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24 August 2011


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All of them lovely in their own way. Thanks for pointing the way towards these sources.


Oh. My. Gawd. Those were -- as Jackie above said -- delicious.

Enchanting, merci!
Can't wait to follow the links tonight!

"All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream."

OMG; it's not that we could live for days in those photos you chose but that WE DO LIVE in them... glorious choice and wonderfully presented! I think there is not one I don't like 'à folie'.... :)

I absolutely love the 19th century confiture jars! I have a thing for clear glass..

Beautiful inspiration - natural and pure describes these rooms so well.

Wish we had a branch of "Cote Bastide" in Seattle! Are they represented in the States? Dang. I guess I will have to move back to my beloved Southern France then. Veronique aka French Girl in Seattle

corey-in my very humble opinion your photos can certainly run with these PLEASE OH PLEASE MAKE THAT BOOK....even without words/stories it would still be fabulous-the eye of each photographer is so unique...a talent i do not posess...oh or even a small book of your receipes... with your pictures a SURE BESTSELLER...(i always have to search the archieves if i wish to make one)- love what is presented here for sure-especially the crown bed scene- but simply adore yours more JUST THINK ABOUT IT!!!

I'm so "into" glass cloches it's not even funny - it's a necessity with three maurading cats who think they're graceful but they're not.

If I could get a cloche for my harps, I would in an instant! And then I'd put them all in a music-sheet-wallpapered room. What a dream!

The essence of these beautiful photos is your personal eye for detail. The photos are beautiful but your comments drawing attention to the pertinent detail is what really makes them special. I know you are busy but the world needs your book!

I know someone who takes pictures every bit as beautiful as those above AND she could take them all of her very OWN house to show. This very same person should write a book about the brocante and decorating with brocante finds; a real how-to book for brocante neophytes who really would like to know how to go about it.

Need I say more?

Me and Alice pic sooooooo nice...also nice of you to credit each photo. I'm afraid I was remiss in not knowing enough to do so early in my blog life when I was smitten by the mood you created one day and I used your pic of your peaceful bathtub. Apologies...a bad blog blunder on my part.

There is so much inspiration and beautiful photos at your blog!♥ hugs from Norway

I have a thing for clear glass..

Wonderful photos Corey, as usual...makes me want to come back..

Thank you for these information packed, beautiful blog posts, I feel like a have taken a little trip during my breakfast! Bless you!

Be still my beating heart...... as I wipe all the slobber from my keyboard.
Thanks for sharing!

Dear Corey,

Hello! I was just looking for some interesting ideas and experience in Paris, for when my husband and I visit this Sept. And I'm so pleased that I came across your beautiful blog.

I'd be very interested in knowing about places/ shops/ events that you might have in mind for the last week of september? Do you have any recommendations?

Thank you for sharing your lovely photos and informative posts.


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