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04 April 2010


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Happy Easter Corey, May the joys of this special day of rebirth and renewal bring you and yours much happiness.
My Easter is different this year, stuck on the sofa as I am with both feet in plaster, there is no visit to Mum, no out and about. Instead I have had a friend hide the eggs in the garden for Idgy and our Easter feast will be a tad more haphazzard in the kitchen, not the usual 'do' in the diningroom.
I hope for renewal and a new life.
Like your new bra by the way, tres bon!


Happy Easter to you and family, Corey! Love the young Easter Bunny and the Bra.
A busy Easter for our family, hubby and me both working. We still have lots and lots of snow up here, so no egg hiding in the garden. Just eating well and hoping the snow will melt before June...


That last image made me laugh. I wonder if it was innocently taken or very much cheekily tongue in cheek...?!

It suits your blog, and your personality Corey!

Happy Easter to you and yours, and in Irish: Cáisc Shona Dhuit!



You have such a delicious sense of humour! Thanks for the laughs.

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter and many blessings!

Oh, and chocolate bunny ears too :)

He is Risen!


As always, a delight to read Corey's thoughts on the day and look at the gorgeous images she posts. Happy Easter!


Love you little post today - and I think God has a sense of humor and therefore gave you, and all of us, one to use.
Xristos Anesti!
Christ has risen.


Happy Easter to you and your family!!! Your post was sooo cute!!! Did you find Sacha's bunny???


The Easter egg booby picture is hilarious! Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy Happy Everything!
Bliss Farm Antiques


What beautiful pictures! Happy Easter to you and your family.


That backdrop would be a great find at the brocante! LOL! Good luck with your endless treasure search...and Happy Easter!

Christine Wittmann

Love the funny old postcards, must say I've always regarded bras of any sort as woman's most uncomfortable and restrictive piece of clothing, so I wear them as little as possible!!!
Have a blessed and happy Easter and yes, God does have a sense of humor, why else would he have created us? :)


The little girl with the hairdo looks so prim with her tiny piece of chocolate. Definitely not American! My kids are gorging on chocolate bunnies and peeps. Happy Easter.


happy easter to you & your family!

Jeanette M.

Love that last one! Happy Easter to you and yours (and everyone here). I must tell you that sharing French Husband's scrambled egg recipe has brought me SO MUCH JOY. They taste exactly how my favorite little french bistro makes them and I'm thrilled - thanks.

tish jett

Sweet, funny and full of joy -- a perfect Easter cadeau.

Merci milles fois.


Happy Easter, He is Risen!

cynthia Wolff @Beatenheart

Corey thank you for being so steadfast and true...you are here every morning...holidays including...a ritual I so enjoy and look forward too each morning. You and your family are already so blessed but there is room for more happiness and joy so I hope along with the Easter shell and backdrop I hope you find lots in your basket this Easter...Blessings to you and yours...


Dear Corey,
Happy Easter to you and yours!! the postcards and your 'interpretations' were
Missy from the Bayou
ps easter is my fav holiday..because every tree and newly sprouted grass and flower shivers and preens to show us how to renew and celebrate life!!! AMEN


Thank you for sharing those adorable vintage pieces. So much beauty in there... A Happy Easter!



"Joyeuses Paques!" and Happy Easter too! I do hope an Easter Egg Bra just drops from the sky at your feet. So funny! I do hope the perfect chocolate bunny was found.


Happy Easter! Enjoy the bells today in your far away fairytale land!

Ellen Cassilly

Great Easter bra. Frank and I made our Easter bonnets today. I think that someone got our picture, if so I will send it to you.
It is a glorious spring day. A bit on the hot side. Best to stay in the shade.
You can come to Cassilhaus on a book writing retreat. you can wake early go for a walk to the creek or in the woods, then back home to write all morning and afternoon. I can slip a lovely lunch next to you door. Then in the afternoon we can drive out to the flea markets in the country, stop at a creamery for ice cream, back home for sunset on the deck and dinner on the screened porch. Frank and I both think that it's a great idea.


Happy Easter, Corey! You deserve ALL of the things you prayed for! Thanks for a great post!



You are too funny. Happy Easter to you and your family. Alleluia! He has risen! He has risen indeed!

love and hugs


Ha ha...love that easter egg bra! I could use one myself! Happy Easter Corey!

Liisa from a very springy Sweden!


You cracked me up.. Great fun post and
the old photo's are fabulous. Happy Easter..


Hubba, Hubba!

Happy Easter, Corey!


Happy Easter and thank you for these gorgeous vintage post cards. I love finding these at les Puces. I think I may just start a collection. Sometimes you can find 'lots' (batches of them I guess would be the translation) for not a lot of money...!


The "cup" of a bra is a "bonnet" in French. So bareheaded or not, many were covered for the fete. Hope you had a bountiful egg hunt before a brocante hunt for treasures. And a big chocolate bunny endorned with a bow for EACH of your children!


And has finally Sacha got his big chocolate, ribboned bunny from his Mother Goddess ???


Corey, Your French traditions sound sweet and very Catholic! I especially love the Egg bra! Have a lovely week!

Liam's Grandma

I do believe that God has a sense of humor. I am walking testimony to that. I am so thankful to have found this site. I don't know what it is about you and your writing, but it grabs the soul and makes it hunger for more.


Happy belated Easter - Happy Spring!

Love the first one - reminds me of the ring of roses they place on the winner of the Kentucky Derby - one of the sure signs of spring down south!

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