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18 February 2010


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Alas, nothing this lovely. Most mornings it's cold cereal and milk, or occasionally hot grits with honey. Once in a great while my husband will make his version of migas, a Mexican egg-based dish that is delicious but cruelty on the arteries.

Linda C.

And still, French women don't get fat...

Maybe, just maybe, I would eat butter if I had such a beautiful butter knife....no I wouldn't!


My breakfast depends on what day of the week or weekend it is. During the week,I have to have a cup of fresh coffee, then if I have time, a crossiants with Bonne Maman cherry compote. If I don't have the time, more coffee and a cereal bar when I get to work! Weekends are more complicated, posibily a good ol British eggs and bacon, or a canadian maple syrup and pancakes, or a muffin and eggs benedict and always, always lots of fresh coffee. Hmmnn sounds like I eat a lot. Your table looks very inviting Corey.

Shirley M.

Different each day. Sometimes cereal with fruit. Sometimes English muffins or an egg.

What is the large board with the numbers behind the stove? It looks really neat. Is it an antique? How was it used?



I love you
Oatmeal with cinnamon and half a banana (at home) then a quick drive for a latte a day♥
a skinny vanilla latte from starbucks is my morning breakfast
I love you ♥


I have a coffee (exta light with milk, no sugar) and whatever I can grab from the kitchen as I sit at my laptop (6:30 am est) and check out Tongue in Cheek! This morning is leftover FRENCH YOGURT CAKE:)
Bliss Farm Antiques

Jeanette Mc.

Oh dear. First, if you wake up one morning and someone has broken into your kitchen and stolen that chalkboard - I know nothing about it! Love these images, just to die for (everything is really).
My breakfast varies as well but it is always vegetarian and gluten-free (drooling over that bread). One thing is the same, I do not like coffee either - thought I was the only one. Tiny sip once, hated it. Have never had a cup in my life.

Eileen @ Passions to Pastry

Merci, merci for showing some photos of your kitchen. It's always my favorite room in any house. And, those café au lait bowls full of French coffee.. ah, I can only dream. Breakfast at my house is not always what I want it to be. I get up at 5:50 to get my daughter and husband out the door. There are always two (extremely good) cappuccinos made. I try to bake something the night before to eat along with those. I have something a little more substantial after I'm awake for a few hours.

Rhonda P

Ah, coffee, my love of coffee started when I was young. The older I got the stronger I drank it. I affectionately grind the beans, the aroma fills the kitchen. Yes, I am a coffee snob and proud of it. I do not put food in my mouth for fear of ruining the coffee taste. I do eat something later at the office, how fun that is, I'm kidding.

Your lovely kitchen and pictures of the bread, butter and dishes are delicious!

I just grabbed that gorgeous pin cushion in your shop and I wasn't even awake yet!


Usually homemade bread with a small slice of cheese and then Greek yogurt with frozen picked blueberries from the summer.

I also am not a coffee drinker even after years of living in Brazil where EVERYONE drinks coffee. I do, however, like my English tea or green tea at 3 p.m. every day.


oatmeal. and now that i've given up sugar for lent, coffee with cream. but on sundays, it's decaf and baileys and breakfast that husband fixes..


i love to see your kitchen, Corey. are you still going to paint the cabinets?
my breakfast...glass of water as soon as get out of bed, then fresh fruits and later toast+cheese and oh well ... coffee.


Love my coffee!!! I eat oatmeal for breakfast!!! Have you made any jam lately?

Cindy Roehrich

my breakfast and my kitchen do not look nearly as appetizing as yours. i may have to steal the idea of the linens under the glass dome, how lovely. first i will have to go out and get some pretty linens:)
breakfast is usually pretty ordinary, for me at least, consisting of cereal, oj and coffee. always have my coffee and look at your blog every morning, my escape!!! thx


Thank you for inviting us all for breakfast. Since Linda C. has claimed the butter knife, I would love the butter dish. Your table setting is divine and the steam escaping from the cafe a lait bowls is quite enticing.

I love the way you posed the heal of the baquette! Love it!

Back to earth, I think there is nothing more flavorful than a first cup of hot, black coffee first thing, but, because only one cup is all I could do, I usually enjoy a few cups of tea instead with some toast or cereal as I move along.


I am soooooooooo jealous! lol Everything French is so pretty so elegant even your Husbands breakfast. I usually have a cafe a lait and an apple. Then I run to work. When I was in Paris in May I loved that even the simplest snack was served so elegantly. I loved having Breakfast with you this morning on your blog...thank you Grace


I think I would like to have what you have for breakfast. Except lactose free milk in the cafe au lait please.


Your breakfast looks delightful! I gave up coffee almost two years ago (and it was tough, as I've been a coffee drinker since my grandfather used to spoon-feed it to me as a toddler). Now-days, I drink green tea in the morning and eat some organic vanilla yogurt. On weekends, I'll make myself an omelet and have homemade bread toast.


That is your kitchen? Oh, I am soooo envious. I think you should open up a bed and breakfast. You could raffle off a spot to your readers...what do you think?

My breakfast is usually soy sausage, irish breakfast tea with soy milk served in my favorite Starbuck's mug. I'm going to have to work on my presentation in the morning.


I love your kitchen, and your stove. My breakfast consists of whole wheat toast with cheese whiz or butter and sometimes peanut butter toast. I drink milk with my toast and have hazelnut vanilla coffee after I eat, I don't like to drink coffee with food.
When I visit my mother (she lives 3 hours away) I always have to tell her no big breakfast, but she doesn't listen. I always have to drive home feeling like I'm going to explode. She fixes eggs, bacon, hash brown potatoes, fruit, danish and ham biscuits. It's like a buffet and I am just a simple toast girl.


This is your kitchen? I'm sooo envious. I think you should open up a bed and breakfast. You could raffle off spots to your readers. What do you think?

My breakfast usually consists of soy sausage and irish breakfast tea with sugar and soy milk served in my favorite Starbuck's mug. I'm definitely going to have to work on my presentation...and what I eat. Hmmmm.


Corey -- I have been following your blog for a while but I'm more of a lurker than a commenter. I wanted you to know that I featured you today as my blog friend in focus. Feel free to email me if you want me to add a twitter or facebook link to the posting if you have those for your blog/shop. You can see the post at: http://www.mikeandsallie.com/sallie/index.blog/1397701/friend-in-focus-february-18-2010/

Have a blessed week!

Natalie Thiele

Your kitchen looks as intriguing as the rest of your house. I love the chalkboard behind the stove and those fabulous big kettles!
Breakfast? Always coffee. Sometimes with a muffin, sometimes w/eggs, sometimes w/ Kashi, but always coffee.


my breakfast is gluten free cereal and coffee...how pedestrian!

Julie Ann

Your kitchen looks really special Corey, you must be delighted. Loving the tea towels under the dome. It is exactly where I would like to be taking breakfast and beginning the chatter of the day. One day soon I hope. I would like soya milk in my cafe au lait ou chocolat chaud, otherwise I will take the same as you. My love, Julie.

Marie-Noëlle Roland

Mon petit-déjeuner aujourd'hui :
Du pain, du beurre, de la confiture d'abricot.
un bol de café noir.

Mon petit-déjeuner hier :
des madeleines, une compote de pommes.
Un bol de café noir.

Mon petit-déjeuner avant-hier :
un pain au chocolat et un bol de café noir.

Note : I'm the only one in the family to have coffee for breakfast.
My husband and children have a glass of fruit juice or a glass of milk.


Your kitchen,(and your breakfast!), look very appealing. I think there is something special about that lovely table, that seems more European for some reason.
As for me, usually its coffee and oatmeal with dried fruit, honey and some ground flaxseed.
I just found your blog today, and it is lovely.


yogurt... just about every morning! I recently switched from one that has high fructose corn syrup to a greek yogurt.
Your kitchen and breakfast looks just lovely.


Good morning! My husband is the weekday breakfast maker of either oatmeal or toasting the frozen waffles. I usually make the coffee. It's a quiet in the morning ritual that I love. You know, I really need to use the pretty dishes I have and set a nice table like you do. It is so appealing to look at. I'm probably clueless but what are the two items on the stove? Are they to keep food warm?

Jenny N

Oh, Corey what are you doing to me? that scene is both delicious and gorgeous. I had coffee and a nutty grain bagel with cream cheese. But your breakfast image brought back a college memory of mine when I stayed with a kind French family over a weekend outside Paris in Ris-Orangise (sp). I awoke the first morning to the same kind of spread in your pictures and I actually remember gasping and a tear coming to my eye because of the beautiful scene. THey live on a hill and on that cool summer morning they opened the dining room windows, where the breakfast welcomed me and as I drank my chocolate from a bowl and buttered my baguette I felt the chill breeze and beheld the rolling hills of their picturesque village and couldn't pinch myself hard enough. AHhh. I ache to think of it. Oh, Corey I hope to visit you one day and I will buy the croissants and baguette for breakfast? D'accord?


I love those thick walls of your house. Many times I watch how they build houses here ( Canada) and when there is a strong wind outside I am thankful that our house is still standing. They look like they are made of paper.
For breakfast I love slice of dark bread with butter and maybe honey or cheese and coffee. I love the aroma of it, sometimes I make it just for that and dont drink it, usually when baking.
Love the picks of your kitchen Corey.


Today I had a strong cafe au lait which I drank from a turquoise soup mug. I spread homemade orange marmalade and some peanut butter on a brown rice cake using a small olive wood paddle (a gift from a friend in Amsterdam)and placed it on my newest 25 cent find...a little plate decorated with Dogwood blossoms...the NC State flower.


I have to laugh. Traveling in France last fall I ate French breakfast every morning and loved it. Plus of course there was pastries and wonderful food throughout the day. I had my annual check up at the doctor after I returned and my cholesterol was sky high and the doctor wanted to put me on medicine for it. I said let's wait awhile and see how I do; so I checked again last week and it was back to normal. Now do you think it was those wonderful French breakfast's? Oh I would love it right now.

Alison Whittington

How I miss the fresh baked rolls we ate every morning in Germany.

Here, I eat cereal, but as boring as that might sound, I love cereal. I do, I do. Something about the way that the flavor seeps into the milk - even the healthy cereals do this - and blends with the sweet fullness of the flavor of milk, that starts my day off right.

I adore coffee, and wish I had been a coffee drinker when I lived in Germany. I miss coffee very much, but I will have to wait a few more months to drink it.

cynthia Wolff

Holy Guacamole!!! Is that really "your kitchen"??? You wake up to that every day...Us poor Yanks lost something in the translation when we came over here...Lets pull up into the drive-through at McDonalds!!
How about homemade corn tortillas with huevos,refried beans,rice and salsa..now is your mouth watering??
But seriously...I have a cappuccino(large) and oatmeal..love that Irish kind..I loved Marlis's comment decaf and Baileys!!
Love you Corey,your my idol...Cynthia at Beatnheart


ahhh, Corey, I've been away from your blog for a few days. lovely to have breakfast with you! I love the french breakfast, chocolate and baguette! Yum! but when at home I usually only want water and a piece of fruit (if I'm listening to myself well) I can only occasionally have coffee cause it messes with my nervous system too much, though I love the smell.

When I do have a hot drink its a HUGE (french style) blue bowl/cup filled with organic earl grey tea, black with a little sugar. So big its like have your whole face bathed in it... but once a week after walking my dog I treat myself to a beautiful organic breakfast at my favorite cafe.

Its called the scented garden and is an old, small converted plant nursery - its really a courtyard filled with plants and you are sitting outside/semi outside around and in it. (we have a culture of sitting outside a lot here.) I love it even when it rains.

There is a Huge peppermint scented gum tree in the centre of it and on misty mornings the fragrance floats on the air. They make the most perfect, love filled vege food too. I'd like to take you there corey I'm going tomorrow morning! Eggs florentine? Pancakes with blueberries? fruit compote with yogurt?

Mmd. Tortoise

Bon jour Corey,

This morning's breakfast consisted of coffee, a soft boiled egg with toast and our national newspaper. I did not eat the paper. I saw the photo of the slab of butter on your table prior to eating; ....eggs taste so much better when slathered in same. You, my dear,are a bad influence....I love it.

Mary Kate

my very favorite breakfast is serrano ham on toasted antequera bread with a drizzle of olive oil, and a hot, strong espresso with milk.

needless to say i don't get that in san francisco. probably a good thing, because imagine my waistline if i did!

but we do have good espresso in san francisco, at least we don't have to go all the way to seville for that!


Well, since you asked. My petit dejeuner is always cafe au lait, Cheerios and "Tongue in Cheek!" Yep, I check my blog first. Any comments? Then I check to see what you wrote. Sometimes though on weekends, my husband cooks poached eggs on toast with parmesan cheese and arugula sprinkled on top.

Carolyn Mallin

Oh, for me coffee is a necessity. I love the aroma and the taste is wonderful. That's always first on my list in the morning. Once the coffee is brewing I fix some oatmeal and have tons of blueberry's with it. Fresh or frozen if they're not in season.

Ana María

Please, please tell us about that black board with the numbers! Was it from an old hotel? Where did you find it? What do you use it for? And more importantly - Where can the rest of us find one?

To Mary Kate: I'm drooling just thinking of real Serrano ham! Fortunately I live in Miami and I can drive to "Delicias de España", less than a mile from my office and get some - which I will!
My ancestry is from the north of Spain, but your SEVILLA is in my opinion, one of the most fabulous cities in the world!


I very much enjoyed my coffee and breakfast with you this morning, Corey.


I'm like you, never did drink coffee. I could eat toast and tea every morning and be in heaven. I must say that our French breakfasts, during our visits to Paris, were some of our best memories. Eating outdoors, with pea gravel underfoot, a hot cup of tea and the most delicious baguette ever.....that's breakfast!

Shelley Amaro

Bowl of oatmeal.


I adore your photos...

As to breakfast... I love my coffee.. usually with some fruit or toast for breakfast ♥


Beautiful post! During the week I have to admit breakfast is skipped. On the weekends though it ranges from homemade bagels to homemade San Antonio style breakfast burritos. the possibilities are endless.

Nancy from Mass

Coffee, toast (on homemade bread) with nutella (or sometimes cinnamon/sugar) and from time to time a nice, tall glass of tomato juice. I do also make muffins, breads, waffles from time to time... but I love my toast!


After walking the doggie at 5:30am {rain or shine} and letting the five kittens out of the utility room so I can clean the litter boxes {with five kittens you need two boxes!}, I finally "begin" my day with a cup of coffee brewed by my fabulous coffee machine {thanks to k-cups} and sip away from my cafe au lait bowl. Love the pic with your two cafe au lait bowls! No toast, no fruit, no cereal, no pastries for me. Just hot coffee with cream. Yummy!!

Gretchen Baldauf

What a surprise to find you blogging about breakfast! Yesterday, I spent the day with my eighty-something mother, learning how to make a family tradition - kuchen. We are Austrian and love our coffee and sweets! My mom showed me every step of the yeast dough process and we made four loaves of sweet dough to turn into poppy seed and chocolate walnut kuchens. We had some as dessert for dinner and then I brought two loaves home for breakfast for my son and me. P.S. I love your butter dish, Corey! Blue and white pottery is what I collect.


...totally in love with your butter dish and knife!!!....ah...mornings...walking the dog before anything...rain...shine...snow or gales we are out there....vitamins C drink..its an obsession......tea..tea...oatflakes with seeds and fruit and yogurt...hot shower...more tea....then my day will start..


Oatmeal with Craisins, a glass of water, and a juice glass of low-sodium V-8. Is it completely obvious that I turn 50 this year?

Rebecca from the Pacific Northwest

what's steaming in the bowls, please?


What I'd like to have is what you're having. I'd like to eat it there as well. Do you mind?

carol in CA

doesn't everyone have a diet dr. pepper and a granola bar for breakfast? maybe it's just me!


OMGoodness... I'd trade my hot pot of tea for a cafe au lait if I could drink it from such cute bowls. I usually have tea and nothing else but I'm going to try to eat better. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful feast of words and a feast for the eyes.


Your kitchen turned out beautiful! I don't drink coffee either. I either eat a English muffin with eggs and Canadian Bacon or a Greek yougurt with a sprinkle of museli.

mickey (michel) johnson

...i am a coffee person...but i prefer flavored coffee...like cinnamon hazelnut with cream or milk and just a touch of sweetener. lately my breakfast has been my morning cup of coffee and fresh carrot juice! xo, mickey


steel cut oats & cinnamon tea!


Love the entire thing! Don't the handleless bowls of hot coffee burn your husband's fingers? I love your butter dish and knife!


wow....what a great breakfast setting....i want to come to your place for breakfast...

this morning my breakfast was fruit loaf spread with cream cheese and a banana on top

and a nice cup of tea

i LOVE the cafe au lait bowls they are great, i would love some


Seven grain toast and a cup of tea just about every morning. Omlettes occasionally, pancakes if my grandchildren are visiting.

Wheaties and my early morning edition of Tongue and Cheek.

barbara gillies

it is so strange that you chose today to talk about Breakfast. i was thinking the other day about what a ritual my breakfast is. i get up from my warm bed and go put the water on for coffee the stronger the better, must be fresh ground with soy cream. i also must have some kind of bread usually with nuts and fruit and i love a soft cheese. then i may sit down an hour later for something a little more involved.
i just said to my canadian hubby i wonder if i should try to change it up but i still do the same.

Karen C

Our day always starts with a big mug of hot, sweet tea. It is the first love-task of the day. When our first baby was born my husband began bringing it to me in bed and it has now become an essential part of our day.
Only one of our three boys has developed our taste and also loves his mug of tea.
Other than that it is anything goes. Porridge, toast, cereal, eggs and bacon, croissants.
But the day does not start unless that pot of tea has been made.


Every morning I have the same thing for breakfast, a piece of toast with peanut butter and homemade jam; right now my favorite is the marmalade I made a few weeks ago. And a cup or two of chai tea. It's easy and delicious.

Your breakfast table is beautiful. What a delight first thing in the morning.

v.j. kohout

These are the first photos I see of your remodeled kitchen. Have you ever posted any other photos? I am a regular reader of your blog but if you have posted the kitchen photos, I have missed them. I remember that you wanted to wait until it was all painted. Anyway, I also don't know what are those two bell shaped items on your stove. I cook a big american breakfast on weekends (eggs, bacon, toast, honey, jam, fresh fruit) and have small continental one (piece of toast and blueberry jam) during the week. Coffee with sugar and cream, anyday.

Shelley Noble

Holy Cow! How you live!! Such joie de vivre! Oooo la la


Love your kitchen, the lovely breakfast, the cafe au lait cups ~ ALL of it! You are really fueling my dreams of visiting France with posts like these! :-)

My husband boils water and makes our coffee in a French press coffee pot every morning. He drinks it black, but I like mine with cream. I could totally embrace having cafe au lait every morning! :-)

We usually have an egg and toast, sometimes sausage or bacon. I love breakfast and waking up the day with a delicious cup of strong, hot coffee. Thanks for the delicious post! :-)

Cousin Chris

Scrambled Eggs and Linguica...what else.

Cynthia Vigini

Oh Corey,
how I adore your blog!

I have been following your blog, for about a year now and enjoy each and every post. I love seeing France, through your eyes and enjoy your family stories (you have a beautiful family) adventures and gorgeous photos. I love your home, it seems so warm and inviting and what wonderful treasures you have! Whenever I need a pick me up, I come here.

May I say you and your French husband, make a lovely couple and I love the story of how the two of you came to be and how you seem to be still very much in love, hot buns too cute.

My favorite breakfasts are the ones I make Sunday mornings. My Grand-Mère, was a caterer from Paris. When she moved to Canada, she worked for a fancy Hotel here and one of her specialties was breakfasts for Honeymooners. She taught me how to make omelets and a lovely pain perdu(French toast, but so much more)and it's what I love to make for my sweethearts. I serve it with dusted powdered sugar and homemade jam, syrup or honey on the side along with fresh fruit, table all decked out, served on our special occasion baroque china, with some nice music playing in the background. My dear Italian husband makes fresh ground coffee in his Stovetop Espresso Maker, for us, I love Sunday mornings! I hope the kids will remember them and smile.

I also do the big North American breakfast, toast made with bread fresh from a little Italian shop, fresh sausage, bacon or ham from the same Italian shop, eggs, homemade hash browns, sliced tomatoes and orange slices.

My Gran usually ate bread or croissants, spread with butter, and fancy jams served with a sectioned grapefruit or cottage cheese and fruit, along with coffee and an orange juice. She made the works for my Austrian Grandfather eggs, bacon or ham, a sliced tomato, buttered toast and coffee. Oh how I miss waking up to the smell of her breakfast cooking in the morning! I do not eat bacon but I love the smell of it cooking. I always feel a little closer to her when I visit your blog, thank you for the many smiles dear Corey.

All the best to you
sorry I was so long winded

Kipik - Sylvie

Oh! I am very jalous, envious and happy for you of your french breakfast bowls. I dream of finding the perfect vintage french "bol-a-petit-dejeuner" I will find it one day! ...The rest of your kitchen is glorious too! What flair!

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