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20 May 2010


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I just checked the website, and voila', red eyeglasses for men! ;-)

Corey, take that red pair and husband and hop on the train to Vienna. I'll show you where to take pictures.


Hi Merisi,

Yeah, I saw that too! Wait until I see Philippe!!


French Husband in the bathtub reading
a produce ad and wearing the glasses.
He could be looking fruit, something funny and unexpected.



Oh la la, that sounds dangerous. I like it!


Oh Corey, I made a mistake yesterday, talking about our dinner and Wine. I feel so embarrassed! Guess I was a bit tired, haha.. Of course it was all about the bell :)

Today a pair of beautiful red glasses. Daring! Let us see through French husbands glasses, nine 0`clock in the evening.

Merci or Thank you Corey for this fantastic post. I hope your readers will like my readers (glasses ). FH is a new model , I'm sure he can have a new long and fantastic career

Ah...Those glasses are really exeptional. Or is it the french husband?

How a bout in a fast little convertible...scarf flying and all...down a french road with street signs, and seeing the speedometer.

When asked what she wore in bed, Marilyn Monroe answered, "Why, Channel No. 5, of course."

On a similar note, one could imagine FH with nothing but the sexy Varionet and the forbidden "apple' (computer, i.e.)


These glasses are BRILLIANT! I cannot wait to get a pair...I suggest pix that illustrate the glasses "distance" capability-because:
a) it stands out as different
b) it is what people need and want
i.e., looking at a subway map (on the wall in the subway,) working on the computer, reading signs that are too far away for cheaters, of course Yann should take his shirt off for these photos;) Does he own a speedo?

My husband always needs his close up
glasses at a restaurant reading menus...
if he forgets his (usually), he
borrows my glasses with bifocals.
He also uses his "readers" while
doing his morning bathroom reading...
but we won't go there.

Oh, Corey, foirst need to tell you that I just HD my gallbladder removed after almost five days of a mystery trail of what could be wrong with me. It's 3 am and I can't fall back to sleep. I couldn't wait to see your blog again because I haven't eaten for a week and NEEDED to see your incredible pictures of food and France AND French Husband! ( not necessarily in that order). I love the glasses and want some,! I love the transparent clear ones and the black and clear ones. Since you and FH are so adorable together you need to set up the camera so that he is watching you in some state of undress ie getting out of the shower , or putting on one of your beauteous brochant silk robe finds! I love you from San Clemente, Missy

Ooh la la...cheats that the wearer can see distances! Great invention.


Reading a novel at one of those darling cafe tables....

Browsing at a brocante, reading those tiny price tags or old manuscript......

Holding a street map of Paris by the Eiffel tower....

Holding architectural plans while standing in front of some new construction.........

Good luck! This is going to be fun!

Why at the brocante of course....checking out the prices and what's awaiting around the corner!!! Or perhaps FH in his bomber jacket in the mosquito checking the instruments!!!

Corey, please please pick me. My daughter is getting married in June and I am looking for new glasses that will be very chic.
I like the frameless ones on FH. I think you should have a photo of FH in the Varionet watching his daughter get married:-)
Tell Phillipe there is a huge market for his glasses here in the States.
Every time we go out to dinner with friends we always begin with the search for glasses to read the menu. Usually one person has them and we pass them around. No one would ever forget the Varionet.
Way cool!

What cool glasses! Love the red ones.
I think a shot like you did in Paris, with FH peering out from behind a tree. Maybe one (or two) without the glasses and a look of disappointment and then one with the glasses and a big smile because he found you.
I don't know, it just related the distance factor to me.

Hi Corey..Perhaps French Husband shaving? peering into a beautiful, antique mirror?

Thanks for the contest..


Ps.Photo taken just from the shoulders up of course *grin*

When can we get these in the states? I want/need a pair. This way i don't have to have to peer over the top of these cheaters when i want to see the object and then peer through them when I want to read the price!!! I say if they are in the mouth then you aren't using them!!

How about FH straddling his motocycle reading a map??

For my prize...forget the glasses, send French Husband!

Hi Corey...

Love the glasses..especially the red one. How about this...one of the problems I have is trying to see my cell phone or itouch - my cover on my itouch is bright red - perfect match...a nice setting of someone post-40 in a cool setting using their itouch & the glasses...kind of ties the older age in with the newer technology...showing that we may be old but we are still young at heart!

A wonderful idea!! We neeed glasses like those as they are much more versatile than the traditional "cheaters". I think the old in-front-of-the-computer shot is going to resonate with lots of people....I keep pulling off my bifocals every time I do anything on my computer~~
And French Husband looks great with red eyeglasses! You would look spiffy wearing them too!

At the BROCANTE of course!

When I look at your images, I am reminded of something a professor told me when I was getting my photography degree (a thousand years ago). "Anyone can learn the technical parts but you must be born with the 'eye'". It could never be more obvious than when looking at your work.

OK sweetie, you asked for it...and sex sells. The shot is taken in front of fh with a woman (you if you can arrange the shot thusly) standing in front of him (camera is behind her) and removing his glasses....or is she putting them on? The look on his face is of total anticipation...all we see is the back of her head and her hands. This provides a clear shot of the glasses, and implies that they make one even sexier. ?

Melange of a sporty and fashionable model could show that the glasses make one look young.The wonderful photos you took make him look serious, thus older
Reading a recipe for Philippe's paella with a platefull in the background could pick up the red. Or reading a map of the Var on his motorcycle.(Var-i-o-net) makes me assume he s based in that department). finally flying his airplane over poppy or lavendar fields, though the photographer may be reluctat on that suggestion.

I prefer to see pics of the "model" wearing the glasses while at a computer or reading a book (as probably that's when they will be most used)...but how about a pic of FH wearing them to read the price tags of antiques in a fabulous shop or at a brocante?

Now...about the red frames ~ not a big fan of them on FH, so Corey, how about someone taking pics of YOU wearing them for the ads?? And wearing them to read a recipe while cooking, at your laptop, and especially "eyeing" some fabulous find at a brocante!!

I had to look twice to see that the model was FH. It was the best photography. (YOU do know what you are doing) and perhaps another new career for yourself. I see a picture with the Eiffel Tower or the Arc in the background, anything as long as FH is in it. LOL You are a woman of many talents and your audience awaits you as always.

Love, love, love the red eyeglasses. At 55, I'm at that phase - glasses on, glasses off, where are my other glasses??? I think FH should wear glasses reading a cookbook in the kitchen...choosing fresh flowers at the market...sharing his glasses with Annie, glasses on top of his head while he smooches you Corey. Yes, add the ponytail...

I LOVE Lorelei's and Evelyn's ideas !

Here are several more:

- checking a card in the bouquet he is holding while standing at one of those old doors you often shoot - or while lifting one of those old door knockers you like so much.

- reading a map in/by his plane.

- reading (how new!) a book at the light of his bedside lamp (he got from you ! I remember this story pretty well !)

- sitting or standing by a piano, trying to decode a piece of music.

- and the last, but not the least :
reading The Financial Times in the old bath tub ! (Oh oh just checked more comments and saw someone gave it - fair !)

Reading to a "grandchild"? Though I am partial to Shelly's idea, maybe as a short video... :)

I love the pic in the wine section - that is my frustration, glasses on, glasses off. I would buy a pair.

Corey, I spent many years at the university as a student and later as a lecturer. Many many professors do the glasses in the mouth thing when they have a book in had and are reading aloud and then looking up to lecture. Yann could pretend he is a professor, you just need something that looks classroomish in the background. Shirt and sweater would look perfect.

PS Pour Philippe : Are these glasses different from "verres progressifs" ?

BRILLIANT idea! One day last year, I suddenly needed those glasses. Fine the day before, but yeeeeow, couldn't read the fine print the next day. Sigh.

I think your shot should show some perspective to get the point across that these glasses work at a little distance, too. My idea: Have Yann holding a newspaper up like he's reading it, but looking over the paper at a pretty girl walking in front of him. Which would mean you'd have to also hire the pretty girl, but those are easy to find in France, right?

I'd like to see an ad for the eyeglasses (not red) of the french husband sitting at an outdoor cafe peeking over his paper at a group of beautiful laughing ladies.

These are wonderful - I have glasses but don't wear them regularly because I never could see beyond my book with them. Husband wears them all the time, but I don't like how he peers over them at me. FH makes a wonderful model. Someone suggested showing that they make you look younger, but I for one like an older, distinguished-looking man. I think he looks just right.

How 'bout FH holding a schematic and peering into the Mosquito's engine. This references the dual capability of the lenses.
This project sounds like so much fun, what a challenge.

At the Brocante ...I need my glasses to read prices and details but I constantly have to remove them to see ahead to my next treasure. I have lost my eyeglasses a dozen times while antique hunting, and I have sometimes lost my husband as well, unintentionally of course.
...and they always come back to me.


Lots of good ideas here already. Two of the things I felt the web site was trying to emphasize were use with a computer and also that they make you look youthful, so I'd be sure to try to cover both of those bases.

The map idea someone gave was great--it could be with his motorcycle or with the mosquito. How about including Chelsea or Sacha in the photos with FH to add emphasis to that youthful feel (at the train station reading the arrivals board, reading a map with his mountain climbing friends, reading a price tag as he picks out sexy lingerie for you)?

I know you'll be creative, Corey. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Your model sitting at a beautifully set dining table at a certain home. Candles lit. Gazing lovingly towards the photographer with a champagne glass in his hand. I contacted the website but the glasses aren't for everyday constant use. Beautiful frames!

How about a picture of Yann sitting at the computer, photographed in such a way that viewers can clearly tell he's reading the "Tongue in Cheek" blog?

BTW, Farmboy Husband has multiple pairs of "readers," keeps one each in different rooms -- next to his computer, by his TV-watching chair, and in the bathroom. That way he rarely has to go hunting for them!

at a museum standing back and admiring the image and then up close reading the plaque describing the work?

I want a pair! Where can we buy them, what are the prices in dollars? I really want to
buy some.

I’m with the sex sells idea. especially when it come to your sexy husband...He’s got it so use it. It’s a black and white shot. In a bed with rumbled, antique linen sheets...Naked of course (discreetly)... Reading a Vigra bottle label....

Can't think of any more scenarios than the ones already given - but will be great I'm sure!

Seems everyone beat me to the really good ideas.

Oh how I LOVE these glasses !!! My progressives cost a fortune!

Barren-ish clifftop, model reclining, barefoot, in jeans and white shirt open to waist. Reading something (like it would matter what).

ahh but this is not the first time FH has modeled, oui? All good ideas ahead of me. How about just eyes looking over laptop, or you lay on bed face up with camera and FH looks down at you (sorta push up style) without shirt of course and ponytail. Hey sex sells. These glasses are a great idea because I hate my computer glasses, and different colors would be fun. Maybe you should go up in the mosquito with him looking at his gauges - what a background that would be. Good luck, I loved this post as I do all of them!!

How about sexy French husband in a towel in the bathroom looking into the mirror getting ready to shave? Or standing by his plane without the towel, I mean with clothes on. Ha Ha. Have fun! I am sure you will come up with something wonderful!
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

I think you should have the model in the kitchen cooking. Most women love a man who cooks! Especially if it so some yummy dessert. Oh, and I would want the diamond glasses for sure!

Lots of times when people are trying to make a strong point, they take off thier glasses and look directly at the audiance. Yann would be great. I love your idea of chewing on the end of the glasses, it could be sexy and playful. Heck, the ones you have taken are fantastic. What color will your diamond studded glasses be??

Ok, I hope this doesn't sound too risque, but your husband is hot, let's be honest. Black & white shot, FH in a beautiful canopy bed, shirtless, hair down, with just a sheet covering his lower half, kinda sitting up against a stack of luxurious pillows but slouchy, glasses on. Beautiful fully dressed female standing next to him. He's holding her hand as if he's about to help her into bed with him, but he's looking, very preoccupied, into the laptop computer that is sitting a couple of feet away on the bed. Oh no, I didn't think about this much :-D

I got it, I got it! Dear handsome French Husband, looking very daper/dapper (sp?)(suit and such or his own keen French style) with the glasses on, standing back the glasses appropriate distance from some kind of work of art, contemplating it with his arms across his chest and one hand on his chin, while a bit to the side of him out of his eyeline an attractive women similarly is casting him a glance...Is she admiring him or his chic/smart taste in sexy eyeware?...hmmmm. What talented circles you run in and I can see your friends are similarly blessed in you too. Is this the same Philippe that lent you the DVDs. I liked all of the pics of French husband but the hand on chin close up looks very good. Have fun you modelizer (get it?). ,

Take 1
FH on a beach sans swimsuit. He does come with some nude modeling experience. The prop? Hm.
Take 2
FH rock climbing. The prop? The next crevice he must find to pull himself up. The varionet glasses would come in handy at this point.
Take 3
FH the pilot. The prop? His plane and it's instruments.
Take 4
FH in Cannes. The prop? You.


Hundreds of fantastic scenarios. I would think about FH in the kitchen with an apron on ( I'm not going to add naked under the apron ...I wouldn't dare)and reading an old cookbook and prepaing diner ...
Au fait, I'm not playing at the giveaway, I have already tons of Varionet at home and I'm not 40 years old yet ...

Before and After ....

in the BEFORE picture, a messy model is shown with many different eyeglasses while trying to decide which pair will work for what he is about to read (on his head, hanging from neckline of shirt, hanging from his mouth, shirt pocket, etc.)

In the AFTER picture, the model is "cool" now wearing the one pair of glasses that easily allow him to see what he needs to see.

in a fantastic old law office talking on vintage phone peering at computer through those wonderful glasses.
love the red ones.

FH with towel around his waist sitting on the edge of the gorgeous clawfoot tub looking at the photographer sitting in the tub with steam rising and the lenses should be fogged up.

I definitely would buy a pair of these!

Great idea and a handsome model too! I think Phillippe should also make red for men. They look cool.
I closed out my facebook, just so you know.


More exploitative idea: Yann sitting at the computer, posed so it's obvious he's looking at one of MY websites! He does read English, doesn't he (I assume probably not Portuguese)?

Congratulations, Linda!

Now Corey, you must know this. Linda's son and my daughter are dating. Now isn't that fun? Now if I could just meet Linda face to face.

Sexy French Husband, on one knee, you before him, smiling, as he looks at your wrist with his Varionets on and a diamond bracelet is what he is trying to clasp around that beautiful wrist! He, of course, needs the glasses to do it!

I've been wearing the lineless bifocals for 5 years now, nobody knows but me! The good thing about going to the eye doctor is they do check for other things age related that just wearing over the counter glasses will never fix. I would love to see the glasses on a studious looking dog or cat, if that's possible....just for a laugh.

In a beautiful library checking out book titles, or reading blurbs on the back, etc., or seated at a library table studying. I like others ideas of a woman in the background, but she should also be checking out books leaving one's imagination to consider other possibilities.

Somewhat like you've done, but at one of those marvelous cafes Merisi is always showing where the newspapers are on wooden holders. FH is reading, or selecting one.

I like the square lens best. Diamonds would, of course, be luxurious, but tortoise more practical.

I can't wait to see your next pictures with your wonderful and willing model!

In a garden, where the flowers are at all those distances that your friend's lenses are designed to be used.

I'm not quite the diamonds on my glasses type, so I'd choose the other pair...

In a crowd of people gazing at the Mona Lisa of course. Crowd faces fuzzy and face of French husband and Mona Lisa perfectly clear.

I like the red ones! They look funny!

I LOVE the glasses! I had checked them out before on their website - everything about them sounds and looks great! My favorite are the tortoise shell!

The idea is to show that although our hair may turn gray and we may need reading/computer glasses, we are still energetic,full of life and sexy (which FH definitely is!) So why not show him doing what he REALLY does: motorcycle riding, flying his airplane, etc. I say a big NO to the idea of him looking at any other woman that's not you. It should be a progression of ads: motorcyle,airplane,romantic dinner WITH YOU, slow dancing (YOU), and then cooking/stirring/reading cookbook, and finally, with his family, to show that gray hair and glasses = sexy = good man = family man!
How many times can I say, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! before you get tired of hearing it!

Yann in a restaurant, coffee shop, cafe, bookstore, etc.... beautiful woman 2 tables over, holding up her phone number, Yann entering her number in his cell phone. Perspective, atmosphere, sexiness....You could be the beautiful woman, non?

ahem. This is NOT Yann's first modeling job. :)

Great work you two! Hmmm, I might buy a pair! How much to ship some to the States?!

Oh, the diamond for sure! My husand and I are at that "age" so this is just what I need! Will try to talk him into some new ones from the link, they are fab!

FH is in the passenger seat, cool car, sportif, maybe teaching Sasha to drive or going on a trip, boys day out. lovely, exotic locale, FH reads a map and then looks up to read the signs.

I also liked the museum example

Ok I just had to sign back on to see what other suggestions have come in, these are hilarious!

Does FH laugh or roll his eyes at all these "sexy FH" comments?

BTW, I went to the website and saw the tortoise pair! Swoon!! And only 89 bucks?! I can't wait to try them!

I adore the red glasses hanging on by the zip on the black jacket! I read this blog last night and dreamed about these glasses, finding them in a wee shop (in France) and trying them on!! The dream has stayed with me all day, I think I shall go for the red ones. So pleased FH was wearing men's ones after all! Love all the pictures - could there possibly be any better ones than these? Just stunning Corey - great sales will happen with this handsome model I am sure.

I turned 40 last year (gulp) and it was like a little timer went off for my declining eyesight. I am in shock. Perhaps these are just the thing... :)

In that bathtub of yours like the pics of you from a while back...hehehe...

These look great....can't wait to try a pair on these 50 year old eyes.

Ok....so my suggestion for a photo is thus:
Shot taken from the end of a bed ...all white sheets, a bit tousled ....where there is a shirtless man wearing the glasses reading a news paper....only he is actually looking over the top of the paper at a woman. We only see her from the back...she is on her knees looking at him....perhaps unhooking her brassiere or something like that.
It is a seductive photo without being inappropriately raunchy.
Demonstrates the guy looking at something 2 feet in front of him and also 5 feet in front of him at the same time. Plus, it implies that he won't miss anything with THESE glasses....and that he will still be a desirable man even in glasses.

What a fun assignment.

i'm an aussie girl and your blog cracks me up - in the best possible way. What a creative pair you are; hubby and I are planning to visit France this year, partly due to your blog as well as paris breakfast.
Reckon a pair of those glasses will come in handy when we try to read french on a cafe menu, or a macaron flavours list at a patissiere, thanks for the fun,

FH at a cafe, glasses on and text messaging on blackberry or iphone. Could have matching glasses amd phone. Then waiter serves coffee in a matching cup. Then FW gives FH a matching pen to sign receipt. Then FW puts on her matchng glasses and they walk away together hugging. sigh!

I can't help thinking of some photo story following the narrative of the Bonny Tyler 1976 rendition of 'Lost in France'. A haunting song, 70s retro, but that's 'In' now!
I can imagine the glasses being lost (in the rain, as in the first stanza) perhaps on a cafe seat or park bench near the 'street band playing' and finally being reunited with their owner, the man (your hubby) by the lady at the adjacent table who's gone after him, searching for him...But then that would mean bringing another woman into the story Corey - or why not yourself?
A nice ad campaign idea to appeal to the Anglo-Saxon market as well. France always the stuff of romantic getaways.
The 40+ age group will have been young in the 70s, so I can see the couple as 45-50 age group in the ad. Why not start cult following Varionet You Tube clips on this one too? Fastest growing market online is women 50+. It could be done as retro series of photo stills.

Reading the newspaper over the shoulder of the person in front or across the aisle from him on the train/bus/tram.

What a great marketing plan you came up with! Good luck to Philippe on his new venture.

At the computer reading your blog! He is FINE!

I got breathless just reading these.

Bed scene: Both of you in bed, close together...

Clothes: Your choice...

What you're doing? Sleeping of course!

And the glasses...: On the eyes of Mr/Mrs Teddy bear (wide awake) - lying on the other side of the bed - enjoy reading a book with the nightlight on!

Please use: Your tripod.

I'd like: The diamond ones, please Philippe…!!

Just for the record, tell Phillippe that on the website you linked to (European version) the red glasses you photographed Yann in are noted for MEN. Either his website's wrong or ... he is?

I like them! Maybe that's the kind of frame I need.

I love Corey's pictures, any one of them would be perfect. I also like aspects of the tousled bed scene. One photo won't illustrate the dual aspect of the Varionet. The photo will only say what KIND of person wears the Varionet, SUGGEST his lifestyle and the duality ('varionet') of his lifestyle. It helps that your model is handsome in an elegant and ageless way. Is he smart: yes, He's reading architectural plans or an important newspaper, in bed. Ah hah, the hint of a woman... sorry to put in another twist when Phillippe has sorted thru' so much already. But here goes my twist on the tousled bed scene.

Black and white photo: FH is in the tousled bed, in a rumpled white linen shirt, looking timelessly handsome (a given) obviously smart (the prop: he is surrounded by international newspapers and publications suggesting travel and interests, beautiful people: Paris Match, New York Times, the Financial Times) His gaze is averted. A tray is being handed to him: on it 2 cups of espresso, one perfect brioche (obviously to share) and a flower in the mid ground but his eyes are looking up past the tray and newspapers, thru the stunning glasses at the woman who is bringing the tray to him. She is not in the photo, only in the suggestion of his look.

Everything is black and white. Maybe the red glasses.

And just writing this out, I'm out of breath.

This is so much fun. Thank you for sharing the process Corey.

I see a recurring theme here: we all want to see FH without a shirt! I'm with you on the diamond (or even rhinestone!)-studded glasses.

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