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06 August 2009


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All so lovely!

maybe they might employ you at the local tourist office!! You wax lyrical about the city and its qualities so eloquently!Thank you for the lovely photos as usual!Ifeel i am on a trip to Europe while sitting at my computer, what joy!

Corey, these places should hire you for marketing!! You are bringing to life places that I never would have imagined wanting to go and making me wish to win the lottery! ha. Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us and I really am serious, you could make a mint traveling and documenting your adventures!!!

oh and I forgot.....french hubby could be the model on the front of the travel brochure!!!:))))

Speaking of the people... when I went (1993) I remember thinking how odd it was to see so many men all around... and every single one of them looked just like my brother! It was surreal, almost a living nightmare ;) I knew I was a big chunk of Hungarian but never realized how much my brother got of those looks! Dark Thick Hair, Olive skin, dark brown eyes, and a big nose! I just got the big nose!

I also remember it very difficult to communicate with the people which was frustrating. I also almost got arrested for not punching my bus ticket correctly! I jumped when the machine clunked and I pulled the ticket out while it punched.... so it looked like I was on the bus too long or something. Some nice fellow bus rider spoke up for me while the police man was yelling at me, and I couldn't understand a thing!

Are there Duncan Donuts on every corner? I think I arrived just after it was opened to western businesses. Duncan Donuts, McDonalds,, and Ikea were all present. It was a bit sad because Duncan Donuts were EVERYWHERE!

I want to take my husband there one day!

Enchanted am I♥

FANTASTIC. I'm in love. When you are back to Marseilles , we will go to a fantastic falafel , may be you already know it

i want to go too...!!
while you were in your falafel place, martin and i were hidding from the rain in The Gallery of the Dancers in Monte Alban(http://www.advantagemexico.com/oaxaca/monte_alban.html)
... but then it was time to go catch the bus so we had to run though the ruins!! yep we were soaked!! but it was fun !

so happy you are soaking it all in ;)
wonderful to see it through your eyes.
safe travels and many hugs from virginia


I love those wine bottle chandeliers - kind of Art Deco looking. Very cool!

Worth the wait :-)

Corey, are you thinking of writing a magazine article afterwards re the entire trip? Not just travel but also food and lifestyle magazines publish such pieces.

Now Budapest tops places I want to visit!

I knew you'd love Budapest too!! I do too!

Your photos are stunning! Even without your tripod! Continue your journey of joy!

I'm so happy you like it here, because I'm in love with this city. I love your style, how you write about things that surround us every day. Thanks for sharing!

Beautiful pictures! You don't need the tripod or extra lenses or years of experience!

I hope you're having a great time!

Corey, this is a wonderful post. Sometimes when you live in a place, no matter how wonderful, daily life takes over and you are no longer a tourist. I think I'll make a special effort to be a tourist again!

You have a very picturesque way with words! :)

Very selfishly I am glad that you managed to find internet connection. I would have missed all the beauty that you had to share.

Thank you for taking you along on your amazing journey! Budapest looks gorgeous!! Safe travels! :) Silke

I was in Prague many years ago with my daughter's choir. It just before Easter, maybe even Easter morning. A group of us got up very early, hoping to take a quiet stroll across the Charles from the Castle side. (Our hotel was up near the Monastery above the Castle). I believe we were the only tourists on the bridge and in the streets. It wasn't long before folks linen-clad baskets filled with loaves of bread passed us on their way to a church across the river. It may have been the St. Nicolaus Church, but more likely it was another small church nearby. Thank you for sharing your stories-- they always resonate beautifully.

oh I had to laugh when the Internet connection made #1 on your requirements list..
my mouth was watering when I was reading about the Hummus Bar and mint tea.. sounds yummy..

you are certainly inspiring me to look at our rides with a different eye.. I do take photos from the back of the bike.. but now, when we stop, I will be looking more closely at detail so I can describe my adventures.. thanks tons Corey!!
safe travels..

Love it, beautiful. Just stay awake on that bike Corey please ! Jx

In addition to being in awe of the places in which the two of you find yourselves, I am amazed to learn that you have managed to post something to your blog every day for 4 years! Never mind the beauty of Eastern Europe, that by itself is truly inspiring. I know how challenging simply traveling can be and you do it with such--there's no other word for it--grace.

Corey, thank you for this post! I love Budapest (and Hungary) and have visited it several times but still cannot wait to travel there again. After reading your post I want to get on the plane right away. Wishing you and FH a wonderful time in Budapest and a safe trip back home.

Corey, you and French husband are taking us all on a fantastic journey, it is unbeliveable..and your photos are amazing, tripod or not...Thank you, I am in awe :-)

French husband is the most handsome man I have ever seen, bar none! You can post as many pics of him as you want.

Hi Corey,

You're scaring me with this falling asleep stuff. I never considered how dangerous falling asleep could be. I'm a big time napper. As soon as I get in a car it's lights out for me, which drives my husband crazy. He just shakes his head and says, "you're missing it all". I try to stay awake, but the hum of the engine lulls me right back to sleep. Please be careful! Perhaps you can tie yourself to the French husband with a rope, which sounds like a "I Love Lucy" episode. Be safe and enjoy the rest of your adventure. Wishing you God's blessings.

Corey, I am so in awe of you posting every day, even in the midst of travelling Europe on Willow. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures with us. I'm really enjoying the journey!

I knew you would have loved it, it's such a magical place!

Hi Corey, I am wondering was language a barrier here? Vida x

Hey Girl!
I can't even manage to post a comment on a regular basis and you manage to delight and entice us EVERY day! Bravo! and many, many thanks!

i am in awe of those wine bottle chandeliers! simply in awe! thank you for sharing them with us.

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