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12 February 2010


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Chez Serge, Carpentras!

I'm so curious, how can it be the owner can declare "how much you will pay at the end"? Is the cutomer allowed to barter? I'm fascinated.


I love the list. Perhaps someday I will be able to check a few of the items off as places experienced.

Thanks again Corey for taking us to the fabulous La Mirande for coffee. I still drool when I think of all the beautiful antiques. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!!! Wonderful memories.

Thank you so much Corey. I will print off this list. We just moved to Paris and I feel a bit like "a fish out of water". This will be a wonderful starting point. First, I really need to start taking some french lessons. Oh my!

Ooh Corey, you have made my husband's day! Any restaurant frequented by Anthony Bourdain ( chez Robert and Louise) will be must visit for him in May. ALL THAT MEAT! he will be in heaven. I DO NOT eat meat, so will settle for cheese and salad ( it would seem the fried potatoes are cooked in goose fat, so I'll go without those!).

I will be him taking here......


Their bouillabaisse is divine. he has not been before. I highly recommend this place.

Thank you for giving the name of that restaurant. What an experience that was! I'm going to send my friend the links from today's and yesterday's posts. They're going to Paris in June.

Gee, wish I could reciprocate...but the hotspot in Belleville, Ontario, Canada is the Cozy Grill, and let's just say it doesn't photograph well.

Corey, tell me what kind of bread ( with almonds ? ) that is in your picture, what it is called, and is it eaten at a special time of the year ? It looks délicieux ! Is it sweet or salty ?

Hello Corey, I read your blog every day. It's one of the pleasant things that I try to incorporate into a daily routine. And you are pleasant, AND so much fun! I just love the ease with which you tell stories, even awkward ones and write about the details of your life in France. I lived in the Canary Islands for a little over a year and alway dream of being an expat. in Spain, but that's another story. The reason I was finally prompted to write this morning was that I simply loved having a list of great restaurants in France where I can get vegetarian fare (not that I'm able to hop on a plane tomorrow, but one never knows, right?) I, too, am vegetarian, and have just discovered some new publications about the subject that are most inspiring like The China Study, How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease and Engline 2. Maybe sitting amongst the brocante you might find some of the reading interesting. Love to you from Sacto. CA!

Thank you for the wonderful lists. I hope, someday, to return to France.
In the mean time I would love a Valentine's Day update on Eva and Mattieu as well as your niece, Juliette's "secret". Any chance you can reveal any tidbits?

Don't have any particular favorites in Paris or Provence (LOVED THEM ALL!!!), but I SO WANT those two "covers" (I know there's a name for them, but can't think of it right now!) sitting on the table in the picture!!!!!

Reading your blog is the highlight of my day! Love Paris and Provence and can never feed my addiction adequately!



Oh! Thank you Corey!!! I am saving this for when I get to go!!!! :)

Forgot to tell you that I laughed out loud at your story - you tell such a funny story - see you even made the waiter want to smile!:)

On National Public Radio this afternoon, "Move Over, Cupcake: Make Way For The Macaroon"

Corey, thanks to you we're all so far ahead of the trendy curve ;-)

I'm guessing that THE BEST place to dine in a gracious atmosphere would be at YOUR home!
Have a lovely weekend my California friend.

Love Chez Paul and the decor at Le Grand Vefour is incredible...xv

Hi. I suggest "Le Miroir' Rue des Martys in Montmartre:
Just had a wonderful lunch there a couple of days ago.

Hilarious! Looking back, I sometimes wonder what I said to French people when I was in Paris. I did have the "Je suis vegetarienne" line down, though...

Vegetarian habits are difficult to maintain in a land where altering the menu in any way can insult the chef or host. Recommendations of how to handle ths delicate matter?

I will definitely save this for our next trip. When we were in Avignon a few years ago, we arrived with no reservations and tried to stay at La Mirande. They were so sorry they were full, but we could stay in their private apartments down the street. Unbelievable. You are right about heaven on earth! We ate in the restaurant too. Heaven!

I enjoy reading your blog so much I think I'll have to drag my husband one day. Happy Valentine's Day!!

To Paris that is :)

I enjoy reading your blog do much that I think my husband and I will have to visit Paris one day.Happy Valentine's Day!

I enjoy reading your blog so much that I think my husband and I will have to visit Paris one day.Happy Valentine's Day!

Pasta Cosy in Aix. Out of the way, reasonably priced, and charming, just like the proprietor and chef, Fabian, who by the way, is also easy on the eyes..

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