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09 June 2011


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We stopped by - at this very spot and enjoyed the view. Then the sky, the sea and the atmosphere were all blue and the light was overwhelming ...

Interesting to see it in the palette of greys...

I've picnicked up there.

Oh Corey, overwhelmingly beautiful!
And the way you whisper "Cassis" - seduction pure.

Just stunning. My legs were wobbling as you went closer and closer to the cliff edge though, I couldn't do that.

Gorgeous and peaceful, although my heart did race when you got close to the edge.

Ahhh...it's so lovely, there's even a God cloud!

: )

Julie M.

agree with all comments! Cassis could also be heard as "Kathy's....." - what DREAM?
very lovely.... :)
Corey, do you REALLY live there?

Julie; I LOVE your cloud-description! :)

Breathtaking! A little close to the edge for me but still I enjoyed it very much. Funny the sun is just coming up behind the mountain outside my window as I watch your image of the sun setting :)

I am LOVING your videos. Feels like I am having a visit to France this year too!

What a breathtaking view :) Thank you for sharing it with us.

Once I stopped feeling nauseous at the shot looking down off the cliff(fear of heights) that is one beautiful place!

Awesome views! And so nice to have the videos.

Simply breathtaking
your new videos are like being there!

My friend and I were just in Aix, brocante and all in the early spring. We also sat on this very rock for a photo. So wonderful to see both places again. Love your blog for this reason and so many more. Sigh. Thank you Cory.


Omg,Corey,that is also one of MY favorite places on Framce!!!I was thrilled to see it again! Love your new videos!

It sounds like you're wearing those pink shoes.

Corey, Farmboy Husband has been updating my slightly ailing computer this week, so when testing to see how my blog bookmarks work now he linked to your blog, since he knows I visit it almost every day, which led to this latest post -- and instantly he recognized the spots you video-recorded, which brought back warm memories of Cassis for him, as he snapped so many photos both in the village and from the overlook. It's definitely one of our favorite places in Provence, too!

That bit of shared Silence expanded my Soul.
Your total artistry of being delights me.

You took my breath away, Corey!
Excellent - again, I'm so glad french husband bought you that phone!

Aaaahhhhh! You scared me with that slow walk off the cliff!

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