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31 August 2010


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All so beautiful! I have the Brocante bug!

Flora Doora

Will be peeking into your brocante later this evening. So many lovely things ~ sigh ~

Wonderful - just wonderful! I've never seen little basket holders for glasses, they're so fun. Know what else is fun? Seeing all your fun finds - love it!
Have had the bug forever. I make jewelry from little bits and bobs but I wouldn't touch that lovely bracelet, it's perfect already.

I love seeing the old linens. My French mother-in-law gave my daughter her own mother's heavy and heavily embroidered linen sheets. They even have a seam down the center so are very old. Don't know how we will ever wash them. Lore says they were washed in the river in the old days! They are beautiful.

Hi Corey! Will you be putting up the dish towel rack? I think that has my name on it!

I have passed along the link to your shop to the people who use those wonderful wax seals in their jewelry-making. I hope they'll be in touch! You would LOVE their stuff - I have three necklaces and a whole ton on my wish list, and have given eight away as gifts! They are at www.pyrrha.com.

Thank you, Corey! I am afraid I'll also be perusing the French linens...can my bank account take the strain?!


Everything is lovely, especially the linens.

Yesterday my husband drove down to the Bay Area and went past Willows/Williams, etc.
Guess what? Its "Rice Fly" season (shudder).
Does it get as bad in town as it is along the freeway?

You have got the brocante bug bad girl!!!!

oh the joy of happy trouvaile....thank you for sharing- love Colette x ~Afrique du Sud
ps. very pleased with my dish towel rack..thank you! please explain different uses of cloths some time?

Beautiful finds, Corey. Those linens...ohhh...those linens... You have a great eye for brocante treasures.

I really like the dish towel rack ....

So Lovely - especially the towel rack and the beautiful linens.......sigh, sigh, - I wish that I had some spare funds to use in your Brocante on-line.
Keep them coming......Sue.

Je voudrais avoir les assiettes et le chandelier, et surtout aussi les pots de confiture.... :) Tu veux mon adresse????? Je viens les chercher....! LOL
Lovely, lovely - you DO have the eye, Corey!
I am so happy to find the opportunity to search a bit (from time to time) through your postings before I was part of the gang.... :)

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