 th century priory converted into a beautiful place to stay. Philip also conducts wine tours in Cote du Rhone. I tasted a wonderful creamy cheese served on a small spoon, St. marcelinne.
Thake all this spelling w a grain of salt,(fleur de sel) of course.

French la Vie

Hi Dd

If you are near Aix please come on by! There is a lovely winery up the road from my house and we can meet there!



wonderful photos, corey, but you stole the show, beating
out the mousse and the croissant!


Awe so beautiful and so happy.....you look just like your Mother. I have visited Provence many times and still can't get enough. Read your blog every morning with my morning coffee.


I love twilight also...when the swifts circle round the village looking for dinner and I am sitting on the roof terrace by the pool with a glass of rose and my sweetheart. And I LOVE the french word for twilight...crepuscule. I love the sound of the word, the way it feels in my mouth when I say it, the memories it evokes. Can't wait to get to France...almost a month away.


hi Corey, I love how you love and enjoy France. I look forward to your adventures and advise on where to go and what to see. One of these days I'm coming to see you! We spent a week in the south, based out of Avignon with a rental we cover a lot of territory. Hope to do it again and I hope you will let my husband and me treat you and French husband to lunch. I'll be sure to call first!

The French Hutch

French la Vie

Hi Emily

I am looking forward to your invitation! See you soon.


French la Vie


One month! Wonderful news!


Christine Cuisiniez

Thanks Corey for your post.
It was a pleasure to meet you and to share a very nice moment in my space Oleassence en Luberon.
If you come back to Bonnieux, I will be happy to see you again.
See you soon.

Christine Cuisiniez

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