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25 October 2009


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Corey, these are just beautifully enchanting and make my heart yearn - both to go to Prague and for a dear, dear friend to return. She is there with her husband right now and I know she is having a delightful time.
Thank you.

Gorgeous pictures. My face was "always looking up" when I was there, too. And all that carving on the walls of the pastel buildings that looked for all the world like frosting on cakes reminded me of the English Wedgewood china.

Wonderful detail in those photos Corey, takes me right back to my trip to Prague a good few years ago. Thanks, Jx

How beautiful and lovely is everything you share
Love Jeanne

Ah, what a beautiful journey you gave us through a fabulous city. Thank you for sharing!

You have the most beautiful dreams, dear Corey. I have always wanted to go to Prague. Thank you for taking me there.
xo Isa

I often dream of entering Prague and thank you for these photos, and your posts of your visit. Someday I will get there, but for today I appreciate being transported on the wings of your dream.

As I've commented before, I went to Prague a week or so after you - because of your recommendation. We stayed at the Castle Steps as well. It was an impromptu trip to Berlin with my parents that got us from here to almost there and you sent us the rest of the way. I loved Prague. It was like a fairytale. I felt like I was on a movie set. I kept saying "how far does this 'enchanted' part go on"? It never ended. Thank You again for leading us there - it truly was the highlight of our trip.

I'm going to Praha/Prague on Saturday. Just wrote my last Caffe Avec blog post from Krakow, now Praha is next. Can't wait.

Your photos are lovely.

I've wanted to visit Prague for a very long time. I'd like to go next year, but my husband wants to go back to New Zealand for a few months and we're planning to walk the 105 mile Tour du Mont Blanc again through the Alps for my 50 birthday so it may be 2011 before I get there.

Hmmm...maybe a long weekend might be possible. Thanks for the inspiration with your stories and lovely photographs.

Prague may be prettier than Paris.

Corey, you captured so much wonderful detail. I love the three violins and the big key.

I sat down to my computer and my daughter asked, "Are you going to do your gasping now?" Three hearts, three roses, three violins, the funny little peach bottom, the swan, the suns, the key, and the lamby – gasp – so lovely. Husbands have much to put up with though don't they?

I'm so glad you drempt of Prague and that it lead you to share some more of your gorgeous pictures!

Thank you, Corey!

Isn't that the most wonderful thing about traveling? Seeing the little "nooks and crannys" and discovering the beauty of each place. Your pictures show a very beautiful Prague and I enjoyed my visit along with you today.
in Oregon

of all the cities I've visited in Europe, Asia and America, Praha is the one which touched my heart and creative mind most. It is such an amazing city--I was there in 94 and it had a Little Ceasers Pizza then--I can only imagine how it has Westernized since then, which makes me sad, but the soul of Prague remains. Of this I am sure.

Dear Corey,
You are such a romantic person...and how you see the world makes me want to travel there too! For everyone to say the same things about a place like Prague means it must truly have the magic of a fairyland!
Today is a good day to look up!
Thanks Corey for a grand tour!

Such stunning sights to behold. Thank you for sharing more of your trip with us!

WoW WoW Wow. Love your photos. I can't wait to go there someday.
Sue T.

Visiting Praha is now on my list of places I definitely want to visit. I have a question for you - did you converse with the Czech people in English or French?


Dear Corey

I love your pictures...I would love to visit Prague someday too. I will come see you in France first! Have a great week.

Love, Ladelle

Wow! What beautiful architecture. I must visit Prague someday now!

great pics!!!!!


You always deliver, you never cease to dazzle me with your words, your dreams, your photography. You are truly a Muse!


How amazing Corey. Thank you for sharing some of the shots, I will bet there were hundreds of photos.

Stunning ... you have such an amazing talent for detail ... thank YOU for taking me there again ;)

With that kind of beauty, how could you not dream about Prague?~~Dee

Corey, fabulous photos. I met a couple from Prague this month while visiting in Apt. It was a very tedious conversation with lots of hand gestures and crazy faces. Puffed out cheeks, silly smiles and crazy eye movements but we had a delicious time trying to talk. Absolutely delicious!

What would the plaque over my house look like? What would be the one thing I'd want people to know about those who live within? Hhhmmn. . . something for me to think about.
Beatiful pictures Corey ~ thank you for sharing

Hmm - think my last comment got lost!
Many of my Parisian friends have told me that Prague is even more beautiful than Paris! You have just confirmed that - although I do still have an affectionate penchant for Paris - my stomping grounds for nearly 10 years. Lovely post!

I can see we loved and we stopped for the same things. Their facades are so beautiful , I guess that if the outside is so gorgeous, the inside might be over our dreams.
I think we are going to keep Prague into our dreams.
Thanks for remind me agin its beauty

How wonderful, thanks for the surprise trip to Prague, all the while with an nursing toddler in my lap!

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