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10 March 2012


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Wonderful creations. Thank you for introducing Alwen and her world to us. I am especially drawn to old photographs of people or scenes of life from the past. I have one old photo, probably from the beginning of the 20th century which I bought in Canada in an Antique store. It shows three children, ages about 8 to 11 (two girls and one boy) in their Sunday best, sitting on a high, horse drawn buggy (with a very big wheel). Maybe they were going to church or to a Sunday picnic. The girls are wearing beautiful white dresses, the boy is in a dark suit. The moment I saw this photo, I knew I had to buy it. I framed it and it hanged in my house for many years. I didn't know who these people were, but I felt like they were my family. Now, they are still in a box in storage waiting for the time we move to a bigger place. I miss them.


She, like you, has a way with vintage treasures and words. You have a lot in common. :) Beautiful, interesting post.

They would make a beautiful book!
Love her use of Fr handwriting in particular...

mathew,( with one T) you don't know what you are missing. this does not get any better. all this oldie stuff. it's just like a luscious dessert. i cannot stand it. corey, what a blog. this women could keep me breathing forever. some selections.Bestest, Denise

Quick, brother Mathew fainted! Where's are the smelling salts?
)Quite brave of him, though, to actually look at all these treasures until he could take it no more!).

WOW!! I'm drooling over those beautiful antique pharmaceutical bottles with their gorgeous sepia labels, the lovely old handwritten mailing labels, the artful arrangements...holy cow!! :)


Heart-grabbers. Thank you so much for introducing us, Wow.


These are extraordinary and beautiful creations - they surely deserve wider attention, as your post hopefully will help achieve!

I can certinly see why you like her so much Corey..you two have such similar tastes and beautiful ways of discribing things..I have signed up to follow her blog..Thank you for introducing us Corey!!

I enjoyed this immensely!

oh how wonderful! thanks for featuring her!

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