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27 June 2009


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How lovely!
The things dreams are made of.
Thanks Corey!

Hey Girl , You know we have to go to "chez Bernard " ....don't forget .
On Monday, I go to Avignon , keep your fingers cross for me.
Did I tell you, I've never been to Cotignac and my mum offered a week end there in a stone house, can't wait. You are american but you know much more than me in Provence and its bets spots ! You are the best guide!
See you

You do live in a most beautiful part of our world!

Corey your photos always send me to a place of dreams. One day I will get back to France and most certainly will focus on Provence! Thank you for keeping my dreams .. real!

I would love to visit all of these places,! And one day meet you for coffee.
Carol x

Thank you so much for this post Corey! I lived in Avignon in college (28 years ago!), so this post makes me very happy.

I would love to meet you!


I could smell the roses when I opened your blog.. that picture just brought it to life for me.. I think I need to come visit...

Hi Corey... I will be indeed visiting your neck of the woods in September... have a whole month there with my daughter who just turned 19, it is her first visit but my third to Paris. I have seen Provence and I think I must share it with her!! Your advice is perfect to say the least! Hope to see you in September! Vida x

My comment should have read "I have NEVER seen Provence"... etc. whoops... V x

Thank you for the beautiful photos and addresses in Provence. If things go as planned, I will visit again next summer with my sister and best friend. I have not spent time along the coast (only to fly in and out of Marseilles). Up until now, the place that takes my breath away is area around Bonnieux. We will absolutely let you know if we visit!

Hi Corey,

I'll be coming to our apartment in Cotignac for all of July. Your suggestions will be taken to the letter. We bought our place in November so this is our first summer there as owners.
I would love to meet you if you have time, your blog is a Godsend, it keeps me connected to France (from whence my grandfather came) and Cotignac.

Thank you for your daily dose of wonderful reading and pictures.


p.s. One of the first things I want to do is go to Valensole to check out the lavender.

I love the picture you paint with your heart. the love for where you live is alive in the colours you use to describe your hometown. I aim to visit this year and hope to return to live in france in the future. i just need to be able to work out how?!!!


Thank you so very much for all this wonderful info and abundance of hot tips! I am smitten with Provence. Our next visit will be a year from now, but I will study your recommendations in the meantime.
Beth of Salvage Studio

thank you, thank you! i almost feel as though i'm there!

The fog and craggy mountain of La Grotte speak to me! As do those quilts...oh my, the quilts! Some day soon I shall get a sewing machine and try my hand at quilting. Hugs from LBC, Tam

Thank you for this wonderful post, oh I would definetely love to visit and give you a shout..all those fabulous places to visit :-)

In other words, not much.

corey...where is teh third to last photo from? ;))
hope you are swell...


Provencial France is wonderful. But your photographs are so lovely you would portray even an ordinary place look appealing.
And why next Saturday? a weekly feature?

merci corey...an info loaded blog to mark for next time....miss u 2....jani

I would add the charming village of Gordes to that list! Also, Oppede is very interesting.

Oh the dream of coming to your world...your pictures make me want to hop on the next plane and come visit...thanks for sharing your world with us.

hugs and love

Oh, wow, I am ready to visit! These photos are gorgeous, wonderful! Thanks!! :) Silke

Thank you for all the gold! Not only the photos but the great references!!

Hope you are very hapapy Corey!

I meant HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you are VERY HAPPY!!!!!!!!

Thank you, Corey, for all of that reading to do! You do have a wonderful life and I'll just have to dream on.....

Several at my local French flea market had Michael Jackson 45s displayed among their goods.


Oh my gosh, Corey. France should pay you for this. Because I want to be there NOW. lol


Co-rey! Merci, merci, merci!!! Somewhere in my childhood I must have done something good - I have met you, been antiquing with you, am staying at La Madone and have another antique play date for Thursday! Life is good, girlfriend!

Visual breaks like this sure make it easier to get through my workday. I think I will take a 10 minute daydream break.

I feel like I have now been on holidays.......wonderful pics

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