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22 September 2009


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Lynn has great taste! Very architectural...

Love the piece with the two birds. What is it?

Have a grand adventure, a wonderful journey and avoid Thelma and Louise endings, but find plenty of beautiful human beings like Mr Pitt along the way...you are charmed - enjoy it!

Oh my goodness. Look at me. Third on the list. How strange it feels to read your posts early rather than late.

Your pictures have such a different feel to them with this post, Corey. Clearly it is all about geography, food, Southern Hospitality and oh that fabulous drawl. By the time you return home, you will be speaking French with a southern accent.

Looking forward to seeing you soon. Well, keeping my fingers crossed anyway.


I want to help too!!! sounds like hard (work) fun! and to be surrounded with all that antique... heaven!

Good road ! Good luck ! Good fair !
Love this kind of adventure

That sounds like a lot of sweat and fun ! I´m so jealous !

It sounds really like a very nice adventure! With a lot of work to do, too! As for Brad, I whish you could meet him again, with less fuss this time (and give me pics.... LOL).

Sounds like perfection to me. Go for it gals and have a great time.

Isn't it so much fun to see different parts of the world. Enjoy each moment, as I know you will. I can't wait to hear all about your time at the fair (Marburger fair). It sounds like a song.

Fantastic journey for your adventurous spirit Corey! Lots of work and loads of fun! I hope you enjoy every minute and I look forward to your stories and pictures! Thanks for taking us with you once more!
Take care, Laura

What a fun road trip with wonderful friends

so wishing i could be there and join in the festivities...the food of course being my primary objection :)
you are always welcome in my part of the world...while not brocante heaven there is the lush countryside and of course the peaceful surroundings to sit and reflect on life.
happy trails.

i meant my primary objective...not objection...dahh.

oh i am enjoying all of this!!
yes when i venture i want to be called "sister" as well..very t. williams...;))


Monsieur Pitt would be the icing on what is looking to be a very fun and yummy cake! See you soon! Safe journey!

oh me oh my.. i want those oyster plates...really i need those oyster plates..
have fun, safe travels..

Oohh, this whole adventure sounds perfect.

Have a blast!!!
Ohhh, how I wish I was there.
So excited to read about this journey, thanks so much!

Will Lynn be selling items over the internet? Would love to purchase the French lantern...

I know you are going to have a wonderful journey to TX. Enjoy the scenery, the food and of course, the companionship.

I was thinking the other day what an exciting and eventful summer you've had. Biking across Europe, and now driving half way across the U.S.

I think there's a book waiting to be written, Corey. :-)

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Oyster plates!! Do you know the price on those?

P.S. Avoid cliffs at all costs. I don't want you and your friend to follow Thelma and Louise too closely :P

Ohhhh have the best time Corey ... next year, next year ;)

How wonderful! You know the most interesting and gracious people. What a feast!

I think that Lynn could of skipped the fair this year and sold all of her precious French inventory to US-ME!!! I loved it all! We could have a bidding war alone on the oyster plates. I can't wait to see what the fair brings! Have a great journey & you two girls be good now!

Have a safe drive to Marburger! Can't wait to see all the photos and stories you are going to share with us! Wish I was there!!!

Yee Haw cowgirls. Saddle up for a great time. Blessings, Kimberly

F-u-n! From the photos, it's apparent that you and Lynn are kindred spirits. You both have similar taste. And what fabulous finds she's found! It would be a real treat to see her antiques in person. I hope she makes a pretty penny in Marburger. Have fun on all your adventures, Corey!

Its the American version of you & Nathalie going to Leyment. I said Thelma & Louise then. Now Coco.. who is going to take on the "jobsworth" who wakes you up & tries to kick you out of the field ..? No Nathalie this time !! Have fun, Jxx

Dear Miss Sister Coco, please wear your seat belt because if I'm remembering Thelma and Louise correctly there's a bit of a let down at the end. ;)

What adventures you're having Corey, you big lucky! I'm having so much fun tagging along ...

Looking forward to the next instalment....all that great food and all these mouth watering antiques....and I am so far away from it all....still your stories are like travelling to the place without leaving my comfortable chair!
Safe travels
New Zealand

We will be leaving for Warrenton/Marburger early early a.m on Friday--I can't wait and am packed already!!! Luckily, we have a shorter drive--a mere 4 hours!! The term of endearment for a friend in my area is "Sister Girl"--one notch above sister!!! Have a great trip--will be seeing you there !!

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