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30 July 2009


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Oh, I can tell you are having a grand time! Enjoy the sights, the food and the closeness of your love...and Willow of course!

May your safe journey continue...

How wonderful!

Life doesn't get much better than this.

What a lovely experience and I'm positive that you walked off the calories.

Now that is my kind of day ! Nice to give the bottom a rest I should think also and be careful on those corners Yann. God bless, Jx

What a beautiful place, the metal picture of you rolling down the hill after 'willow' made me chuckle!! I am now going to buy a cake!! I bet it won't be as good as those you had.Take care xx

A few moments ago I visited a lovely blog in Hertfordshire. Jacqueline, of "Home," was enjoying an almond croissant. I couldn't stop thinking about that almond croissant until I went on a ride down the Stevio Pass with you....and began feeling a bit green....stopped the video...and looked up to today's post....and that yummy amazing pastry with the jam in the center! I'm feeling much better now...and finally going to bed! Now...I am just green with envy...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful day-o....

Ladie oh ladie oh you!

: )

Julie M.

The photo's look breathtakingly beautiful. Looks like a very peaceful and relaxing place. Can't believe that there is someone in the world who has not seen the movie Sound of Music. Keep safe.

Out of this world Corey, stunning , beautiful, restful, such great people. It is like a dream. Cafe hopping in the woods, now where else would you find this!!

You are very lucky to have a man like French husband, he is full of life and wants to explore so much...with you.

Your photos are excellent...

Well, there you have it,
exactly the same experience I made when I arrived in Vienna and started to explore the area: Everywhere - I mean really everywhere - you'd think of a place to sit down to a cup of coffee, there ALREADY IS A NICE PLACE SIT DOWN AND HAVE A CUP OF COFFEE! I am sure they have a secret Government Department (Ministry of Coffee?), with Secret Coffee Agents who scour the cities and villages and even the hamlets tucked away in the hard to reach countryside and on top of mountains, making sure that there is not a square mile left without a coffee place!

Starbucks can only get green(eer) with envy at that Ministry of Coffee's efficiency!

I want to become Austrian Minister of Coffee when I grow up!

Enjoy your coffees! :-)

Even though I spent my childhood in Austria and summer at my grandparent's in Salzburg, I never heard of "The Sound of Music" either! ;-)

Reply to Merisi's funny comment .
Dear Merisi, if you should become Austrian Minister of Coffee ( which is the most brilliant idea I' ve ever heard of ), would you please take me on as your secretary ? Compared to the other useless ministeries we' ve got in Austria, that one 'd be of great value. I'm glad I'm not the only Austrian who knows what Music Sounds like, but has never seen the film. Have I missed anything ? But I know about "The Taste Of Coffee" in the mid of the alps.

well corey that was a lovely break to enjoy during your bike ride,something you could not have done without your friends help.it seems those hills are alive with cafe s!!i think i would get altitude sickness up there!enjoy and stay safe, kathleen

Well Corey, to me, "The sound of Music" didn't ring the tiniest bell !!! BUT when I followed your link, everything became obvious : Of course, I DO know "La Mélodie du Bonheur" !!!
And maybe Liselote knows it as "Meine Lieder – meine Träume" ...

Eidelweiss, eidelweiss ...
A lovely waltz !
Do not sing it on the bike, Corey !!!

I kept thinking of Heidi as I read your blog! Life doesn't get any better than coffee & cakes!!! So glad you are having an amazing trip.....

When I saw the picture of the Mountain top and meadow, I immediately thought of the Sound of Music!! What a lovely day! Thank you for taking us on your trip with you!

You do have to send her the DVD of the "Sound of Music". I can stop thinking about the movie and your trip. I keep thinking about the movie, "Heidi" also.
Thank you for sharing with us.

Oh, wow, what fantastic photos! You made me so hungry and homesick for Europe and the alps. I have to admit that I've always been there to ski, so some day I'll have to visit in the summer... the desserts looked heavenly!!! My mother used to make the best Kaiserschmarrn - yum! Thanks for sharing and ride safely! :) Silke

oh corey...how wonderful that you met up with one of your blogger followers and was able to experience the coffee trail. sounds like it was a fun time.

when you make it to the u.s. i hope you stop in and visit us in virginia and we share the blue ridge parkway with you and some of our little hidden treasures :)

safe travels to you and yann.
and...many hugs

Such a delightful ride you are taking us on! I will be singing about the lonely goatherd all morning ;)

oh it looks so beautiful...and so incredibly healthy with that amazing mountai air!!!
oh i though everyone knew about the Von Trapp's...;))
dear corey and yann...i am really enjoying these posts...:))


I've read that "The Sound of Music" is pretty much unknown in Austria, so am actually not surprised that Liselotte's unfamiliar with it. (Note: one of the song titles you mentioned should read, "The Lonely GoatHERD...")

Corey, you might want to check first to see whether US DVDs are compatible with Austrian DVD-playing equipment. I recall that President Obama took some flak in the blogosphere several months ago after he presented British Prime Minister Gordon Brown with a collection of 25 DVDs of representative American films as a courtesy gift when Brown visited -- only it turned out those DVDs weren't playable on UK machines (oops, the White House protocol officer should've checked that beforehand!). So perhaps you can order a compatible DVD online through the UK or some other European Amazon, or maybe someone else here can suggest a better method. Anyone?

You're already going to get to Prague !!! You live what we are drealing about ...
Corey, thanks for sharing you beautiful dreamed experience. Merci for the inspiration

So incredibly beautiful. Oh to be able to live in Europe.........

I could fall into every one of your pictures. OMG, it's so beautiful there.

"The Sound of Music" is one of my all time favorite movies. I think I know all the songs by heart.

What a joyful journey
Love you

Corey, for the life of me, I don't know how you do this so well (posting such wonderful photos and words about your trips and life events) ... but am oh so thankful that you do! You're an artist extraordinaire Corey... I hope you know that! I hope one day you write a book. I would buy it in a blink! Your posting here allows me to sorta go along with you to places that I dream of seeing, but couldn't afford in time and money at the moment. Thank you~ XX Vicki


Breathtaking! What an incredible place to visit. Fresh clean air, stunning views and wonderful people to share them with.

One of the fascinating things about blogs is how they open a window to another culture and landscape and allow us to get up close and personal.

Thank you Corey, Yann, Liselotte and Deter for sharing your world with us!!

Marilyn (in Dallas)

What could be better than fresh donuts in the Alps with new friends?

From the Sound of Music:

"Folks in a town that was quite remote heard
Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo
Lusty and clear from the goatherd's throat heard
Lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo"

What a lovely day!

And calories don't count when cafe hopping in Austria...particularly if you hike to the cafes!

Have fun!

I am so loving all your pictures! You are my new travel planner!


I agree- Austria is one of the most beautiful places I have been-next time I'll have to cafe hop too:)
Have fun!

How I envy you! Breathtaking pictures. Enjoy every moment. (I cannot believe there is a soul left that hasn't seen TSOM)

Nothing can happen to you with all the prayers and good thoughts for your safety wending their way into the universe. I really believe all your faithful readers are with you in spirit every mile of your trip.

Oh how I enjoyed my walk through the Alps this morning - Corey you are my greatest "pretend" friend, always taking me to the best places!

Oh, Corey! I should have told you earlier, but in Salzburg you can visit the glass gazebo from "The Sound of Music" where Liesel (sp?) and her boyfriend danced and sang as it rained outside. You and Yann must go and re-enact!! Thanks for the beautiful photos; I haven't been to Salzburg since 1982 and this makes me want to return!

O.K. are you taking orders for those donuts? They look delicious.Continue to have a wonderful time.
I can't wait until we get to Prague.


Now you're talking Corey! That's my kind of trip, hopping from pastry to pastry! :)

Oh how I long for a Viennese cakey thing now and a Sound of Music singalong! Liselotte must live deep in those gorgeous woods (breathtaking!!! no reason to wander away from there ever!) - or be quite the young whippersnapper - to have not seen the movie? Or perhaps I'm movie obsessed! That is most definitely true. :)

Keep those glasses on, hang on tight and be safe. Looking forward to the coming attractions!

Reminds me of the eight years I lived in Germany with my family and the many wonderful skiing and other vacations that we took to Austria. Thanks for taking me back in time and away from the heat of Arizona.

Safe journey on.

Oh what fun - cafe hopping in the Alps! I am thoroughly enjoying reading about your trip.


I just found your blog as it was listed on Posie Gets Cozy. What fun! I have two small children and won't be doing any European traveling for a while, so look forward to living vicariously! Thank you for such a nice blog. And I like how you refer to your man as "French Husband"!

Simply delightful!

Corey, do you have a recipe for those pastries that you could find and post -- maybe after you get home? Mmmmm...

Wow, Liselotte and Dieter certainly showed you and Yann a wonderful time! That's so cool about the café hopping in the alps.!!

I'm sure it's no trouble to find the Sound of Music for a European system. Heck, I bet we sell it at the bookstore where I work in Paris . . .

Anyway thanks for another wonderful day of Tongue in Cheek! Amazing amazing amazing.

I'm glad to eat those donuts vicariously, no calories involved! I would have a very hard time showing any restraint at all. I should have counted all the pain chocolats and macarons I ate this year in France. Every bite a little bit of bliss.

Just my words of how beautiful everything is doesn't seem like words enough.

Oh, and I feel like yodeling :)

My guess is all the walking knocked every bit of donuts and pastries off the endzone.


Lovely, just lovely!

Just lovely!
How fun to share time with a friend from blogland too.

in Portland

Oh my, that is my idea of heaven! Beautiful setting, coffee/tea and pastries. It doesn't get any better! I can tell I'm going to enjoy your blog...read about you today in the new Blogging for Bliss book.

* T*H*A*N*K*S, for the (beauuutiful!) MEMORIES!!! *

We lived in Germany for about 18 years, & Vienna (Austria) for 2. We played golf when we could, and went skiing almost EVERYWHERE during the winters, annnnd ,we did EXACTLY THIS (cafe hoppin' in the Alps)sooooo many times that I've lost count!!! ~~~ And NEVER, EVER was it ALL ANYTHING BUT TOTALLY FANTASTIC & FUN, FUN, FUN, whether w/ our European friends OR Americans!!!!!

Seeing your pics, and remembering those incredible, relaxing, fun days (and TASTES!) has put a HUGE SMILE on my weary face today, and, I THANK YOU... more than you can know!!!!!!!!!

Linda in AZ *

How utterly enchanting! Thanks for sharing!

Coery! I have had a wonderful time catching up. Your trip looks amazing. Have a great time and be safe!

I was near there one week before you!

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