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08 May 2010


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Jim Morrison's gravesite from The Doors
if you can from Paris and all the fashions colours and spring everything!
Love you

Lovely Postcards from Paris.. I was in Notre Dame the other day. I have been to a few places not been before... off back to the UK today.. Have fun x

Thanks so much for taking that picture of the couple in love! I can only imagine the day they were experiencing together in the city!

Could you also take a picture during sunrise/ sunset of a french street with a bicycle in it or some other random everyday activity like watering flowers? Or walking through the park?

Love these pictures! Such a wonderful idea!

5th arrondisement, Rue de la Mouffetard (la le?) close to l'eglise St Medard and one of the oldest streets in Paris...great market in the am bises Monica

Could you find...:

a cafe table with coffee cups and perhaps books or a notebook, like a setting for a picture about writers in paris cafes. :)

Hello Corey!
Could you try to take a picture of the Place du Tertre? Or of a painter concentrating on his work?

Thanks so much.

I am loving your Paris picture postcards, so I was thinking of something I would love to see in Paris and it is a Large Poodle. Hope you are up to the challenge. xxx

Good Morning Corey!
As long as you are looking for numbers...a 52 would be fabulous!
Also, a French man with a cell phone at his ear, a cigarette in his hand and a poodle under his arm...and if you can get a glass of wine in there too...you get extra points!
Hope you're having tons of fun!

Hmmm...I can think of two I'd like to see. Can you get a night shot of the crowds and cafes in the Little Athens area?
And how about a gargoyle from Sacre Coeur?
I love the flower vendors...thank you for those shots.

If you go to Montmartre I would love to see your take on the artists at work. And/or the bar around the square with all the money hanging from the ceiling. Otherwise any pictures you take, it's always fun to see life from someone else's perspective (lens). Thanks and have a great time, which I'm sure you will.

Oh Corey, you make me want to go back to Europe on the next flight! American take me away!!! So when can we expect a coffee table photo book?

Oh man... the "I love you so much" photograph was gorgeous. Well done, my friend.

How fun is this?! I've been away on vacation for over a week (missed TIC) and didn't know this was going on. It's so interesting to read what other people would like to see and so generous of you to comply. I would like to see a fancy #13 if you happen to spy one.

Corey some heads with berets on please.
The pictures are incredible thanks so much.

Your photos are AWESOME!! You could do an entire book just on Paris! I feel as though I'm there, truly wonderful shots Corey. I'd love to see some flea markets, or just produce markets with the colorful vendors. Thanks for a great trip through your lovely photos.

Will be in Paris in September. Would like to see more pictures of flowers for sale.

Corey - Send us a postcard photo of YOUR favorite Paris moment or scene!

LOVE the pale pink roses....my favorite flower.

The man feeding the birds was the sweetest thing ever. I have a soft spot for nests, birds, eggs etc.

Great photos Corey, enjoy the rest of your trip.

Such lovely pictures!
My favorite one: Simply Springtime in Paris.
The one I'd like: Le Moulin Rouge! ;-)

Your pictures are beautiful! If you get a
chance I would love to see the little sail boats in the fountains. Always a beautiful
blog from you.

Thank you for the lovely flowers! It is rainy and windy and gloomy here and the roses (and Maria's birthday tulips) made my day.

These are all so lovely, Corey. Springtime in Paris - ahhhhhh.

Corey, I can not believe you took all those beautiful photos 'on the fly'. They are so fabulous. I think it would take a professional photo journalist weeks and a lot of luck to capture such moments. Love the man feeding the birds and the oblivious lovers.

Oh.. we have a calendar with le chats of Paris..photos of cats in and around Paris years and years ago..Is there any cats in Paris that you could perhaps take a photo of?
Love, love your blog Corey.

I would love to see a postcard of the inside dome of Galleries Lafayette. Jan

Corey, I know your readers would love to see the fabulous painting ( in and outside) at the Lepin Agile cabaret. Rue des Saules in Mont Martre. It is a whimsical rabit balancing a bottle of wine on a tray with one foot in a sauce pan. There is a windmill and lovers in the background by the sea. I once did a very large painting for a client"s dining room of this and would love to know it still charms. Waveney in Calif.

How about someone wearing a stylish beret? French women always seem to be so well put together.

Thank you for the beautiful morning in Paris!! I have never been, but it is on my "bucket list"!!

Oh I love these pictures every single one the church the flowers and Ooooooooh La La that French Kiss
I love Paris in the Springtime
I love you
Happy Mother's Day
Love Jeanne

I remember in an older post of Paris you wrote about the tour boats that go up and down the Seine . . .and, about one in particular that was the only one left still being operated by a family that had been doing it for years. Would love to see a picture of that boat and/or of the boats on the Seine!
I love these new photos of Paris . . .
My husband and I had our 19th anniversary a few days ago, and I wore a Paris t-shirt reminding him . . . 361 days and counting until our 20th and my first honeymoon . . .destination - Paris!

Oh Thankyou! I was surprised and delighted to see you took a photo for me, as we walked through Paris together : )

Oh for one of the pastries...

and ~
Do you think there is more kissing in Paris than in other cities? The romance comes alive there it seems!!!


I love the Eiffel Tower and would love to see a picture of it in an unexpected way.

Corey, what about some of the fabulous passages with shops. They are so hidden and unexpected. Thanks for a vicarious trip to Paris.

Me! that what I want to see in Paris! Love all of these...I got to feed the chickadees in front of Norte Dame and can still remember the feel of their little feet and beaks on my hand.. I took a shot of a snail in front as well...escaping! enjoy, enjoy, enjoy it all.

How about someone with an armful of baguettes?
Enjoy your trip!!!

Hey Corey, how about a postcard of beautiful cakes in a beautiful patisserie? That is, BEFORE you eat them!

Are you going to the puce? Photos of the brocante please!!!!

I can think of so many things I would like to see such as Laduree, Fauchon, Hediards, Joan of Arc statue in gold, special antique finds, ballet slippers on pretty French women and girls. Is that too much to ask? Can't you just take me along? Oh how I wish I were there on a beautiful spring day. My first time in Paris was in the spring time and so beautiful.

Hi corey ~ I'm back, after a trip to the UK and weeks away from daily tongue and cheeking!~ nice to be back here. I would love a photo of cool Parisian graffiti on a stained, cracked or otherwise nicely petina-ed wall, if you like that sort of thing?... I have a feeling you dont! well, I have just been in bristol the home of Banksy and some of the best graffiti/stencil art/urban expression I've even seen, so would love the picture filled in of the Paris street art scene.

Maybe you can find a poodle in Paris this time? The store front of Pierre Hermes-showing macarons and/or kougin anan (sp)?

Just saw that Rhonda wants a photo of a large poodle too. Oooh the pressure!! Thanks for the beautiful photos Corey.

So many wonderful requests! What a fun thing to do, Corey - I love today's post and am looking forward (as usual) to the next. = )

To see something so beautiful that you gasp and hold your breath for a brief moment of time. Steps of Sacre Coeur by night.

(Note to fellow readers. The Masterpieces from the Musee d'Orsay will be on loan and here in San Francisco June 5-September 26. Yippee!)

I'd love to see the inside of Ste. Chapelle again (stained glass window freak) and street musicians - there was a wonderful fiddle player by the funiculare (did I spell that right) at Montmartre when I was there two years ago...

I would like to see the old house in Paris that's covered in vines, and the twelve little girls in two straight lines . . . my oldest child loved the Madeleine books. Enjoying your photographs.

Loved all of the postcards! Its so fun to see everyones favorite shots of Paris.

Since most of the items I would like to see have been covered...my only request is this..."to light a candle and say a little prayer for my family to be healthy" - whether at Notre Dame or another Church...this I would appreciate! ENJOY this time with your family Corey, as I know that you will. Happy Mother's Day!
Your friend,
Michelle in KY

So beautiful and SO THOUGHTFUL....THANK YOU! What a treat to stumble down to my computer with coffee in hand and be greeted by pics of Paris taken just yesterday....such a feeling....a wonderful, not so far away after all feeling!

a photo of the gorgeous statue of the man holding the woman in luxembourg gardens... at the right time of day the sun will light up only the statue making it magical!

Hi Corey and Family,
Is the man with the flying bird/kite on the Champs Elysees? I was fascinated by him when we were there. How about a Gargoyle too. Laurie

HI Corey, love your pics. Can you take a pic of a Citroen? My BF loves Citroens and has owned them in the past. Thanks a million!!

How about a photo of the alleged place in France where the women wear no pants. The one where there's a hole in the wall where the men can see it all.

Merci Corey...j'ai vu les marronniers en fleurs, je suis heureuse, même si je n'avais rien demandé!
Profitez bien de votre séjour, Paris me manque encore, apres toutes ces annees en Floride.

Oh Corey, so wonderful....wish I was there too.

May I please give a shameless Plug?? I am having my first Giveaway.
All of your readers are cordially invited to come play....Merci.

Corey, just forget us avid readers for a while and savour the moment for real, not behind the lens, with your cousins on their last days with you. France is forever, so it can wait a day or two for us!

Corey, merci beaucoup, for the photo of the flowering tree next to the Seine!!! When we were there in the fall, I swear that is the spot where we had a picnic lunch:)
You made my day. I am reliving our visit to Paris through your photos and your eyes. Another favorite place, if you get to it, is the Patisserie Stohrer. It is the oldest Patisserie in Paris. Stohrer was my mother's maiden name so I feel a family connection. We visited twice while we were there. TRES DELICIEUX

Corey, thank you so much for the postcard of the chocolate dog! And wow, he's gorgeous - I want to jump in the photo, run up and scratch his head (in spite of the scary looking chain).

Love all of the other photos, too, especially that photo of the couple kissing on the bench - such intensity.

dear c
helen(d) would like a picture of an elderly couple holding hands or kissing... preferably in the luxemburg gardens...she did not even have to think about it, pour moi, je ne sais pas...surprise me... something romantic-- enjoy the wonderful city of lights, love and dreams. hope all are having a good time-- the sisters

Oh Corey, Thank you, Thank you!
You are an amazing human being! How kind of you to be thinking of your readers. Some of the photos have brought back such marvelous memories that I have tears in my eyes. Since all of Paris is magical, just keep taking pics. Another reader already asked you to light a candle for her, please light one for all of us. Pray for good health - for all of us! God bless you and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!
Ana Maria, from Miami

Either one would be fine, someone carrying a French bread or someone eating an ice cream cone. Hope you have fun in Paris!

I love, love, love this idea, it is truly fabulous!

I didn't dare ask for a special photo because all the ones requested were so wonderful. But Corey, thank you for taking us along...ALL THE TIME. Thank you for sharing and giving over and over again, this is just one of the dearest things you have done. Okay, I could possibly have a request...will y'all be sitting around a small cafe table with coffees, your drink of choice and maybe some pastries?...hanging out...just you guys...I'd like a pic of that, but only if it is a part of what y'all are up to. Love much, Jenny

Would like to see photos of women in haute couture on the streets of Paris. Was wondering if anyone really gets dressed up these days.

You really came through with all the requests!! I will consider this indulgence part of my Mother's Day treat!

Great stuff!

Be still my heart! Corey, Corey, Corey, you delight and amaze me. Thank you for all your photos, today and always. Now if you happen to be in the 7th and are close to 44 Rue Cler, Oliviers and Co. is my pick...yummy food to nosh on, and even though they have many stores worldwide, this one is my favorite.

Would like to see what the stylish French women in haute couture fashion are wearing on the streets of Paris. Does anyone really get dressed up these days?

Oh, be still my heart...it felt like being home again. Thank you for the beauty, peace, and joy you bring to the hearts of us who must live through you.

gorgeous photos....merci beaucoup! have a wonderful time with your family....happy mother's day to you and your cousin....someday, perhaps next year....i will be among the fortunate to travel to paris and provence...definitely on MY bucket list.....thank you so much for walking us through such a beautiful city....anxious to see more...

thanks for the little online travel escape, i needed that today!

looks beautiful there right now - all love and flowers.

Good job, Corey. It makes me want to go back even more. Can't be soon enough!

LOVE Paris! The first picture reminds me somuch of a little bar a friend of mine used to own and where I sometimes worked!! The rest of the postcards are lovely aswell! One can really feel Paris through them!!

Corey...I,too,like cats...especially black and white cats...can you find a nice picture of a black/white cat in a garden of flowers? That would be so nice...love all of the photos you took...that was really sweet of you...very thoughtful too.

Happy Mother's Day to you and all mothers on here.

Corey....a picture of a french man that Suzanne can kiss when we are there is 2 weeks!!
She is adamant about it.

Montmartre thru the glass clock window in the Musee d'OrSay. special place for my hubby and me! thanks

just great pictures! How about someone carrying a baguette with those ridiculous small piece of paper home from the bakery, or just pictures of the wonderful breads or desserts in the shops.

great photos! I feel like I´ve living in paris! it´s hot that french kiss. Thanks.

HI Corey, love your pics. Can you take a pic of a Citroen? My BF loves Citroen and has owned them in the past.

Corey, oh la la...Last year my friend and I walked in many of the very same steps. I am sending her this link right now. you have helped me to relive a wonderul trip. I came home with some great photos of chocolates. They were too beautiful to eat.

Beautiful flowers!


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