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20 August 2011


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I'm so impressed by people with talents like this.
I was talking about disappointment with my friends this morning as we ran. We decided that disappointment is related to our expectations and if we take a minute to acknowledge that it didn't go the way we expected, we can embrace the new experience rather than viewing it as a disappointment. Which is why, I was fine with only running 7.5 miles, rather than the 16 I expected. :)

What beautiful pottery! I love that your friend incorporates the old with the new. My MIL and her mother were potters... handling pottery that they made gives me an instant connection to them! ;)


Does Monique have a "store" that she sells her pottery? It is delightful.

Love the pottery! Does she sell online or only at the brocante? If I lived as close as you, I would fill my cupboards and armoire with her creations ;-)

Good luck Monique, you certainly have the talent. Your designs are simple and pure.

Wonderful wares, sigh, I must have them. Does she sell online?

glorious down to earth stuff - beautifully photographed and presented - I think if I were you I'd start saving every cent as of this moment to get my hands on some of her pottery.... exactly MY style too!
you lucky girl!

Just beautiful! I have been in love with Astier de Villatte for years, but just cannot bring myself to pay those prices (even back in the day when the dollar was strong against the French franc). Does Monique sell anywhere in Paris? I will be there in late September and would look for it.

Oh, if only....I lived there or she lived here.

What amazing talent. If only I could shape something so lovely.
Maybe I can take up lesson, but you either have it or not? I'm waiting for the surprise around the corner...

love this!! I have one piece of Astier de Villatte. It's so pricey. I wish I could snatch Monique's pottery out of your blog and sell her goods here in the United States. Well, maybe I will just need to visit Linda of willow nest--possibly she is buying for the Country Living fair? She is a dear......

I have seen her beautiful pieces pictured before and love the glaze...she is very talented!
And to think that she is so close to you too!

I'm so glad that you post everyday. It is something I look forward to. I think I want to move to southern France for a while.

Lovely post! I can envision those in my shop!

Oh yes... I can dream of those "argile" artichokes and jugs ...
Thank you Corey !

So lovely! I would want to buy everything, too! I especially love the two last photographs.

Oh OH Oh Dear Corey!

Thank you for sharing this find! I am a collecter of Astier de Villette and this is so so beautiful! Do you know if she sells regular at that market? I am hoping to visit again this year. I went to her blog but I cannot read very much French and she doesn't have a translate button.

Did you get me email about that oil you posted a few weeks ago? I MUST find that when I visit Paris. I have a wall just waiting for that. Can you tell me where exactly I can find it?

Thank you & Merci Beaucoup mon aime!!


Hi J

Yes, Monique does sell regularly at the markets. She gives the addresses,and dates to where and when she will set up.

Regarding the oil painting, I saw it in a window on the Left bank by Saint Germain des Pres, next to Place de Furstenberg and Café Au Chai de l'Abbaye... an antique shop on the corner that sales the pottery you love too.


Hi Corey,

Simply gorgeous. Any chance you will sell some of these on your site?

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