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24 November 2010


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Super successful design that. Bravo.

Now there's a new idea, I think. Plexiglass. I have the same chairs only mine are covered in hand block printed chintz.

A French version of Ghost Furniture?

Fabulous chairs! Those stripes with the scrolls and tacks of the formal chair are absolutely perfect. It would take some guts to think of doing this, though. I think I would be discouraged by the possibility of ruining the chairs, but these are a good reminder of what is possible!

Please forgive an ignorant question: Are these chairs sturdy enough for regular daily use, or are they strictly for art (not that there's anything wrong with that)?

Corey, how do you celebrate Thanksgiving Day in France? Or do you? Do you gather with other US expats? Or host a few local friends so you can share our custom with them? In any event, have a great day tomorrow!


Hi Kathie,

Amazingly so, the chairs are sturdy. Things of quality last.

Regarding Thanksgiving: We don't eat turkey, not tofurky.
We usually celebrate Thanksgiving with a family friend. But tomorrow, without Chelsea nor Sacha, nor Yann (due to a meeting.) I will be celebrating alone... if this were my first or second year in France I would be sad. But after all this time, Thanksgiving doesn't have the same pull on my heartstrings. That doesn't mean I don't care, because I do... but the emotional pull isn't as strong. Thanksgiving will be in my heart and mind and in my prayers.
While I type this Yann is on the phone talking to Chelsea and Sacha who are at my Mother's preparing for tomorrow... they are tasting the JOY, the LOVE, the BLESSING of Thanksgiving in Willows. What a feast, and that makes me happily thankful!


Awesome and bold design

Love it! Why not make a new use out of an old one? Better than not using it at all. I love the contrast in Louis' chairs and the bold statement the upholstery and plexiglass make. Fit for a king or a queen - or a humble commoner like me!

Nothing that is beautiful and tasteful EVER goes out of style....NOT EVER!!!

Oh, wow. Part of me loves them and part of me is ashamed to say so!

Love it! couldn't live with it, but love it nonetheless...

Super cool twist on a classic chair! Love how the nail head trim frames the plexiglass.

chairs telling a story - and you, the Godmother of story telling - do it even better... ;) I love this idea - what a brilliant design brainwave!
I have a number of chairs telling stories; and I re-tell them later after I have re-upholstered and beautified them... - in UK I was once called by a friend 'Kiki is God's waiting room for unloved chairs'... I can't let them be when they look so sad and unloved - but later I have to pass them on because if you can't sit anymore for all the chairs standing about... the fun ends quickly!

Not a fan of this restoration. I am just not a modern girl. Give me tradition any day. I do love the fabric though.

Je like 'em, beaucoup.

I think they are surprising and lovely.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Plexiglass? Guillotine! Charmed by the fabric. Beautiful.

Could it be that someone has a backless dress to show off?


Hi Christine,

LOL, Now there is a thought that didn't enter my mind about these chairs!


I generally like repurposing, but this doesn't work for me. Nice fabric though.

I'd like to twist a few old things if ya know what I mean!

Aw, Corey, I'm glad your kids are with you Mom for Thanksgiving -- will this be their first in America? We'll all be here for you virtually tomorrow :-)

Beautiful fabric, like Joseph's coat.

I would faint on cue if it would get me five yards of that fabric! :) Is gorgeous. Not in love with the plexiglas back though. It's a novelty but . . . And daring. Daring! That's the word. Love those colors in that fabric too-too much. Reminds me of the ribbons caftan I dream about. Thanks for proving such fabrics exist.

peek-a-boo, and tres chic!

Intriguing plexiglass. It is framed like a mirror, adapting to each guest.
PS. Would they be a sitter or sitée?

well, not for me though, still prefer original.

Thanks for the interesting reminder of historical significance...I find it amusing to think that Madame de Pompadour may have considered it a venture into a new erotic expression if she did this to her chairs. My comments very late after a lovely glass of wine. :-}

By the way Corey, I have not been with beloved family for years...even with children for holidays...I celebrate on days that I do see them and don't let calendars dictate when I can be happy or grateful. Hope to see you in February.

I love them.

That is my love of old things! The past re-purposed! These are things you se in Kindred Hearts Antiques and Gifts, Walker, LA 70785, Plan a visit! I'd love it!

Modern twist...loving the rich colors, and the plexiglass...cool idea.

Love the fabric. Not wild about the plexi. Ellen

oh!! I love those chairs! Great idea!

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