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18 July 2011


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Everyone likes weddings but the Provencal wedding in traditional costumes must be really fun to attend or even to watch. Beautiful hand work, real mastery.

Oh so gorgeous!
It must be hot in these clothes in summer.
(I wanted to buy an Austrian Dirndl last week and was overwhelmed by the choices of fabric and exhausted after trying on a few - it was too hot! The Dirndls at Tostmann are made with - new - traditional cotton, linen and silk fabrics, quite pretty: http://www.tostmann.at/).

Absolutely beautiful fabric/material!! I love it!

Lucky you...get to experience all of this beauty!!

Oh, your pictures are so beautiful, and the detail of the clothing shows so well. We had the joy and privilege to see one of the traditional parades one summer in a little village, but not as close up as this. Thank you.

That was beautiful to see, thank you for sharing that.
I especially love the white blouses with the black ribbon necklaces with the cross. Very pretty.

.....thank you for sharing those pictures...it does my heart good to see pix of Provence,my favorite place in the world.....

so lovely!!
i am smiling LARGE
over here...

----> :-)

thanks for sharing
i might not B smiling
quite THIS large
who can say?

The story was very interesting and the pictures wonderful, as usual, but what caught my eye is that your brocante is reopening in two days! WOO HOO!!!! I have greatly missed the joy of skimmimg through your pictures and reading stories about the items you have collected.

All the guests in costume? Guess that's one way to minimize the risk for wedding crashers (LOL!).

Do you suppose the bridal couple belongs to a Provençal folklore group? I doubt this is a common custom (presumably a lot of folks in Provence don't even own such outfits).

Incidentally, some of the clothing seems vaguely reminiscent of reproduction Azorean folk costumes I've seen on folk-dancers (in both the Azores and North America) -- costumes harking back to the 19th century. Does anyone know how many similarities there are with clothing of other European cultures of the period?

What an amazing scene - thank you for capturing this for us! I love the traditional dress. The fabrics and lace are gorgeous. I want, want, want one of those scarves and a basket to carry my lunch in!

(Sorry I've been out of touch here in my comments - I've had the mother of all migraines since Friday and was busy wishing I would just die. PLUS, I had to play my harp at an outdoor wedding on Saturday and it was 90+ degrees and horribly humid. Poor Amy.)

What a lovely and informative post. Amidst all the beauty, I discovered something astonishing. I clicked, as you suggested, to see the greater detail and to my delight (('m a reformed smoker, who still misses the wicked habit) saw that one of the pretty ladies is a smoker, caught in the act!

In addition to the anachronistic cigarette in the gloved hand, I noted the bathing suit - tan line on the young woman's lovely neck, 7th picture down.

Lovely photos, all. thanks, as ever.

What a lovely post. Thank you for showing us all these costumes and the fabrics. I love the fabrics and i want to hot foot it over there immediately, if only it wasn't so far away. I am putting it on my to do list;)

What fun that must have been to be invited to a wedding and told to wear traditional Provencal clothing. I can imagine the groans as people realized they'd need to find costumes from Aunt Millie's trunk. The clothes remind me of the pioneer clothing here in the U.S. or the Amish now, without the jewelry of course.

lovely photos, Corey. I absolutely adore the provencal costume. but my favorite of all is the arlésienne. such delicacy, attention to detail and a tradition kept alive.
I love the way you treat every aspect of provencal life. so much so that I gave you an award on my blog (http://parfumsdelavande.blogspot.com/


I wondered if anyone would notice!


Corey- I love this. thank you! We have had more than one occasion to wear period clothing for events, fundraisers and I have always loved "stepping back" in time. The large flat straw hat is very similar to the the era of Williamsburg,VA but the provencal costume much more colorful. I also have always loved the textiles of the region so I will be anxious to see what you have! How I wish I could come to visit, but with our boy starting college this Fall, the budget is spoken for! Thanks for letting me visit and learn with you here!

I am loving seeing these Provencal garments and textiles. Oh how I would love one of those picnic baskets too. Thanks for sharing this beautiful sight.

swooning over that lace! such beautiful photography, Corey!

So beautiful! A few years ago we attended a wedding in Sweden's Dalarna province where the bride's grandmothers wore gorgeous traditional dresses. It was so lovely.

Just beautiful! Wonderful hand work. Thank you, Corey.

You catch so much with your eye and lens !!!
Details that tell a lot !!!

Oh I love the Provencal clothes, they are beautiful! I wish I had some to wear myself. Thanks for the pictures, what a neat wedding!

So lovely. Thanks for sharing. Love those bonnets and lace, and skirts. I've always felt I belonged in days long past, wearing long skirts and collecting wild flowers in over grown gardens. I can dream!

I remember seeing dresses like these in Grasse....

these pictures are wonderful. i love the hats.

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