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01 May 2010


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Such a beautiful tradition
Our Lilies of the Valley are not quite ready yet. Flowers have not bloomed just the leaves.

Rabbit Rabbit
Happy May 1st.
Love you

How beautiful! Under my neighbor's apple tree, just across the street, are hundreds of lily of the valley. Between those and my lilac tree the whole neighborhood is perfumed, but lily of the valley are just coming out of the ground now and my lilacs are not open yet. How I love the scent! It's a beautiful New England day and I'm up at dawn to take my soaps and other treasures to a huge flea market!

You are so nice to share that lovely song. My Mother was French and Loved this Lilly of the Vally. Now in Maine I have planted them and await their beauty every spring..
I think of Mamma when I see them.


I could sit all day and listen to your stories of French tradition :)

Lilies of the Valley are such sweet flowers and so is this tradition in France. My lilies are just starting to bloom too...and today is not only May Day but my daughter's 24th birthday so it is extra special for us!
Enjoy your bouquet and Happy May Day!

Happy May Day Corey!! Another wonderful French tradition...how sweet of FH to pick bouquets for his family! Sending you and your family happiness!

Today is my 22nd wedding anniversary. I will now insist on a posy of lily of the valley every year from my hubby...
if he doesn't get me any do you think Yann could drop some off??
most appreciative!!
maria in NY

What a lovely tradition! The french are so civilised!Loved the video, played it all through.I was given two plants of Lily of the Valley a few weeks ago by a neighbour and planted them in my garden, as yet they are just green,looking forward to some flowers soon!
Happy May Day!

Aw, I miss that tradition :)

Lovely video! Listened to it while it rained in this part of the world. The lily of the valley was a refreshing breath to my humid afternoon rain.

Now you've gone and brought a tear to my eye.

I have been snapping pictures of Lilies of the Valley this week to do a post soon myself, which, rest assured, will not be as tender as this.

One of our daughters carried a bouquet of lilies of the valley on her wedding day, a May wedding, and everyone commented on how beautiful they looked on a beautiful bride and how the scent seemed to follow her up the aisle.

With gratitude.

Beautiful translation and yummy video... thanks for sharing FH story with us this gorgeous, sunny May Day in Virginia.

Dear Corey,
This is why we love the French! They savor every moment,every season.....I just finished four months of french classes....even so,thank you for the translation!! I laughed out loud when you said people just cut to the chase and leave out alot!!! That is so me!!
I hope to see Paris in June and hate I will not be in your neck of the woods!! Maybe next time and hopefully my french will have greatly improved!!
Kindest regards, Missy from the bayou

You did a great job of translating, Corey, not terrible all! Aren't they just the most gorgeous flower? I am reminded of my mother's garden on the shady side of the house, but am afraid the deer would eat them where I live now. Happy May Day!

Q. How many translators does it take to change a lightbulb?

A. It all depends on the context...

Translating's a whole lot harder than it seems, huh, Corey? When one does a good job, though -- and I think you did, although my French is nothing to brag about (LOL!) -- it merely APPEARS effortless, sort of like a well-executed triple jump in figure skating ;-)

Corey, such a beautiful video and post. A wonderful way to start my day.
Happy May Day from Northern California.

That melody....I recall that it was very popular when I was a kid but had different lyrics. Anybody know the different lyrics?The lily of the valley here is in full bloom and there is a little bouquet of it on the dining table. Happy May day Corey and family!

Lily of the Valley and lilacs mean spring! I've moved many times, but have always had a patch of Lily of the Valley. One of the things that makes me feel at home, no matter where I am. Both plants help us remember our past, probably due to the lovely scents they gift us with. Thanks for sharing the lovely song.

English Husband tried to do the translation, and said perhaps a word was missing. He sang along (wince!) I made a face, he stuck out his tongue though not in cheek..Here in California, Lilies of the Valley do not grow...sigh..another of my most favorite flowers along with Peonies and Lilacs which alas also do not grow...A sad, sad, thing as they do put me in touch with youthful days in Wisconsin...The most gloriously scented flowers... Happy May Day to All...

Now I will venture to the nursery today to see if I can find some to give to my daughter. Today is her birthday, that would be perfect to add to her gift.

I have this song on a CD I bought in France, now I know some of the words. Thanks so much.

Canadian husband cracked open the beige Melamine paint and announced he was painting the guest bed.
T'was supposed to be white, and not a flower in sight!

Ah, Corey...
I think you did a beautiful job...it was so nice. I wish I could speak French...I think it is the most beautiful language there is.
My first cousin's son married a girl that majored in French in school and spoke it perfectly. They honeymooned in Paris for 2 weeks and she then went to the Sorbonne (I know that is not spelled correctly but I spelled it how it sounds to me...please forgive) for 4 weeks to study. She is a lawyer (like her father) and lives in Atlanta working for a firm concentrating on French International Law. Very smart girl...she and my cousin's son both went to Vanderbilt and then he went to Cornell for his masters and now they have a baby boy and live in Atlanta. She said she had to read French magazines outloud to keep her prounciation current.I love to hear her speak French. I asked her if she was going to teach their son French and she said (in French) "but of course". LOL

I like it when you write your blog in French, Corey. I can learn new words and phrases.
Il s'en est allé le temps du muguet...
It is gone, the time of the Lilly of the Valley...

What a dear and lovely tradition Corey! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. :)

Happy May Day!

corey, thank you for the lovely may day musical video. i especially remember when i was child, the nice size patch of lilies and sweet climbing rose bush, we had in our yard. brings back gentle memories. i thought as a child, we were lucky to have those flowers and i thought that because they smelled so good was a great bonus. lily of the valley are also lovely when they are dried. they have such an antique appearance. Bestest,Denise

Love Love Love the video!!! The pictures, the music. Our LoftheV are not yet blooming, but soon....!!!

Another reason I think I would love France.

Corey, what a beautiful picture, song, translation, video, post~perfect for May Day! Love it!
Thank you!! Judy

Oh, I so love that the men bring the women bouquets on May 1st, what a cool tradition.

Funny that I stumbled upon your blog today, just got done watching A Year in Provence.

Happy May 1st to you!

"C'est trop bon"
or as my pint sized translator would say, "That's too good!"

Bonjour Corey,

I have delighted in your blog, postings and brocante treasures. Great minds think alike. See my blog www.chemindesmuguets.blogspot.com for another Le Temps du Muguet treatment.

Avec Bonheur,

Marjorie in Carmel-by-the-Sea

For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere we are in late Autumn / early winter - but love those gorgeous flowers. I must look out for some bulbs ( ? ) to plant for spring. I have NEVER seen them for sale as flowers.

You continue to bless us , Corey, with your sharing and generosity of heart.

Perfect translaton ;-).
Tatiana's loved the video....
Happy Month of May for everybody <3


Thank you Corey..As always you write of things so lovely.. oh I miss my garden with lilies of the valley.. Can't grow 'em in a flat in the city...

I finally remembered the name of the other song with same melody/different lyrics. Moscow Nights. YouTube has a bunch of examples of the song.

Hope you had a good day and a lovely May Day!
You know now that "le muguet de Mai" is by far more popular than Valentine in this country!!!
(This tradition started in the 16th century at the Royal French court).

Sending you the link to a vintage card- the year matching you !
Hope you had a good day and a lovely May Day!

I grew up with Lily of the Valley in our yard, and it is growing everywhere in my yard. (I even have pink lily of the valley).
Translation is difficult from french to english for some things..that is why french jokes are funnier in french, not english (they never make sense in english)

happy may 3rd !! alas, we cannot grow lily of the valley in phoenix, az...but i used to have them in michigan. i love the smell of the lily..it is so fresh and so....je ne sais quoi? spring !!

Just in case you wanted help on these:

"Jusqu'au banc où je t'attendais"

This one says "To the bench where I'm waiting for you."

Il s'en est allé le temps du muguet

This one says: "This season of lilies has gone."

I love this tradition.

I am French, your translation of the song is quite good. "Sur le banc où je t'attendais" is "on the bench where I WAS waiting for you". When I find the time, I'll try to translate it for you...
I came to you via Mo'a's blog.

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