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22 October 2009


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it would be really difficult to leave Le Train Bleu, it is so beautiful, so-o-o French. But, if you were my guide Corey, I would hop on board that train and sing anything, eat anything & listen to anything & everything you had to say! thanks.

Hi Linda

Yippy you are my first passenger.


Thanks for your tour
and YOU
Love Jeanne

Remember when you were a kid and your mom would say "If (insert name) jumped off a cliff would you do it too?????" Well that is me !!!! Corey, I am so on the train with you!
What a fun time this is. I'm all for the champagne and picnic.....there would be so much to talk about.

I am sooo there! Maybe this Spring?

Sign me up!

Corey, your photographs are wonderful -- especially the first two at the top of this blog. Before I die, I must go live in France!


it all looks and sounds great, you can sign me up for your tour. I'm easy pleased we can do and go where ever you heart desires.

Thrilled to be aboard!

fun post and most lovely photographs of the countryside. are you off to Paris again?


Hi Erin,

No. I am at home, these are photos I took the last time I went to Paris by train.


When we took the TGV from Paris to Avignon, my daughter, sister and I entered the wrong train car. Once we realized it, we could not get to our car since there were no doors to the front of the train. We were stuck and had absolutely no where to sit since it was entirely full. We huddled together in the car with luggage and restroom until the ticket handler came through. My daughter speaks fluid French (I none), so I said, it's up to you... She explained to the man what had happened. His head dropped and he waved at us to follow him. He took us to a car that had two seats inside of locked, yellow metal bars. He opened it and told us to sit. I think that is where prisoners that are being transported are held(?) That's all I could come up with. I can only imagine what the other passengers were thinking.

Hi Eileen,

Oh! Lol! Sorry that I laughed but the visual was funny! I imagine there wasn't a view from behind the bars either.

Once that happened to Chelsea and I, we got on the wrong car. It was a dining car, a special convoy for diplomats! When I said I did not speak French, Chelsea who was 8 at the time explained our mishap.
Unlike you The Controller let us stay, and told us we needn't worry.
I guess I was lucky that Chelsea was little, they took pity on us.


No matter where, France is all beautiful, I'll jump on board right away!
Btw, is that Pont Du Gard?

Hi Gracie

The Pont du Gard is not far away from Avignon. Though I do not believe this is it. But this is a Pont, and it is beautiful but smaller scale.


Corey, it sounds like you are delighted to be home....!

Hi Corey, would you take babies on the tour? How about brand new ones?! We had our son last night, 11 weeks early! He is okay...tiny but strong and getting the best care. Am still in hospital, checking in on my iPhone to catch up with the world...

Love, Tamara

Hello Tamara!!
Hello Beautiful Mama!
Special Cargo handle with care! Of course your baby son can come, but let's wait until he is alittle older
My thoughts and prayers hold you tight.


Oh, I love the TGV. Comfortable, fast, with the best scenery in the world! I'll meet you tomorrow!

What time do we leave? Ohhh you make it all sound so exciting - next year, next year ;)

Fantastic Corey! My wife and I did exactly that in September of last year. Landed in CDG airport and took the RER downtown and made our way to Gare de Lyon. Our lunch reservations at Le Train Bleu awaited. The maitre d showed us to our table. We were surrounded by opulence and lots of business people. The food was excellent and we enjoyed every minute inside this beautiful restaurant. We still had some free time before our train left, so we decided to walk around. We made our way to Jardin des Plantes where we took in the beautiful flowers in bloom at that time. We got back to Gare de Lyon where the TGV waited. We hopped on and began our journey to Nice. A short cab ride to Haute de Cagnes in Cagnes Sur Mer, where we settled into Le Grimaldi Hotel for the next two weeks. This was our home base as we made day trips to Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Eze, and Antibes using train system. It was one of the most relaxing vacations I ever had. Must go back to really explore Paris and the surroundings.

Having coffee and totally imagining this. We all found your blog for a reason. The passion and inspiration you provide is priceless. Merci Beaucoup

I would love to hop on board, and see France through your eyes!
I missed out on Le Train Bleu while in Paris, how did I miss that?
Beautifully French!! I like that you are welcome there, traveling clothes and all. Sounds like a blast.I would look forward to the food,
cause ordering in french always throws me for a loop. I would sit back and say, I'll have what She's having!! Tarte tartin sound delicious! I'd sit back and enjoy the ride to anywhere france with you!

Sounds good to me. I'll come along for the ride...and the food....and the scenery...but most of all the conversation!

Spring fills French fields with a vibrant yellow. I glorified them as sunflowers but they are really rapeseed. Harvest season holds warm colours as well. And the poppies...
Tops would be conversation after sinking into Le Train Bleu armchairs surrounded by Puvis de Chavennes murals of romantic scenery.

I would most definetly go!!!! (Could we listen to Emmanuel Moire along the way?) Loads of french pastries (I wanted to go to Le Cordon Bleu back when I was in high school and learn to be a pastry chef) Ahhh, to taste those pastries now.....

Sign me up, Corey! I would love to take that trip with you. That hot chocolate picture reminds me of my trip to Paris with my Dad three years ago. In high school I learned and memorized the French National Anthem to earn extra credit in my French class and although there are many, many things that I forget as I have gotten older, I still remember every word to that song.




Hi Lisa

Okay you are the band leader, you gotta come, I do not know the words to the French Anthem and was thinking I wold have to fake it, or Lip Sync...


Beautiful photos ! I want it all - the hot chocolate, the train ride, the views, the food and your company!

Corey . . .I agree with Linda (the first post), if you were the guide the trip would surely be glorious. Please let us know the details; where we will stay and the sites we will visit! oh, sorry, I'm still daydreaming! Thanks for putting a great big smile on my face, and reminding me not to give up on my dreams. Don't forget to send out the dates for the first tour!!
(The First Annual Tongue In Cheek Blog Tour)
Now, doesn't that just sound great????

You are too cute. I know I would enjoy an afternoon of fun with you. I'm in California, but my heart is in Paris. Thanks for being a little window to the life in France I know I would love . . .

Hi Corey ~ We just returned from Paris and this is exactly what I wanted to do! Instead, we went to Italy and Amsterdam. Actually, instead of Italy I would stay in France! Thanks for showing me what I missed.

I am in! You have to include a tour of the French chocolate fair and that would make it even better.

I did the a shorter version of your tour last July from the Gare de Lyon (peeked into the Le Train Bleu) to Beaune on the TGV...with a box of Laduree macaroons on my lap.

The macs need to be part of your tour to enhance the experience!

Oh, count me in! I'll just throw something in a bag and be right there.
We took the TGV from Paris to Avignon (missed Le Train Bleu in the gare) and thoroughly enjoyed it. But the train went so fast that we could hardly see what was out the window.

We chose the quiet section when we booked our tickets and the conductor stood at the front of the car and most sternly admonished everyone that since we had chosen the quiet car, we had better be quiet. No loud talking, laughter, music, etc. My husband and I felt like naughty schoolchildren.

Oh, I want to do this again! With you as a guide, it would be even better!


Sounds like fun I can't wait to hop aboard.

So, after I win the Lotto, will fly to Paris, meet you there and we can take the TGV to your town. Pastries, champagne, chocolate, pretty scenery and visiting with a dear friend-you. Sounds like a winner!

We took the train from London to Lille to Marseille and Nice about 10 years ago. It was a beautiful trip. I want to come back and explore the countryside someday. Our trip started in London, went on to Nice, then Rome, Pisa, FLorence and Venice. From Venice we went to Berne, Switzerland and then back to Paris. Three weeks were not enough to see everything. Hopefully one day me and hubby will get to go back. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures!

We took just this train from Paris to Avignon and it was indeed delightful to watch the countryside pass by. However, did you pictures not blur? I tried, but most of them were a blur. The train doesn't stop even for pictures.

What a fun tour!

Yep, here I come. Well, I would love to come. If this ever happens you have to know that "I" come attached to a husband who has the travel bug and 3 girls who won't hear of there being adventures abroad without them. It is an big group but a willing and ready group. And Oh, my Gare de Lyon, the dreaminess of it, I had no idea. I would have to have a special chic outfit just to feel apart of the experience.

On board, are you kidding? Yes! And the blog zip tour left me breathless. Fab fotos!

Dear Corey,

I took the Train Bleu from Paris to the south 25 years ago. It was a lot longer than 3 hours then, and we slept in the small cabin we had. The train was beautiful.

When we arrived, we went to pick up the rental car we reserved. It was supposed to be a little Ford, the cheapest thing there. But all they had left was a BMW 5 series, which they gave us for the same price! St. Tropez here we come!

The exchange rate was so favorable then, almost 10 francs to the dollar! We stayed at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco, which we could never have done otherwise. It was a great trip...

I'm there.....my dream is to visit all of France for my 25th Wedding Anniversary. That's just 2 1/2 years away and the savings account for it is getting fat! I'm looking forward to it. I'm sure you'll have the name figured out by then!

Hi Corey
Beautiful pictures and post...I still can't believe we met! I treasure our talk and time together in Chico. Glad you made it home safe & sound. I will be coming to see you.
Love, Ladelle

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Corey, for giving me glimpse of the French countryside as I remember it. Hours and hours on the tour bus years ago revealed all this to me and the thing I remember most is the many and countless red rooftops of farms and villages. I was so happy to see them again towards the bottom of your post.

Thank you for letting me dream through your photos.



I am in, I think you should sing Aloutte, (spelling).....

Me too, me too!! What a fun, fabulous tour to take especially with a guide extraordinaire. Le Train Bleu looks absolutely amazing.I'm already planning........

This is so beautiful! I would definitely take that tour. How about calling it the "Tongue in Chic" tour? All your blog-faithful would come!

Dear Corey,

I think you need to take this idea seriously. It could turn into a profitable and fun business :)
Your photos are beautiful. Do you mind if I use one of them as my computer background?
Please add me to the TVG Trip list!

Thank you for showing me a better way to live and look at the world around me.


All aboard the Tongue in Cheek Express!
When do tickets go on sale??
I hope you are serious about this!!!

Wait, i am coming!!!!

As many times that I have taken the TGV from the Gare de Lyon train station, I never
ate or even looked in at Le Train Bleu. What a beautiful restaurant! You really should put a tour together, I would most definitely come and maybe bring friends. With you at the helm it would be wonderful. Please consider putting a "Discover France with Corey Amaro" tour.

OOOOOHHH! I wish! I'm closing my eyes and going there with you in my mind for 2 minutes before I have to wake up my toddler and go pick up my kindergartner from school. Closing eyes now...

Love it! Love. It. That looks like a wonderful way to take in some scenery.

Sign me up!!!

I'm going to Oktoberfest by the Arkansas River. Not as glamorous as the French countryside, but, hey it'll be fun nonetheless.

I remember taking the TGV to La Rochelle and I LOVED looking outside to the French countryside. I loved your little photo journey- made me very nostalgic.

clearly we all want to go , when do we leave!

Once, while living in that wonderful Old World of us I passed by a famous bakery and was instantly knocked off my Mary-Jane pumps when I saw, on the window, the most scrumpdillyumptious desert I’d ever seen… Oh yes, I had to have a bite of that scrumpdillyumptious type of “tarte au flan pâtissier crème carmel scrumpdillyumptious flan”!

And I did! Did I like it? There is a very fine line between infatuation and deception, I tell ya! With just the first bite, I almost vomited… my scrumpdillyumptious flan had egg shells in it!


Ooh, I have been on a part of this tour! But I would definitely join you for the whole thing. So beautifully photographed. And I always got off the TGV at Dijon, first stop.

I wonder, does it even stop in Dijon anymore? Or does it go way too fast now for that little aside?

I've taken the bullet train from Lyon to Paris...it was THE BEST way to travel. Be sure to book first class when you go!

SIGN ME UP!!! Except I hope they don't go on strike when I am their again. Last time I was lucky enough to get to Avignon from Paris. But had to get a 3 hour taxi ride from Avignon to Nice....And, of course it would be a blast to go with you, in true style. I am serious sign me up girl! French Countryside here I come-now getting rid of me might be a little hard-Do you need a maid??? Might be my new dream job LOL!

eyes closed.

(i'm soooooooooo there)

Bags packed and ready to join you!

SIGN ME UP! My daughter traveled for a month in Europe after graduating from college this last summer ( I was so... jealous ) before starting grad school. I look forward to visiting France...it's on my list of things to do...I'll let you know and you can be my tour guide! I read your blog everyday, you're such an inspiration! Pat

I would love to join the tour. I would also like to learn the Marseillaise - please bring song sheets and be patient ! I just hear the English rugby version which begins " A Frenchman went to the lavatory - ou est la papier !" Oh dear - no class ! Big hug, Jx

Sign me up!

Yes!! I'll be there, you say when. Viva la France!

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