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16 August 2010


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It is so nice to see you IN the photos for a change Corey! And to see you interacting with French Husband is so lovely. It feels like we got a secret glimpse into you. You make such a good looking couple!

Where did you go antiquing ? I love the pictures. The pic of the man is fabulous, love it.
The pictures of both of you is gorgeous. Bisous

Lovely photos, kudos to your friend Merisi! I hope you found some nice treasures at the brocante.

Retail therapy - Amaro style!

Love the photo of you and Yann! Wish I was there in the middle of the brocante!! What fun.

I feel as if I were there with you, these photos are tres fantastic. Especially, the last one, you two are too beautiful.

Corey, this post was amazing. Even though I'm not in France, I antique often here and dig through boxes, booths, baskets, looking for something that speaks to me. Practicing for France, I say in my head.

French Paper and Lace - my favorites!

Corey, I felt as though I was a tag-along to the cafe and brocante. Thank you for sharing your day.

Lovely to see you in action!
French husband looks even more handsome when he is sharing your passion at the brocante!
Love that last picture...beautiful couple!

What a beautiful photo of you and your husband! Thank you for sharing in your Brocante treasures. Ahh I can only dream lol Grace

So glad you let M cronicle your day; the pictures of you doing your thing were great, but I'm sure it had to feel a bit strange for you to be in front of the camera.

Your purse is amazing! I think it is printed 'plastic' material? I lust. As always, a brilliant post.

Great to see your FH brocanting with you... my husband would stay well clear .. !

Lovely photos of you two...:-)

I am sitting here loving every word and every phrase and appreciative of such a lovely friendship between you and Meresi and thinking a bit what a blessing her visit has been for you; the food, the treasures, the pictures and the adventures at just this juncture in your life with the changes in the air. Thank you.

Such a lovely and loving photo of you both. It's just wonderful. I had fun tagging along on your excursion, thank you for allowing us to join in. I noticed that great necklace in the photo of you and FH looking through the books! Those books, oh I'd love to have touched them.

Those old linens are amazing......LOVE the last snap of you and your Hunk of Burning Love!!! Great shot.

How wonderful to see photos of you in action at the brocante. And ones with French Husband, too. All your readers are thanking Merisi, I'm sure.

I have stumbled on your blog by chance and your photographs have made me so homesick for Provence. We used to spend the whole summer at La Londe les Maures and visited Aix en Provence on a number of occasions. I can feel the heat in your photos, hear the cicadas and smell the leaves of the fig trees. Here in Cornwall, UK, it is very beautiful, but my heart belongs to the fields of lavender and the taste of real croissants at breakfast with real apricot jam and thick, thick chococlat! Thank you for giving me a slice of the sunny South each day.


What a great post! It's a rare treat to see you and FH in photos together. Every shot is a goodie. You two look perfect together. BTW, you look fabulous in white. Thanks Merisi.
I love the agave pots. Would like to see them in person. I am making porcelain roses at the moment, so I am doubly interested in what your friend is doing.

I understand torn, tattered, and stained...and it IS perfection. I know exactly how you felt as you looked at those baby bonnets. The hands that created them and the wonder in the hearts as to who this person would grow up to be in the world. Oh, the beauty of a manuscript on hand-painted wallpaper. Can you imagine such a thing? Creating wallpaper for a room? We are talking tall ceilings here. Okay, the photos were such a treat. You are a beautiful lady and French Husband is a lovely compliment. Thank you, I cannot wait for tomorrow's post!

Such a tactile post Corey, Merisi is a talented photographer. That last picture is a keeper. Must must must be framed in black & white for the family gallery ! Jx

What a fabulous post Corey! Loved all. You look wonderful! Oh yes, adore the gentleman in the top hat of course!

Corey I LOVE LOVE your blog ---as much today as I did the first time I read it. Your picture your stories your inspiration
Can't wait to see you at Round Top

I love all the photos of you and FH. You need to include pics of yourselves more in your blog. It's so much more personal.

Love all the lace. It's a good thing I don't live in France, I would not be able to contain myself at the Brocante and my home would become unlivable.


Today was a rough day for me but you ended it for me with a smile. Thank you.

Look at you two....now that's a great picture. So beautiful. Thank you, Merisi and thank you, Corey for taking us to the Brocante!

I’m moaning!! Oh what heavenly bliss to be diggin through those piles...I love and understand that look on your face...determination, wonderment and asking yourself is this “it”...France has got to be the coolest! How do you keep your weight down there. I would be gi normous!!

Thank you Merisi, so lovely to see photos of Corey (and French Husband). That was a treasure worth finding.

Corey-- I see no double chin. Just a woman who's full of life and very much in love with French husband. And nothing wrong with my vision either. :)

Yes, I agree Corey... thanks for allowing us to see the lovely photos of you and French husband. You guys are obviously so in love and that is so nice to see for a change.
I'm off to Provence for a week in September and can't wait to hit all the brocantes.

Merisi truly captured the essence of you and FH in these photos. You are in your element!!! I am going to be in BIG trouble next year at the brocante. The vendor with the lovely 18th century notebooks is biding his time, just waiting for someone like me who will swoon and fold like a bad hand of cards! I will have to pinch myself and say...be strong...be strong!

So fun to see all these photos of you and FH. I wish you'd post them more often.

Wonderful to see the both of you together having a fun day with Merisi!!
You look great as a blond, Corey!

I have never seen a lovelier picture of two people so happy with each other.
Thank you Merisi for bringing our beautiful, shy Corey out where we can see her.

Beautiful photos, Merisi and Corey!!

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