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26 April 2010


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Yes, it is wonderful! The sweetness of the orange and the spicy of the onion is just wonderful. I hope that I can have Annie's zest for life as I age.

I've done orange and fennel salad. Kinda tempted to try this version now just because of your raves. How come you didn't photograph Annie's salad?


Hi Wandering Chopsticks,

Well I did not have my camera with me. And when we made the Orange Onion salad it was in the evening... I am terrible taking photos at night... this morning all that remained was an empty bowl.

Hence no photo... just onion breath.


Wished I could have a forkful to taste right now!

My favorite orange salad:

2 peeled oranges, cut into very thin slices (Tarocco or blood oranges taste best), 1 thinly sliced red onions, 1 thinly sliced fennel bulb, black Gaeta olives (tiny black olives, very tasty), a little bit of sea salt, ground black pepper, a handful or two of blueberries and crushed fennel seeds or dried oregano. If the oranges are very sweet, I add a bit of lemon juice. Bon appetit!

Oh, that sounds divine! I am going to try it tonight. I like the idea of pistachios thrown in. Thanks for sharing Annie and Corey!

Of to try it for dinner tonight!

My garlic breathe from pesto soup could be smelled all over Provence. worth every bite!

Is the onion Annie used as mild and ssweet as our Vidalia or Walla Walla varieties?

A favorite simple salad when we have wa-a-a-ay too many radishes from the garden all at once: Wash and trim a whole mess o' radishes, then grate them -- I use my Cuisinart (because I can't stand bloodshed, especially my own!), although if you're more deft, you could grate them manually using a cheese grater instead. Pile a heaping mound of grated radish on a leaf or two of your favorite lettuce, then top with really good bleu cheese or Roquefort salad dressing and (optionally) a dash of freshly-ground black pepper. So easy to fix at the last minute, and colorful too!

I have a "thing" for old cutting boards especially french...and your photo made my heart skip a beat!!! Love....love...love those boards!!! Love your Annie story too!!!

Right now I'm on a strawberry with red onion, sunflower seeds and goat cheese salad kick. Sounds like it might be time to switch it up to orange/onion. Why is it so unusual for someone to offer you a taste of something like that?

It was served at a dinner party I attended....with blood oranges....beautiful!!!

ooo! Here I sit, still in my robe, sipping tea - and drooling at the thought of this salad. I wonder how it would be over a bed of spinach.

I love the unexpected taste thrown into a dish. I imagine the nutmeg add that sort of hit that makes you want another bite as you attempt to identify it.

What I think is really key to a great salad is using fresh fruits and vegetables that are locally in season. Also, simplicity! Wasn't one of the original fruit/veg salads the Waldorf, with apple, celery and walnuts?

I have had this salad but on a bed of crisp greens and with the tang of added black berries. A meal in itself with bread and cheese and wine.

The orange salad that I make has tomatoes, avocados, black olives and a sprinkling of toasted almonds in addition to the oranges, all dressed with a lemon-olive oil vinaigrette. Do not make, however, unless you are able to use freshly-picked from the garden, summer tomatoes!

Oh... I forgot to mention. I love this photo of the bread boards and oranges. Do you ever find old French cutting boards at the brocantes? Would you ever put them up for sale on your Tongue in Cheek Brocante?

No never but I shall ! Jx

Strange combo for me - I'll try it and let you know!

Oopsie, I forgot to tell you to add olive oil to my favorite orange salad! Here the ingredients again:

2 peeled oranges, cut into very thin slices (Tarocco or blood oranges taste best),
1 thinly sliced red onion,
1 thinly sliced fennel bulb,
black Gaeta olives (tiny black olives, very tasty, like the ones from Nice),
a handful or two of blueberries,
fruity olive oil,
a little bit of sea salt, ground black pepper,
crushed fennel seeds or dried oregano.
If the oranges are very sweet, I add a bit of lemon juice.
Bon appetit!

Sounds like a lovely salad dish for summer; will give it a try as I am always looking for new salads. But...I have to comment on the two chopping boards in your picture...FABULOUS! Are these yours? Did you find them at a brocante?

My version is similar.

Slice purple onions. Put them in a bowl. Place a strainer over them. Peel oranges. Slice them into the colander so they drip on the onions.

Use spring greens with some slivered leaves of mint.

Make dressing with balsamic, olive oil, mustard, black pepper, salt.

Arrange onions and oranges over greens. Drizzle on dressing and OMG.....heaven.

I have made Orange and onion salad since the 70's ...I use red onion...more tangy and very colorful combination.
I love all the salad recipes your readers are giving...perfect timing as summer in it's abundance is arriving :)

While it sounds great and I love salads with oranges, me and raw onions don't seem to hit it off too well. I have however made fabulous salads with the same sort of vinaigrette, oranges, assorted wild greens from the garden, walnuts, strawberries and dried cranberries. Maybe some chives for a milder version of the onion flavor.

Sounds delish! And I love the cutting board. One of my only souvenirs I brought back from Paris last year was an old, thick cutting board I found in a shop on Rue Monge. It made my luggage overweight, so I had to drag it home in my carryon!

I add Fennel and black olives. Its such a great fresh salad, different combinations can be the greatest. I just add olive oil and salt and pepper. Thanks for sharing your recipes they are delish!

Variation of this recipe. Omit the oranges and throw in the mangos. Toss to a cha cha. Serve with fish.

We use fresh green onions and add sliced toasted almonds to the final salad as garnish.:)

Never heard of it! It sounds like it shouldn't be good, but it must be the way you are raving. I'll try it.

We make this salad with added ingredient of :
a bit of chopped cilantro and toasted walnuts.

I love the blackberry idea, as we always have an overabundance of these in August.

Copy and paste/copy and paste - thanks for all the wonderful variations ladies!

Well, one has to get to Annie´s age to know about the delicate recipes - and I´m sure that salad was a hit. I once had an apple - onion salad, just as tasty. If only those rare delicacies would become more common.

That sounds so good. At the holidays I often make a red onion, orange, and cranberry salad served on lettuce. I love it. Now I will try Annie's salad. Yummm, my mouth is watering.

i have done something similar. years ago, my sisters and mother came for a visit.they came from miles away and the visit would be short. didn't want to spend alot of time in the kitchen. so,i thought a salad would be good with good bread.so,i took lettuce,sliced onions,pieces of orange and slices of strawberries and french dressing to use on the salad however, much you needed. i have no idea what made me put the fruit with onions and french dressing. i was pretty young at that time. well, anyway, they still talk about and they could not get enough of it that day years ago. Bestest,Denise

Mmmmmm... sounds like dinner tonight! Also good: sliced red onion, grapefruit and orange sections, halved cherry tomatoes with a dressing of oil,lime juice, honey, salt and pepper.

My Italian grandmothers ate this often. Haven't thought about it in years - need to try it now!

Yes I have made an orange onion salad. My version contains spinach as well. Marinate the onions with orange juice, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Then mix slice orange wedges, marinated onions and spinach.

The last couple of nights our salad has included red onions, oranges, gorgonzola cheese, candied almonds, and dried cranberries, all mixed with baby spinach. The oranges and onion are especially delicious.

Yes I have and have loved it! I was at a murder mystery dinner with a north African theme, can't remember the country, but we had orange onion salad and I made some too.

Also good is spinach salad with mandarin sections and red onions.

I love salad. Period. One of my colleagues is having a birthday and we are having a salad buffet next week. Salads are the best but those salads that pair unusual partners are such a delight!

Thanks for mentioning our ol' favorite, but now I'm so inspired by a myraid of variations! Mmmm. . .

It is surprising when opposites attract! I have had a similar salad which takes purple onion, mandarin oranges and cilantro...whirred in a blender just a bit and then served with grilled chicken over mixed greens. It's also eaten very passionately at our house!

That sounded so good that I made it this evening - and even remembered to take photos of it! My family LOVED it! I'll link back to your blog if I post about it, Corey!... Donna

Oh my, I think I will get the ingredients and try this recipe today! Thanks for sharing!

I have never had onion/orange salad but I must say, I must try it if for no other reason than everyone seems to love it...

My sister and I used to put onion salt and red pepper flakes on oranges when we were kids. It was yummy!!

Corey - I just made the Orange Onion salad and it was WONDERFUL! I even blogged about it, it was so good!! Please tell Annie thank you for the inspiration!... Donna

My salad involves thinly sliced fennel bulb, mandarin oranges, minced red onion, vinegarette and some of the fennel fronds strewn on top. YUM and healthy too!

I am working my way to the recipe...I can't seem to get my eyes off the picture of the oranges. So beautiful. Makes my mouth water.

OK...off to onions and oranges. Yum.


The orange salad that I make is exactly the same, except that you also add very thinly sliced raw garlic. Delicious!

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