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22 June 2009


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As I walked out of the dental office this morning I picked lavendar along the road to feel better! I would think in the south, they were already past full bloom.
Pity you cannot send their fragrance through Internet for those not surrounded by it. But your photos are nearly as spectacular!

I could almost smell the lavender as I read your post....what a wonderful way to spend your day hugging your man and smell the fragrant lavender. Did you happen to pick any for my lavender sachets???? How long do they bloom for?

well, you and French Husband have got it going on! such fun

everything you do,
everything you buy,
everything you cook............

it all

j'adore la lecture your blog

Judy in San Antonio....Texas!

It looks like a dream. I have a thing about lavender fields. I would love to see and smell one in person.
I have to make do with tubs and pots of the purple goodness instead!

We were there two years ago this very week, right in the middle of those lavender fields... for one whole week. Pure heaven.I can't wait to go back. It's what I can't wait to see/do again.

hi corey,
just love your lavendar posts and photos, please keep them coming.i was in provence in june so too early to see lavendar fields in bloom i think but am going to return to do just that.i wonder when is the ideal time frame to see lavendar in full bloom?
love your blog!
kathleen ireland

This looks like a dreamy kind of day. I am so glad you shared the pictures with us.

beautiful capture of the lavendar fields...and indeed the scent must be wonderful.


so beautiful pictures!

I can smell lavender and feel the joy! contagious! Thank you Corey!


(tell French husband that now yes...it is time to get a haircut...hihihi...but he looks handsome anyway :) )


It looks heavenly, GG

I absolutely love lavender. To be immersed in a field of it must be utterly blissful.

Oh the pure joy of it. The intoxicatiang fragrance. The waves of lavender. The random bits of red in the fields. And friends! It is like sailing on a sea of gentle swells.

I almost have the smell of lavender in my nose...

Oh, how fragrant that must have been! I love the photo of you running through the lavender field--such glee :)

Beautiful pictures, absolutely to die for.

oh i absolutely love lavender.....i have some just right above my bed (i picked it last year)...

oh can you send me some in a little bag? ;))) (and slip yourself in that bag as well...) heheheh


Just the thought of all that lavender makes me very happy! I went to the lavender farms in Sequim Washington last summer and while they are not on the same scale as "yours", they certainly smelled wonderful!
Janet@ Housepeepers

The smell wafted all the way to Seattle. Such beautiful photos! Lavender and rosemary are my two favorite scents. Can one ever have too many of either of these plants in their garden? Naaaa

o thank you! thank you! dear Corey, since this was a sight we so desperately wanted to see and feel and smell....only we were to early...I can see the enjoyment in your photographs...Luv from-Afrique du Sud x

Oh, how wonderful! I wish I was there!

So pretty! I wish I had smell-er-monitor! (get it?)

Exactly the picture I've always had in my mind of France. You live a happy life of counting blessings Corey.

It's lovely to hear that your heart is so happy!

that is THEE best picture of you EVER! thank you for sharing your joy with us! ann-marie

I cannot even begin to imagine fields and fields of lavender…
I have to content myself with the two little plants in my garden…

Beautiful post!


I am so jealous of your trip! I love lavender!

Love this picture of you! My daughter arrives in Paris in July on her graduation trip! I wonder if she will spy you at the brocante?

Unbelievable! Just breathtaking....what a lucky girl you are! Thank you for sharing your extraordinary experience!
Take care,Laura

I can smell the lavendar, thank you.

So beautiful! I have always dreamed of seeing the lavender fields. Some day!!!!

I'm breathing it in deeply - the most fabulous fragrance ever.

That looked like a fun ride with Yann to hug and friends to laugh with.

When I was newly married I used to put lavender oil in baths for long lazy soaks.

I soon realised that it made me and my new hubby sleepy and generally after one of these baths (even if earlier there was Amore in the air) the sweet smell of lavender would make us both curl up and sleep like babies leaving amore for another night.

As the babies arrived over the next 6 years I became a clever girl. When my husband would look at me across the kitchen table with a glint of love in his eyes but I was tired beyond words I would scamper upstairs and run him a deep warm bath with PLENTY of lavender oil in it.

He thought I was a wonderful and caring wife and I got to curl up in bed uninterupted!

Cory, How I love your blog, it always makes me smile. It is like chocolate, I can never get tired of it! :) I love visiting you and have always meant to leave you a comment to let you know how much I enjoy it and your writing. btw your friend Annie looks just like my grandma that passed away not to long ago, I showed her pic with the sun glasses to my mom it stunned her as well, they say we all have a double somewhere in this world. Thank you for finding my grandmas, she seems as special, as our Julia was to us :) I will have to have my husband upload a pic of her for me to send to you :) Thank you for sharing the beauty that you create and for just being you. Rose

Thank you for taking me along with you Corey!
Beautiful lavender fields with French husband and friends.
Life is beautiful!!

thank you so much for sharing, what a delight. Phillipa.

You make heaven a place one earth...

When I retire I really really want to have a motorcycle and travel with my Hubby! Looks like loads of fun. Kinda hard to get a side cart to fit four kids in at this stage in life! LOL
Jessie at Blog Schmog

That part of Provence is beautiful !
Did you ride to/through Riez-La-Romaine and to/through Moustiers?
That little peach roof at the bottom end of the lavender field sums it all up !!!
- a delicious shot !!! -

Your post really brought me a feeling of Joy.
Awwwwwww, I can smell the lavender.


You know then why I love so much riding on a bike..............a completely different way to look at the world around me!

Oh dear, I was waiting until mid-July to visit the Lavender fields. Guess I better go NOW! Great photos!! Cy

what a beautiful life you are living!!!i have been to provence and i can still picture its beauty in my mind.

That sounds just heavenly! HOw I would have loved riding through the lavender with you. I am sure I would have ended up rolling in the lavender to get the scent all over me! I have several lavender plants in my side yard. I hope they make it!

I am so happy that you are happy Corey ~
what a joy life is!

Those pictures are gorgeous..I just loved everything about this post :) Sounds like you had a wonderful day Corey!! Thanks for sharing it with us :)

What a PERFECT day! And to spend it with friends in a gorgeous setting - ahhhhh!

You are so very fortunate to have had this experience. If you go to my blog, and see my 'bucket list', you will see that lying down in a field of lavender is one of those things I want to do before I die. I hope you got to lie down in it, at least for me.

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