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18 April 2010


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What a wonderful story, so nice for a sunny Sundaymorning with a nice cup of tea, thanks
Enjoy your Sunday

What a beautiful life you lead :)

Oh I cant wait to visit one day and see your amazing country!
Hugs from the California Desert

Oh my, Corey, what beautiful pictures and word pictures you have given us today!

Absolute Bliss!!!

Lovely drive...in LOVE with that cute little car!

Oh, love these photos--especially the bench near the archway. Sounds like you had a fabulous day!

I LOVE this post, your words and especially the first 2 and the other 2 with the lines of trees. I'm definitely there with you !!!

I understand completely how you feel about France as I have felt that too when I was lucky enough to live there for six months in 2006. I remember the excitement of getting up early to explore the local countryside and visit as many vide-greniers on a Sunday as I could. I knew at the time how lucky I was and enjoyed every moment. Thank you for so beautifully expressing those feelings - the beauty of each season, the beauty of each moment. France is where my heart belongs but for the forseeable future I live on the other side of the world.

You're breaking my heart and seducing me with a France I may not reach this week. Our tickets are for Thursday. Will the flights resume by then? Oh, please.

Looks to me as if your journey IS your destination...one in the same...secret of life for you to have captured. Very good, Grasshopper!

What a nice way to wake up! Thanks for taking us on your travels. I was trying to figure out where you were - can I guess? Near Tarascon? Really enjoy your blog!

The plane trees (or sycamores) were one of the most striking sights I recall when driving in the south of France. I remember reading an article about how during the war, some of the boxes that Americans used to ship weapons into France carried a fungus into the country, threatening the plane trees. Apparently arborist work constantly to maintain the good health of the beautiful trees.

No doubt these trees make the roads memorable.

Lovely sentiments....lovely images that remind me of visiting this seductive part of the world...I can smell the spring blooms as I look at your pictures. Glad you had a lovely day...it is always so good to escape on your own to do these magical things....just as it is to share other experiences....all adds up to a full life...keep telling your stories....
Jennie, New Zealand.....

Sublime! Thank you for taking us a little deeper into the soul of France.

I love the little girl's slipper and the fantasy of who wore them.

You make me feel as though I am there..and...then...I realise, I am not, I become so disappointed. I wonder is it France that pulls or is it that my Grandfather was French and it is a genetic thing?!!!

I was wondering as I read your post this morning if your love of France and the brocante is because you are a "visitor"? I know you've lived in France for over 20 years but....do the French, those who were born and always lived in France have the same appreciation for the lovely countryside, the antiques, the history of the found treasures at the brocante? Just a thought as I head off to Long Beach Antique Market this morning...amid a very busy and somewhat ugly cement highway bordered by huge billboards and shopping malls. Oh, to be in France!!

Cheryl has something there. When I lived in the English lake district I felt just as you do every morning I ventured out of our 400+ year old cottage and walked the meandering cobbled streets to work at the little antique shop, passing bakeries, butcher shops, green grocers...loving every moment of it. The locals are so used to these things they take it for granted. We as foreigners, think differently. I only wish I'd taken lots of photos while I lived there.

That is why I would love to experience living in France.. the photos of the trees are amazing and I can just imagine cafe and cake in one of the little cafes.

Ah...i have melted into a puddle...swooning over your words and beautiful photos...even though I was up early and out to my own flea market...even driving past some very pretty scenery...somehow it seems so romantic over there! And it was....the one time I had the good fortune to make the trip! Thanks for sharing this lovely experience!

Oh Corey, such lovely images. You make me want to experience France and all it's goodness.

I was thrilled to check your blog this morning and see pictures of my favorite Saturday a.m. haunt when I'm in France: the brocante at Villeneuve-lez-Avignon. Its been 515 days since I've been on French soil (yes, I'm counting) but your photos today helped fill the hole in my soul for Provence. I especially love the yellow fields of rapeseed or colza (sp?) that you often see in the Spring. I couldn't link on your red poppies, though. Is there a problem with the url? Thanks for making my day, Karinka

Last night in Half Moon Bay our waiter was from Paris, I was shocked and asked him why he wanted to come here? I would trade him in a second!

Ahhhhhh. Sunday morning, fresh cup of coffee, birds singing and off I go on a trip around the world, to France........thank you Corey.

You can't possibly get all your treasures in that little blue car!

You make me ache for France . . .



Is that beautiful road the N7? A day doesn't go by that I don't think of that beautiful part of France. It's always in my thoughts. You are very fortunate to be able to see and live it everyday.

The best part, to me, is not the wonderous beauty or treasures waiting (though they both tantalize me), it is your appreciation for them. Yes, that is always the best part. Their beauty and charm are not wasted. Now, "how can one little cake start such a revolution of pleasure", you have to ask????

Sigh..you are so very lucky Corey...thank you for sharing your amazing life with us.

Can't wait to see it all!! May 20 cannot come to fast!!!!

You SO belong in France, Corey!!! xo

Lovely, poetically spell binding post! Living amongst American strip malls, big box stores, Dunkin Donuts . . . I can only sigh and breathe deeply of the fresh air you bring to my computer. I am there in this moment. Thank you!

Debi in Bellingham (Pacific Northwest)

Such a blissful read....thank you!!!

Love it!

Yum. I got to experience a few-minute getaway right in my chair right in my Northern California abode. How fun! I could almost smell the spring air...crisp and full of morning! Thank you for sharing~~

As, I scrolled down
Your words
Exceptional post today

What a beautiful, delicious post! I think I have been on that same drive. How awesome it must be to just hop in your car and enjoy
the beauty of a French spring.
I have been reading your blog.every day, just been busy planning with the oldest graduating university, and the next son to Germany, and daughter to a summer program, and in all of that we need some Family vacation!
The kids are all flying to the ends of the earth. I may have to follow.

I just got through reading every word on your tour de Prague
last summer. We are thinking of a trip to some of the same spots
this summer. Thank you for the great travel log, I might have to follow your trail. I shared this Rob, and he thought Willow is mighty

We just got back from a trip to China. Is Chelsea going to China?
It is hard to let the chicks fly out of the nest, but I think she got her strong wings from her Mom!

Enjoy your beautiful spring day!

Such a lovely, lovely post Corey! Your book will be just as wonderful and I can't wait.... The tree lined street called my name. Simply wonderful... thank you.

I loved your story and how you told it. It made me fall in love with France all over again. Your photos are so breath-takingly, beautiful they make my heart ache. I am almost in physical pain because I long to be in France. Only two years until I am there physically, but today and everyday I live there in my dreams.

Remembrances of the tree lined roads fill my mind this very moment. How beautiful!

I think I would love to just come along for the view of the tree lined streets, then the pasteries, and if you would let me I would love to carry your finds.

That is a beautiful post. I love the tree lined roads Corey, those plane trees. The very fabric of Provence. Jx

What a beautifully poetic description of such a beautiful country!
Thank you for sharing these stunning pictures...

What an eloquent post. It's making me long for those tree lined French roads...

beautiful... just beautiful corey.
I don't know if my heart is breaking or breaking open... I can feel, smell, and taste these images and I long to be there myself... as if I was longing for home. Thank you for sharing these and telling us your lovely story.

Shamefully, tree-lined allées are not being planted these days as they once were. We are so fortunate to be able to experience in our lifetime these lovely "tree tunnels" from our ingenious landscaping forefathers but what will future generations have when these are gone? Now there is a movement to start... and it could begin with cake too!

AHHHH, Corey, your Provence is killin' me, just killin' me. *sigh* Thank you for sharing it so exquisitely.

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