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09 August 2009


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We had home made pizza's for dinner tonight but I have never thought of the corn, beans, carrot and potatoe combination. I must try it if you say that it is heaven on earth.

It is so nice to hear about your travels. I am mostly a stay at home, and I like it, but it is fun to hear about adventures in far away places.

Do you know what else is nice? Seeing two old married people still in love with each other. You are a blessed woman Corey!

Have fun on your travels and stay safe!

and the dessert? Attention when ordering_"dry martini" ca be interpreted as 3 cocktails in German and "museau" in Lyon is not mussels. Just picked at something on a Mexica menu year ago and was brought a plate the "trophy" from the bullfight in flesh!

Your pizza looks very appétissante ! How did the cheese taste ? And what about your dessert ?
I remember in Spain ordering tapas from a menu written in catalan (and asking the waiter if he spoke english to help and translate . He said yes . I asked in English , he answered in spanish....oh well). Most of the tapas that came were delicious except for some fried pork ears . Argh !


gorgeous story as usual Corey..

you both have certainly got Joe's(dutch husband), attention... he has got his trusty map out and is planning another tour of somewhere in our country... very, very different to yours but gorgeous to ride through nonetheless...
safe travels xox

A very interesting Pizza...mmmmmm Looks very tasty....!!

I have just told my friend about your fantastic bike journey..Her husband has a bike and loves travelling on it, she is not that keen though...

I love this journey ...I wonder where to next!!

That pizza looks delicious! What a great combination! I can just imagine the look you two gave each other when he brought it out. SCORE!

cheese on almost anything is good...

loved the part where FH kissed your hand :)

What a good story! First I was really worried about the vegetarian worries too especially after the other post about being at a friend's house and having to eat meat--and then at the end, there's this bright looking corny, delicious looking pizza that came out to the table that looked like sunshine!!
I'm really enjoying your trip, Corey!!

Hi Corey,

I had to Google Ljubljana to figure out where it is. The pictures look pretty. I haven't been anywhere close to there, so I'm very curious to see what you find!

Your pizza is kind of like meatless Shepherd's Pie on a pizza crust. Sounds good!

I wonder what language the menu is?

Corey, As a sister vegetarian I understand your desire, no need, for non-meat pizza -- especially after the trauma of eating meat for lunch at someone's house not too long ago.

While I've never encountered cut corn, green beans, carrots or potatoes as pizza toppings, I have however enjoyed toppings of leaf spinach (with feta cheese and fresh tomato slices), cut-up artichoke hearts, and thin-sliced sliced zucchini (courgettes) and eggplant as well as more conventional veggies at a few places.

Besides the marmalade palacsintas, I'm guessing item #53 (on the dessert menu) might also have been safe: Kakaós palacsinta 2 db (Palatschinken mit Kakao) = 2 chocolate dessert crêpes, I'd hazard.

Pizza with ANYTHING is alright with me! Thank you, Corey... this is so much fun

"we are all the same: Daughter, sister, girlfriend, wife, mother... wondering what dress to wear"

Well, at least THAT hasn't been a problem for you on this trip. Of course, you mightn't feel much like wearing it again for a long while once you get home ;-) Ditto for Yann and his navy shirt (guess this really belongs on today's other post).

This would make a great book. What a magical adventure. I drink in every delicious word.
xo Isa

Are those menu prices in Euros or Hungary's own currency, the Forint? I looked it up online, where I learned that, as of today:

1 HUF = US$0.005291 / US$1 = 189.000 HUF

No matter. Either way, the prices seem quite reasonable, though all the more so in HUF!

I love your pizza story!

It confirms my life-long belief that anything on a piece of dough, covered with cheese is delicious!

That pizza looks so yummy. Corey,your adventure needs to be made into a book. It's all so amazing and beautiful.


Thanks for the photo of the plates, napkins and silverware. I have never known how to set a table nicely and this gives me some ideas.
The pizza looks fantastic and I am going to try exactly that combination of veggies.
I'm loving your report on your trip and am sending the link to everyone I know who dreams of taking such a journey.

Now I am hungry! Blessings, Kimberly

Hi Corey! I the one who at the start of your trip said it sounded to me like the vacation from hell. At the time I didn't know you were staying in B&B's and small hotels. Thought you were really roughing it. That said, I still don't think my posterior, though amply padded would withstand hours and days on Willow.

But now I hope it never ends. I am so enjoying seeing pictures of and hearing about places I've never been and likely won't get to visit. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for sharing!


As always, you are able to convey such emotion and wisdom with a minimum of words. What a talent you possess.

"we are all the same: Daughter, sister, girlfriend, wife, mother, creating projects, dreaming, feeding the little ones, wondering what dress to wear, worried about our weight." Despite our different languages and cultures, we truly are a sisterhood.

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Mmm...the crust looks yummy too!

Fantastic. I love off the beaten path places- especially when there is good food involved. Loved your story.

I am a vegetarian as well Corey -- and I can live on ANYTHING called PIZZA! This looks amazing! I am going to try to make one at home since I won't be going to Hungry any time soon! ;-)

The Pictures and the Pizza both look delicious!

"we are all the same: Daughter, sister, girlfriend, wife, mother, creating projects, dreaming, feeding the little ones, wondering what dress to wear, worried about our weight, nodding politely to people who are new in town."

Amen to that! Real travel, like you and French Husband are doing, really brings this home...thanks for taking us along with you on these life lessons. The pizza looks really good....different, but good.

LOL...ah yes, reminds me of ordering a burrito at an 'authentic' Mexican restaurant in Vienna...and it was filled with Veg-All :)

You're right Corey, the more I travel the more I feel every human being is the same no matter the country. I very much have the feeling I'm a child of this word as any other on the earth.
P.S. the flatware is brought this way in Austria and Germany too.

ha! I remember this happening to me the first time I ordered vegetarian pizza in Hungary. That thing came out with canned corn and I about fell out of my seat laughing. I soon learned to order peppers, onion, mushroom, etc.

It is true, it's bizarre that they don't think naturally to put peppers on their pizza!!!

Ljubljana is lovely, a little jewel.

My eyes stopped on the word "palacsintas" and wonderful memories came flooding back! I think the ones I had had lemon filling. This was actually in a little Hungerian restaurant in Vienna called Ilona's. Oh, my!

Wow what a wonderful place to visit. Your trip has been fabulous. That was one 'weird' pizza.

Your pizza looks very yummy.

My first visit to your blog. Found my way here via Back Porch Musings. Enjoyed looking through your beautiful photos at your very handsome family.
The pizza sounds lovely and I think I must try it very soon.
Interesting about the flatware being placed on the napkins and plates.
Really interesting blog...I'll be back!

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