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27 March 2011


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Thats so beautiful Corey. Your husband seem like such a gentle man. I think children have a natural sense of who is good or bad. It is clear that Yann is a good man!

Simply beautiful.

Lovely story for Sunday. The third photo from the top is great - the little girl looking at Yann, cautious but curious.

That was so magical. Funny how some people have that ability to wrap others in goodness, trust and love. It's a remarkable gift...for all!!

Children always know.
Very sweet!

LOL, how could she resist, after all we've all fallen in love haven't we?

Thank you for this beautiful post. It is said that children, being pure souls, recognise and are immediately attracted to other pure souls. They are in fact amazing judge of characters.

I love the story and the photographs. It's easy to see why you left the closeness of your family life in the US to build one in France with Yann.

Moving for love is a leap that I have found to be fairly easy especially since my Brit husband and I have no language barriers. We do have some funny things happen sometimes though ... like last night when I called him a social butterfly and what he heard was selfish old bugger.

So even with both of us speaking English, there's still room for funny bits of confusing conversation. For the record, please know that I have never called him a selfish old anything. :-)



Lovely post and pictures,maybe FH is a childwhisperer???

Am loving your pictures! Will you be going to the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat Hotel on the Dragon River? I've read great things about the the hotel and the area where it is located.

Those are the sweetest photos ever! What a beautiful child.

Yann, followed by children where ever he goes????...

You two are the perfect pair!!!

What a precious child, of course she followed FH, he is gentle and soft spoken, I bet.

What a wonderful post, it touched my heart.

These are the things that make traveling so special, the connections with people and especially one little girl now wearing a beautiful flower wreath. What a treat to meet this precious soul.

Precious!! I am so enjoying your posts from China!

We all need to be more of a child! The wreath---a breath of spring on a snowy day.

That is so sweet. No wonder you love him so.

No wonder you held onto that man. Kids can tell when people are real.

Just lovely. thanks so much for sharing your trip with us. E

How beautiful and lovely indeed
Love you

all the chicks dig Yann

What a sweet, sweet picture...such a darling child...children seem to know whom they can trust...Yann must be that person...your children are so fortunate to have such great parents...you two are kindred souls.

A Sunday blessing is your post.

A lovely post that captures the joy of travel. You never know what moment lies just around the corner. I'd guess this child will remember your gift of self and flowers for a time to come.

Who isn't attracted to your FH?

That was a priceless experience (for both of them, I'm sure) and a lovely story. Thank you.

Oh how sweet! It just shows people are more alike than different anywhere in the world you go.

Absolutely gorgeous Cory

now we know why you followed him to France.....lol

So adorable, Corey. Children must instinctively know that they are entirely safe with Jann.

What a gorgeous child...the flower wreath looks spectacular with her beautiful face! Yann looks pretty good too!

Wonder how your leg is coming along now as you travel?


You and Yann spread joy and friendship and love wherever you go!

Lovely--children recognize the true nature of people, don't they? What charming images of these two.

I hope you don't mind, but Yann is my hero! Kindness can never be overrated....

How absolutely beautiful/sweet! I love this piece.

So far to date your "Bathtub" post has been my favorite, I didn't think you could be it but you just did.

What sweet innocence, thank you!

Hope you plan on running into "your" girl soon, I'm sure papa can't wait to dote on her too.


This post makes my heart bubble up and burst into a thousand pieces.

What a sweet story, and a darling little girl.

What a sweet experience that was. I'm sure it will be one you'll always remember. I love the pictures! Her little face tell the story. Thanks for telling us.

So sweet! :)

Adorable and yes, children always know who to trust. Thank you again for sharing such a touching glimpse of your day in China.

awwww how cute!


How sweet. Small children love my husband, too ... which is a helpful reminder of why I fell in love with him, on the days I'm having trouble remembering!

So touching, so beautiful!


How sweet , I've got one like that too!....brings such a thankful smile to my face. Children know who to trust and who not to many times.

AGAIN : Lovely post !

I bet children would walk and run to you too... were you there without your camera ... It might be intimidating for most of them ! (even if attractive for others)

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