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14 September 2011


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I am laughing so loud! I love the babysitter and the voter, OMG - aah, reminds me of when I was in Paris and the commercials were so self explanatory.

Merci, Corey, I need that laugh.

Oh Corey, these are priceless! I loved the one with the baby... and the last one - oh my... I just spent a 1/2 week with a true Parisian man, while attending a seminar in Boston. A sworn bachelor at 60, but charming, and definitely a ladies man, we had breakfast together every morning! Nothing like the stereotypes above, but definitely very Parisian!!!
Thank you for the hint about videos. I'll give it a go, although I have nothing worth posting yet...
Love and kisses,

LOL! how funny! the babysitter is the best! although the Voting Poll is true of most ALL men!

Thanks for the LOL!!

The voter and the tour guide. Thank you for the giggles.

LOL. Recently I saw a movie Rien à déclarer which, apart from making fun of xenophobia, was also full of jokes about the French and the Belgians. I am glad to be able to see more of European humour in movies and TV ads since I moved back. I do love English humour and some good American comedies or ads (notably a recent ad with the Old Spice guy), but it's nice to get a few European jokes now and then.

What a HOOT! Thank you, thank you, thank you! A perfect start to my day.



just goes to show that people are the
same the world over....here these
start with 'have you heard the one
about the 'aggie'
'the NoDak'
'the Okie'
missy from the bayou :)

The perfect way to start my day!!! Laughing is the best medicine even when you don't need medicine. Thank you for so often making me smile first thing in the morning.

A friend of mine while looking around a little Paris antique shop (emphasis on the word little) had to practically stick her head inside a dresser while the male owner was talking to her because he ripped the loudest fart and never said excuse me, just kept right on talking about the dresser like nothing happened !

I am laughing! So funny!

The Sweet Life in Paris-David Lebovitz

If you're at a red light and don't floor it the nanosecond after the light changes to green, an explosion of horns.

Dog doo doo in the streets.

A hurried Parisian standing behind you in line. They're desperate to be where they rightfully feel they belong: in front of you. Hence the rampant line cutting in Paris.

A great read on how one falls in love with-and even understands-one glorious, maddening city!!

Your blog is a learning world, everything is included.

Having lived in Paris as a student, these were LOL funny. Merci!

All very funny. My favorite was the Eiffel Tower one with the Japonais. So typically Parisien.

What a laugh! All of them.

Trouble starts when we all take ourselves too seriously.

Hihihihi as Astérix would say...merci, Corey. Though I'd translate the tag line at the end ("Le Parisien...il vaut mieux l'avoir en journal") as "The Parisian...Better as a Paper than in Person."

Ha! You last statement about "Hardheaded" was the funniest~!

Funny especially the card on the windshield.

Very funny!

So, the incident at the traffic light is really universal - isn't it?
Laughed out loud. Thanks.

Thank you for the laughs. They were all hilarious.

wonderful. thanks.

I just read this now...I am laughing..thanks Corey!


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