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16 October 2009


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Your Mom's shop looks charming and a reflection of all that you have said about her here in the past....warm and loving and giving...I hope she enjoys her adventure!
Take care, Laura

I appreciated those 5-point American stars in Amish country of SE PA this summer. American "junque" In France I stumble upon those car lisence plates at bars or pop culture ads.

UNBELIEVABLE !!!! Her shop is amazing !!! I love every detail . When does she come to France to give me more inspiration , I already have YOU .

Your Mother is one special person. p.s. Does she have a "secret energy potion"?

I'm adding 'Gathering Junque' to my must visit list;).

How wonderful indeed...........
Treasures galore..........
Love Jeanne

hi Corey,
I would love to fly over from ireland here and browse your mothers antique shop it looks great!The picture of the orange chair reminds me of chairs we had at our childhood home years ago now long gone alas!The matching marigolds on the table remind me of my late father who always grew them they look lovely with the chair to match!
The second last picture shows a chair with a straw covering, in ireland they are called sugan chairs pronounced sue-gawn its in the gaelic language,they were the furniture of choice in old irish homes long ago though they are still in vogue and made now to order by craftsmen, i looked up one site www.celticwood.com and a similar chair to yours costs $380 ! thats made to order. i would love to know how much the one in your mothers shop costs!

wonderful! so charming and BEAUTIFUL things!

something that Canada and the States have is beautiful not expensive "old" things (by old I mean 30 years old the most...)that still are not considered antiquities and then affordable. Everyday life things that have little history but not less important.

I wish I was closer to this beautiful store! (are you able to bring some of the things from there...., :) )


and your mother is too much! It has to be an honour to have her as a friend

What a fantastic shop!! I love everything but I think my favourites have to be the sheep.....

I'd love to go hang out there for awhile. I really want those sheep in one of your photos. I like their style. I think the shop will do incredibly well. And I'm also very grateful for your mom's friend Holly. With a name like Holly Christmas will definitely be fun there!

Love it! I didn't get a chance to pop in last summer. Looking forward to it this year. Please tell Holly "Hi" for me.


when i trek back to northern california, i will indeed stop in and peruse her lovely shop. the shop looks amazing.

Yes indeedy! I loved my visit this past Summer at your Mom's shop. I was able to meet Holly. The little garden in back is just dreamy! I want to visit next time I am through.

It simply warms my heart to read that your mother opened a shop with her friend! What a woman! I am in awe.

It is a wonderful thing that your mum found the strength and courage to go ahead and start her wonderful treasure shop, no wonder she always says how busy she is. Hope it has brought her comfort, joy & respite from grief.
It is clear to see where your passion for old things with a story was born. Your taste may differ but the passion is the same.
Now a question, what are those glass things that the sheep have their feet in please ?! I found one the other day & didnt have a clue. Luv jx


Hi Julie

Those glass things are called: FROGS, they are placed at the bottom of a vase to hold flowers in place.
They are usually made out of glass, but can be found in ceramic as well. Some people use them as pencils holders.


Love the name of the shop.

Now I see where you get your eye for interior design!

Wonderful news about your mother's and her friend's new shop! I am very happy for your mama and even happier for you to know that she is engaged in her particular passion!

I want to move to Willows. I want to move there to see the beautiful farm land, the kind people, get a little home and buy items from your Mom and Amy's shop. The big black pig,the nine drawer little green cabinet. Oh and homemade pie sounds magnificent any time.

I'm so glad you posted this info as we will be passing through mid-November..... I was going to ask you where your Mom's shop was in Willows - hopefully I can get my AH to stop!! We used to love making Granzella's a pit-stop too:( I know you're savouring every precious moment with family these next days <3

you and your mom are inspirations in many ways. I would hope to instill into my dear girls a sense of joyful whimsy into a cookie cutter disney channel culture that they are surrounded by at their age now. Your mom and Holly's shop is delightful. I wish I was somewhere nearby in order to enjoy their wonderful hospitality and creativity.

Corey, please tell your mum I love all the things she has in her shop, being country myself I´d very much feel at home there, tell her to keep going in that shop until I can come and see her ( together with you ) in a couple of years time, tell her the way the word JUNK is spelt on that door made me laugh, tell her that I voluntarily go to the comunity srapyard once a week to peep into the big container and take some "findlings" home occasionaly,tell her that now I know where you got that mad - ness about looking for old things from,...
Love, Lieselotte

How delightful! My husband and I lOVE N. California so this will be on our next itinerary! Glad you are home safe and sound from your Road TRIP! xo lulu

For sure the next time I fly down I-5 I am going to stop at Gathering in Willows.
in Oregon

I was in this darling little shop a few weeks ago when visiting my in-laws; I bought a cranberry candle that is divine.
Once you visit, you'll see how Corey's mom has influenced her style and passion for well-loved things. Holly and Dolores are definitely in sync and the vignettes are a delight. Can't wait to see it at Christmas time.

I'm so excited Corey. I'm thinking roadtrip now that I know of your mom's and Holly's shop. Elaine! We need to choose our day.

Hi Corey,
Isnt it funny how much stuff we pick up from our family about decorating and having an eye for certain things! I hope to someday stop in Willows and check out her lovely little shop!!!

Absolutely charming!
I wish I lived near Willows!

Your mom is amazing!

This store is an oasis of comfort for those who fancy antiques.

I think that chubby pig in the picture with the white dishes and scale wants to live at my house! I too love country stuff.

Your mums shop is just fabulous.....i loved everything!!!

You are one of those special souls that take "home" with you. Bless you.

All good wishes,

Your Mom and Holly's shop is wonderful and so inviting. I also learned salvaging from the dump but with my Gram. I now have some of those treasures in my own home reminding me of a rainy day spent with my favorite person.

Ooh ... so Holly is Holly Soeth. Hi Holly! I thought Holly was one hot tamale (I'm a poet!) in high school. Between Holly and Dolores, they're heating up Sycamore ...rrowWR. Can I say that about my aunt? Corey, moderate as you see fit.

Seldom are there better things in life than antiques and friends :)

I made a trip over to Willows today with my kids and stopped at the shop, it's really terrific, love all of the primitive's! And then I called my mom on the phone and she said your mom had been in my shop in Maxwell this morning! So funny! I'm hoping I can make it back up to your mom's store with my mom in a week or two. Hope you are enjoying your stay. Blessings.

Wow, I love your mom's sense of style. It fits in well with my old farmhouse and would look quite at home here.

Oh, I wish I was in Northern CA! Your mom's shop is filled with wonderful primitive furniture and decor items. Filled with love, too!

I've always admired the way americans decorate their homes with the passing season, it's strange for us european, but I love it so very much.
It's so good for your mother to have found a friend and a job to fullfill her days.

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