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22 March 2010


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I love garlic!

Quite an original and inventive recipe Corey, one of your own?

I can't stand garlic and this is the major problem I have every time I go to France, avoid it!

this sounds marvelous and , darn it , where's the picture ?
I love to roast the entire head of garlic and then squish the soft cooked garlic out of the paperskin onto homemade bread . With butter or olive oil , of course...

Very entertaining, innovative style of recipe-writing! I love garlic and this sounds divine. I would say the artichoke hearts are essential, not optional.

maybe you will wiegh 200 pounds

the Garlic Part
is a Health Food
will help you live 200 years
or so...


not so certain
about This Part--->
1 cup butter, melted

Love garlic but I don't think my hubby will get full for dinner on garlic bundles and a salad. I know you are Vegans, but at my house, if a dinner doesn't include some form of meat...my two men {hubby and son} will certainly complain. Now if I was just fixing dinner for myself, I would live on fresh salads and sour dough bread ;-)

Will definitely try this! Nice combination of flavor and texture.

Yummy Garlic.
love it.
Slovenia smells like garlic to me. Part of my familie is from there.

When I was younger and we drove down there for the summers, crossing the borders from germany to austria, it smelled different. crossing into slovenia, it almost instantly smelled different again. lovely different.
I know it's the garlic smell. (personal opinion)

Hated it when my parents ate garlic at home, it "stunk" of it there... couldn't smell a thing when they ate heaping garlic breads at grandmas in slovenia...
ohh the memories
Thank you :o)

Oh so Yummy sounding!!! Going to have to make this some time this week!!

Oh garlic, how do I love thee....if I can find a gluten-free substitute for the phyllo - I'm in! Must have smelled divine in your kitchen.

Sounds great as an appetizer with drinkies...I'll make this this summer as I invite neighbors to the front pation as we drink and eat garlic bundles... I would like to try other types of bundles..feta cheese and walnuts...carmelized onions and pecans...hey we have a trend here...Luv Ya Corey..Happy, Happy Spring to Us All.....

I love garlic, love love love. Not walnuts tho, would substitute pine nuts. Is that Nathalies town apartment Coco ? Happy days, jx

There is no such thing as garlic breath when everybody has it!

This sounds decadently delicious!

waftbyCarol, yes, yes, yes!!! Roasted garlic on artisanal-quality French or Italian bread -- yummmm!

Corey, did you know there's a well-known garlic cookbook titled "The Stinking Rose"?

BTW, a good many garlic-growers in the Gilroy area are, ahem, Portuguese-Americans!

We just drove through the area on the Pacheco Pass highway east of Gilroy (en route from US 101 to I-5) last fall, including past a huge processing plant, whose garlic perfume one could smell even at a distance -- heavenly!

These sound divine! Do you have a picture of the finished bundles? Oh...my husband and I both love garlic (and butter, and pastry dough), so I can see these being a wonderful thing. Mmmmm!

I've always wanted to go to the Garlic Festival in Gilroy. I love garlic and that sounds sooooo good Corey! I have everything except for the phyllo dough dagnabbit or we'd be eating it tonight - I'm putting it on the grocery list right now!
And I'm curious, do you add anything to the green beans or is it simply green beans and olive oil?
Okay ... rumbly in my tumbly now ...

This sounds absolutely crazy good ... my husband isn't a garlic lover ... but that won't stop me from making these ... hopefully he loves me enough to get over my breath!!

I WILL make this recipe .. thank you for sharing it!!


Love garlic. Made the bundles tonight. Pretty damn good! Could have eaten five but settled on four. Thanks.

Your men are lucky to live with such a good cook. Green beans and garlic, a match made in Heaven.

ail, ail, ail! Love that "Ail Nouveau". Makes everything better, I must try it ion your purest state.

I can't live without garlic or onions. Yum. Can't wait to bite into one, two, or three of these bundles of love.

The memories of Gilroy's stinky rose aroma on our way to Monterey to visit family.

I can't WAIT to try these. We adore garlic and I have been cooking more and more, even inviting friends! which means of course (especially in France) that I am receiving more reciprocal invites and this would be a lovely something to bring along ... for aperos!! yay! thanks!

Such inspiration!!! La Madone is calling...I'm currently checking into airfares...seems like destiny....and decadence...bit of both.
Garlic bundles all 'round I say!!!

No, I've never turned down garlic for the sake of fresh breath. I do what you do, make my hubs eat it too (which he is happy to do). Oh, those garlic bundles shall be mine soon!

@ Star, there's also a great restaurant in SF called The Stinking Rose, they do an amazing 40 clove chicken that is to die for!

Lovely recipe...will have a go with them this comming weekend! Love your blog... ;)

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