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28 January 2012


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Thanks for these. Love the coffee roses and the CD clocks. Have a great weekend!

Love this new feature, such creative folks out there. But I miss Friday Fille...off to make some scratch-off valentines, thanks!

If the body comes with the ruffled t-shirt, I am so trying that project!

The clock coasters are so great!

I'm going to try the clock faces on old CD's project with some BFFs!! One of my very BFFs makes fabulous wreaths using stained coffee filters. You can see one by going to my webshop at http://www.casualcottagechic.com/cart/index.php?_a=viewProd&productId=1745

She made a lovely large pink one that can be seen on my FB also!

I especially love the clock faces!!!!!!!!merci beaucoup!

Great ideas. I have already downloaded the clock faces, and I think I will figure out a way to incorporate a scatch off thingy at a shower I will be giving for my future daughter-in-law! Such fun.

This Saturday feature is a favorite.

Thanks, Corey!! These all look so cool. Love the "houses at night". I'm in such an arts and crafts mood and these all seem so doable.

I'm a craftaholic and really love all the clever people you are finding. Exploring their sites I find even more things to make. The trouble is I like to look as much as I like to do. Thank you for finding all of this and if the body came with the t-shirt, I'd put you in my will. lol.

HOLY CARP those are fabulous ideas...thank you for sharing these. I love the first one so much I'm doing it right now. :)

Your fine taste runs to the DIY as well, Corey! You've made a wonderfully curated list here. So much goodness in one post. You could be paid to find this level of fabulous. Is your blog monetized? aka; do you take ads?

Oh I love the art Saturday blogs!!But I love all of your blogs. I can't wait to try the clocks and the flowers and the tea light castles and ....

Corey: I have made the coffee filter roses, the animal candle holder and now I am on to the mercury glass. I have not had this much fun in weeks!!! Thank you, what a great idea for your blog. I never miss reading it but I must say you did yourself proud!!! Melinda, The House of Tuscany

Remember a few years ago you had that idea of taking sticky back opaque printer paper, printing a black and white image on it and putting it on a clear glass vase? I've done that at least three times. Just two weeks ago did one using a black and white photo transfer of my great grandfather's store circa 1908!

Thanks for the creative ideas Corey - there are some beauties in there!

Corey, wonderful ideas, thanks for sharing them. I am interested in your engravings. Please let me know how to obtain them. Pat

Such wonderful ideas Corey..Thanks for sharing..

What wonderfully creative ideas! Thanks so much Corey!!

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