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06 April 2010


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Congratulations to Nancy, Donna, and Ana Maria! And thanks to you Corey, so generous with the fun and fruits of your brocante adventures!

An antique postcard story:
The innocent looking "little pink thing" just could NOT keep those dainty fingers out of the Easter sweets...and she hadn't even had her breakfast yet. In desperation, her mother handcuffed those sweet little hands with the centerpiece from the table--a lovely rose wreath. As little girls do, Pinkie dropped her head into her hands to pout. As she raised her head, she realized with astonishment that the sticky little fingers she had dabbled in the goodies were glued to her cheeks! Maman, seeing that Pinkie's hands were well occupied, proceeded to fix a proper breakfast, then returned to her sticky fingered darling, and with a nice warm washcloth, unglued the dainty fingers, replaced the wreath on the table, kissed that softly blushing cheek, and sat Pinkie down to a nourishing meal.

As my brother would say, "That's my story...and I'm stickin' with it."

Can't wait to read the further postcard tales.

Julie W.

Oh the pink double D's for sure:)

Bliss Farm Antiques

your are tres generous!

i would love to win AnyThing
you have on hand
as your taste is simply stellar
but thank you right now
this early morning visit
to Bordeaux
that you just presented to me!


now i must go back and follow
the other gift~links.

oh happy day
for sharing!

Congratulations to the winners!

I own an unpainted zinc boucherie chevaline. He is a handsome fellow. We live in a horse community, so he has a much happier home now!


As an avid visitor to anywhere that might sell 'old' it is the feeling you get when you pick up a piece, or rub your hand across it. The feeling of past lives. Some pieces feel warm, and you just know they were loved, others are too perfect and they lack the warmth. It is the scratched initials, the chipped paint, the beautiful repair, the imaginative repair. They all tell the story and I am passionate about 'the story'! Oh I would love to visit the French Brocante!!!!

The rain had taken its toll and the little town was so, so muddy. But the young yet wise photographer was sweet on the mayor's daughter and he used the backdrop to woo her and to partake of her lovely eggs.

Congratulations to the winners of the guessing game.

Dear Corey......I would love the "hair do" because the card reminds me of the bows my mother used to put in my hair before I went to school when in grade three. I would walk around the corner, ensure no one was looking , and pull the bow from my hair. It was a survival technique. One must have many at that age.

"....When she realized there was no Easter Bunny in France, that the bells were probably not going to leave HER any eggs, she began to nibble on her fingers. A sore substitute for those lovely Easter goodies of her past."

Oh the one with the large egg on it would surely find a good home with me !!!

Love the "backdrop" Easter card!!

And your posting about antiques, no matter where they are from, is spot on. The history behind each piece is what draws many of us to these items from the past ~ what were they, who used them, etc. I love your phrase about seedlings scattered, only to be reborn. Thank you for that lovely thought!

The Pink Thing card, little girl with two pink wreaths. I wish I was in a better story telling mode! Thanks Corey.

Love all the vintage postcards and would be tickled pink to have any of them!! Love your beautiful photos too.

Thank you for your post, painting a picture of what brocanting really is. Lovely. I am saddened, though, with the loss of the meaning of things over time--not always, but sometimes. Pictures, objects that were sentimental or meaningful gifts. I guess that loss of stories is just part of life as well. How important for me to preserve what I have and record what is for the future. Have a lovely day!

My feelings about "Easter Egg Man" is that it is really" Easter Egg Lady". Those dainty hands.... that sweet heart shaped face...the delicate features...the upturned pinky finger. Yes Monsieur is really

The double dd easter egg bra!?? :D

The postcards are a bit creepy. Haha. My favorite is the pink t thing, with all those lightly tinted flowers.

The old egg had never come to fruition, never cracking open with new life to bestow upon an adoring mother duck the beauty of new life, new birth. Instead, the little heart ceased and was absorbed by time as the egg fossilized and hardened, its former inhabitants long gone. Its outer shell weathered the elements and the egg took on a patina that only age, sadness and time can create.

Early one morning, as Sophie partook in the annual Easter hunt hosted by her grandmother, she raced happily to the other side of the pond. Surely, her brothers would not dare to follow because the path to the other side was long overgrown and covered with thorns. Sophie often marveled at that side of the pond where summer's heat brought pretty pink roses to those woesome thorns.

Coming too close to the edge, she slipped in the mud and glided downward, her Easter egg hunt about to come to a watery end. Quickly, she grabbed an old branch and was spared the drenching which would also garner her a scolding from Nana Louise.

As she pulled herself up the slippery slope, Sophie noticed something gray and sparkling in the morning sun. The dew had created sunlit diamonds on the specimen. Sophie gingerly edged to the beautiful trinket and gently cupped it in her hands.

Smiling, she headed back to the house carrying the only egg she needed. It was hard like a rock, but its shape...surely it was an egg.

Papa marveled at the incredible find and Mama and Nana Louise helped Sophie sift through Nana's basket of ribbons. Mama gently pulled some flowers from the beautiful centerpiece that rested on the dinner table.

Within minutes, the old, worn, abandoned egg was new again, exuding a beauty unlike any other egg retrieved from the hunt. Sophie clasped her hands and gazed at the beautiful treasure with sparkling eyes.

"May I keep it?" she queried, giving Papa a sidelong glance.

"Oui, ma cherie," he replied with a moustached grin as he stroked his child's flaxen hair lovingly.

As Sophie grew, the hard, fossilized egg became a part of her own family and their Easter tradition. Each Easter eve, her own children would anxiously watch as Sophie gently took the egg out of its velvet lined box, which has become its new home, and placed it on the mantle. The children eagerly listened as Sophie told the story of the egg and what it meant to her: a time of resurrection, joy and the promise of hope.
* * *
I'd like the postcard with the egg, if at all possible!!!

Thank you Corey! Reading your blog while sipping a cup of tea is part of my morning ritual.

And by the way, do you realize that today's blog is the perfect intro to your book's chapter on "brocanting"?

The Easter Egg Postcard was sent by a young American girl living in France to her Mother and Father in America. Willows to be exact. She was so excited to send her first taste of France home and share with her family. Behind this postcard no one could see how really scared she was. This Easter Egg postcard made her appear so French, So International, So well traveled. Inside she was so unsure, so scared, so hoping her journey would take her to wonderful places and a happy life with FH.
I think all of these years later this Easter Egg Postcard reflects the beauty and grace in which this American girl has made her life in France and the wonderful family that her and FH have created. She has brought happiness and joy to her French and American Friends and Family as well as all of her new facebook friends. She has taught them lessons beyond belief. She has taught them to appreciate things others might discard. She has given them wonderful French Recipes. She has given them the opportunity to travel without even leaving home. She has expanded their imagination. She has given them the courage to make up these silly little stories about these beautiful postcards. Yes, this Easter Egg Postcard holds so much more than an Easter Greeting. It holds the story of a life well lived.

The dear of a girl on the backdrop post card is just lovely with the sweetest smile. I would love the chance to win this card. Wish I could think of a good story about her, but I've yet to have my second cup of coffee--when my brain turns on.

April 6, 2010.. at the bottom of my post... My 37th Wedding Anniversary. seeing the date always brings such a smile to my heart.

No good at stories ...but love the double d card! I wonder if it was a deliberate pose?

Hi Corey, this is my first time posting, but have so enjoyed perusing your blog for the past couple of months! Love all of these antique French postcards...particularly "the backdrop" and "easter bunny man." I have a couple antique postcards for Poisson Avril and they are simply delightful! Kathleen

I would love the hair-do or the maiden with the basket of eggs. Love old postcards. Congratulations to the winners!

Love it all.. But The double DD Easter Egg Bra is my fav...


Your photo of those vintage birdcages made my heart skip! I sold / gave away my birdcage collection last summer, when they seemed to be the symbol of the cage I was keeping myself in. I don't miss them at all. And I'm enjoying my new freedom from expectations, old dreams and all those horrible "shoulds" I'd been living my life by.

definitely the Easter egg bra! I have a lovely old, blue wooden French mailbox that I bought in Willows years ago! My little neighbors enjoy finding special treats in it, as it's hung at a low level in my entryway.... sometimes I place old, seasonal postcards inside.....well, maybe not this one!

...really like your 'eggs' want to shake your tree......

oh my, I had no idea easter could be so racy ;-o

love the egg DDs!


Ahh! so that is what they are, one of them would come in quite handy now, as my other half has a touch of the man flu :)

Oooh I thought these were Neti pots used to flush your sinuses. I have one and it looks just like these.

no story....just enjoy your blog every morning!!

The Double D Easter Bra:

Mavis, for all her caterwauling, could never get the attention of those she crushed on. Then one Easter, loud Mavis closed her mouth, and artfully found a use for her niece and nephews Easter treats. Would-be suitors stopped in their tracks and fixated on the young woman's Easter assets...until...Mavis...got...hungry.

Would love one! Sorry, no story. I am visual....but love your stories.

These postcards are so adorable, they make me laugh every time I look at them.
Specially the double D lady reminds me of this past weekend when I took my daughter to get her first bra.

ooh la la! the double d's are surely the finest of the lot! some get ze long l'eggs, and some ze 'eggs!

I love learning from your site. I really have learned that I just want french antiques full of history and charm. While all my friends have their homes decorated, I am still waiting for the perfect prices w a story to tell.

"The objects become seeds scattering, hoping to be reborn and heard."

As a person who loves to collect other people's bits and pieces, I consider this to be such a charming thought.


Dear Corey
I'm writing about the young girl and the pink roses!

Roses, roses everywhere, what's a girl to think?
All I want is a plain old daisy that's not so very pink!
A daisy flower that tells a girl a lot
Does he love me or "horrors" does he not?
If that beauty of a rose would tell me now
I'd clutch it to my heart and nobly vow
With prickly thorns and nectar sweet
To love him back until we meet!

It's 11:30pm and too late for me to ramble but it looks as tho you've got some fun stories to read. I like the backdrop. I once took a picture like this in front of a mountain stream backdrop. I was filling my water bottle of course. It was the wallpaper at a zimmer somewhere along the reisling trail in Germany. I have many fond memories of that backdrop...

the Easter egg with the red stamp, please!

I would love to win the silver egg with the ribbon and the flowers so I can in turn gift it to a very special friend who is in love with that postcard :)

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