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20 April 2012


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All the women are radiant. You can tell they love what they are doing. I especially love the pictures of the woman making the tortillas. The food looks incredible. Beautiful, beautiful pictures.

Hot peppers are good for arthritis.
My son in law, who's family is from
southern Mexico, always is in charge of
our "South of the Border" food celebration.
Boy, can he cook and his Mother make
fresh tortillas every day!
Give me the sour cream and avocado's over
the "hot" stuff any day.

When you're in a country that doesn't speak English, do you find yourself tempted to speak French? I always do that, although my French is probably about the same as your Spanish.

Bonjour Paulita!

Funny you should ask that. As I do not speak Spanish, I find myself speaking French, thinking it will hep.


In case of Spanish and French, the French actually might help as linguistically both belong to the Romance or Romanic Languages family stemming from Latin, so some words might be similar or even the same (though possibly pronounced differently). English, on the other hand, belongs to the Germanic Languages family, so might not be so helpful, although the closeness of USA and Mexico probably could have help with some linguistic infiltration.
As for the tortillas, isn't it that it's always grandmothers that make the best food, no matter what ethnicity. Remember your Annie's pastries or any dish for that matter? Boy, I am hungry now and I want a fiery tortilla! :-)

In San Francisco, Mexican Cola is all the rage. I am told it is made with real sugar instead of corn syrup. So lots of people will pay more for it.

I now want to take the exact trip you took... Jann and you sure know how to travel well. I'm sur every person you run into falls in love with the pair of you.

Hi K

That is it real sugar makes the difference, so I have been told.


I love how wonderful the people are. It makes one's experience magical and filled with touching memories.
I now want some hot chocolate with a pinch of heat. What a kind gesture giving you her family's tortillas...what a nurturing soul. Yes, you will have to return, take the cooking class and share with us ;D

How do you find traveling in Mexico? Here in the U.S. we are constantly told how dangerous it is.

thanks for the lessons about the different types of chiles...it's been a mystery to me. love your capturing the senora and the tortilla making scene..yes, second you on findng and building a cast iron tortilla making area back home in france...

omg and you missed the cooking class. i always try to take a cooking class in my visits elsewhere...yes...dog gone it! you're have to return..xoxo

What a very special trip. Now I am more and more tempted to travel in Mexico. Homemade tortillas and chilis, what can be better. You will need to come back, so you can take the cooking class. So lovely to see the faces of these beautiful people. I love that the older couple decorated with the coffee beans.

OMG I would plan a trip around that cooking class. The last time I was in Mexico, I fell in love with corn tortillas and I came home with a wonderful wooden tortilla press that I found - by some miracle - in a local shop. We make fresh corn tortillas for our mexican cuisine and it is wonderful!

That has always been my experience in Mexico. The people are generous and kind. They go out of their way to be helpful and they are very respectful. I always try to speak Spanish to the cab drivers and anyone who will help me with my Spanish. They don't mind helping and wouldn't ever think of insulting you if you don't know the language. This makes for a very pleasant experience while there.

it looks like something you might eat at your own risk or if you have a good health insurance

Thank you for the pepper analysis. I've eaten Mexican food my whole life, but had no idea what Chipotle was, or Poblano. Here at the farmers markets in Los Angeles, everyone has the green "hatch" chilis now....no idea what those are either. I think they are hot.

Love the pictures of the lady making tortillas!

ahh REAL Mexican food, REAL sugar coke, wonderfully kind and generous people everywhere you go. We go to build houses in Mexico regularly and have fallen in love with the people and the food. There is nothing like a real home cooked Mexican meal made by the hands of these lovely people. Like most of the "ethnic" food in the US, it has been Americanized here. There is no comparison.

Those hot peppers would probably sear holes in my poor esophagus. Having acid reflux, even sweet peppers are out of the question for me, unless they're cooked within an inch of their lives.

Based on my experience with Portuguese on my first Azores trip, I agree with others here who advise that even trying to speak a bit of the local language is a great way to make friends. Most folks feel so honored that a visitor would even try, so will go wa-a-a-y out of their way to find someone who knows some English who can help. I'm sure your French is useful, especially for reading signs, menus, etc. Plus, anyone who grows up in California cannot fail to learn a bit of Spanish, if only through osmosis ;-)))

It's cane sugar (as opposed to beet or corn).

What fun, topics that speak to my heart, cooking and eating.

I love peppers. Of all kinds. In many different foods. And nothing beats locally axe cuisine no matter where you are. One word - YUMMY

Those tortillas are making my mouth water. I wish I had some right about now. I am really enjoying you pictures and stories of Mexico. Thank you very much.

What an excellent discovery! The tortillas looks amazing. i might have to try and recreate it.

Those Back ppl (Los Dos) made a BIG mistake not letting you into their class IMHO
Did you tell them we are WAITING to know all?
The hot peppers are just too hot for me.
I don't know how people do it...
but I love the paintings from Holland etc.
Painted peppers = yes
eating real ones =JAMAIS
The Cowardly Lion xxx

Frankly I think Paris may be neck-in-neck or even a little ahead in the Coca race.
And they got the cafe tables, shopping bags, portraits of Karl etc. to prove it.

I am so happy for you. What a great trip. I am also thrilled you are finding everyone is friendly and welcoming. We are a nice bunch of people, aren't we? Despite all the negative press out there . . . my American Hubby just loves Mexicans as well.

Hi There,

Hatch chilis are grown in Hatch, NM (USA) and they are known for their wonderful taste. They have both hot and mild. I always loook for Hatch chili and some people even make Hatch runs to get their own stash for the winter. A little trivia. Enjoy!

Wow, I love it! You are inspiring!!! I just found your blog, I like it because i was seeking for such type of info.
I hope it benefits all one who land up here.
Thanks for sharing!!

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