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01 May 2011


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Holy cow, Corey! I loved this insider report! w00t! Mind blowing, had no idea it was like that. Good for you guys!

Thank you, Corey. I've been (virtually) to so many places with you, which I probably will never visit in person.

It's been a while, and like Chelsea, someone else was doing the haggling for me, lucky us.

She has excellent taste, I cannot wait to see what the two of you picked out. She's be dressed to impress.

Oh how I wish I had been there! I do this in Umbria, but believe me it's nothing like the same.

That overwhelming riot of fabric tubes reminds me of the first time I ever went to Britex Fabrics, located between Geary Street and Maiden Lane in downtown San Francisco, with a girlfriend, her mother and older sister back when I was in high school -- I'd never seen anything like that in our hometown J.C. Penney's!

Looking forward to seeing the completed garments.

Are you seeing any noticeable reduction in smoking in China with the new law re indoor smoking going into effect today?


Hi Kathie

The effect doesn't happen overnight, and secondly I have no reference in the matter.
Except that I see far more cigarette butts on the ground in France than I ever have seen here in Shanghai.


Today, in France, you could have made yourself a whole suit out of the many little white bells from all the lily-of-the-valley smelling and selling round all the country !
Happy May Day!

That is my idea of HEAVEN! I love to sew, but great fabrics are hard to find. Having someone else make my designs, at a fraction of the price- seems too good to be true.

Wow- Corey- As a lover of fabric I am overwhelmed just looking at your photographs. I am a terrible decision maker when it comes to choosing fabrics- not because I don't make good ones but because I find it hard to pick one best one- I often end up making more than one color combination of a quilt pattern because I can't decide which one I like better.
I will look forward to seeing the clothes you have had made.

I wonder where they hid the poor workers who stitched up your suits? How MUCH are they paid per hour or suit??


Hello Beverly,

From what I understand, the tailors either make the clothes themselves, or have their own team of seamstresses make them. The clothes made are NOT massed produced, as most the clothes in the world are.

The tailors set their own prices, and work directly with their seamstresses. At the Fabric Market the final cost per article depends on the quality of tailoring, the fabric selected, and the style used.... plus the agreement of price the tailor and yourself come up with. Considering that a suit in a shop or article clothing you might buy has the added cost of shipping, transportation, the overhead of the shop, advertisement, the salaries of the salesperson, and managers, let alone the cost of the fabric and management of the mass buying, etc... I think the tailor/seamstress makes more money then if one buys at a shop or mall.


There is NOTHING better than a custom-made suit and shirts/blouses! I had several of both made while on a business trip to Singapore years ago. They are all still lovely...last forever, as long as you don't gain weight...lol! Can't wait to see what you had made!

I can't wait to see the finished items!

Those tailors are professional and surely work hard for every yuen they earn. An issue addressed yesterday for French labour day is those Chinese workers still in sweatshops in France, for the "Made in France" label. Can't wait to see your politically-correct chic choices!

Love the photo of your hands and arms extended, fully into the shopping!

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