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12 June 2009


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Shelley Noble

Of course I'd be delighted to, Corey. Does her husband operate the computer for her? How would she see all the links that are going to come in?

Does she like to have this sort of fun sent to her all the time not only for her birthday do you think. I'll make something special to send regularly if I could know it would a pleasure and not a burden for her.


Hi Shelley,

Yes, her husband or daughter helps her. It is one of her favorite thing to do. She has slight movement in one finger, so as long as it stays on the mouse she can read blogs. She reads many of them in a day.


Cote Sud a French Magazine



Happy Birthday, Shelley. I always think of you when I see flow blue from Corey's earlier mentionings of her friendship with you over the past years.
With love and admiration for you~


How lucky you are to have a living-breathing-real-life-angel to call your "Friend".
...as for her husband: I love "Supermen"!!!

I'm on it! ;P

Be well.
Do good.
All ways.
All days.


I guess you can overcome things like this only if you have a hero as she does :) Love is the answer to most of challenges in Life.

To love and be loved

Thanks again and again Corey


What a wonderful thought for your friend. It's a good reminder to be positive.

I love this engraving of Madonna and Child. I have a little addiction to religous art.


I am so happy to send Shelley birthday greetings! And to you, dear Corey, what a wonderful friend you are. Thanks for sharing the love.


oh, phooey. My email came back as an error. Unfortunately I cannot click on your handy link to send my email (long complicated computer thing I don't understand at all) so I tried to cut and paste the address. phooey. Happy Birthday Shelley. May your day have no computer silliness.

Gina Baynham

What a lovely idea, asking people with a common thread to weave together a special birthday present!

I spent the day at an Aboriginal centre learning about what plants were eaten for what purpose and watched about seventy 6 and 7 year olds stand wide eyed as Aboriginal people told their stories and taught their dances.

I had to get up and learn to dance as a Brolga bird ??!! I dont know what a Brolga is but I sure know how it moves after todays experience!

I will look forward to putting a new blog up about it tonight and sending an email to Shelley with a link to it.

I hope that together with all the other comment'ers (? is that a word?!) Shelley gets bombarded with a mind swirling mixture of different messages and stories that will brighten her day.

G xo


Done! Yes of course... what a good idea... what a good friend you are... what a special woman Shelley must be.


Just sent her a mail.


It was a delight for me to send Shelley a Happy Birthday. I tried several times before to send her an e-mail but got it back as Mailer Demon...I hope this one went through. So far so good.
You are a lovely friend and one that I am sure Shelley treasurers.
I hope she gets a lovely Flow Blue as a present today :)


Of course-it's a done deal! How wonderful of you to have everyone send their links. She may wonder about all your different "friends" - lol!

le petit cabinet de curiosites

Wonderful post. She's an example and I think about her when I see blue china ..
All your friends have wonderful post for their birthday , we are lucky to have you



Thanks for inviting us to Shelley's Birthday Party. I have sent her, via e-mail, my favorite photo and posted a wish to her on my blog.

Annie in Texas


I sent my birthday wishes to Shelley. I hope her day is filled with joy and delight and that she feels the love of your readers wrapping itself around her on her special day. You are indeed a precious friend to her.

shannon in oregon

done and done



Corey thanks for reminding us how truly special each day is and to never take your health for granted.......
God bless your friend Shelley and you.
Love and hugs and prayers


My email has been sent. Blessings on you for being a dear friend to Shelley.


Oh Corey you are such a treasure! I too, will send a special email...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR SHELLEY!!! And sweet kisses to you from me!


Hello fellow bloggie, a quick hi and to let you know I presented you with an award, so visit to claim it, (or not)! I know some people are outawarded (is that even a word), and do not want to be bothered accepting any more, I get it and won't take offense (it can be time consuming to fulfill, I know). Anyway, hope you have a terrif weekend and see ya next week! tinks I will also email your friend shelley for you


Happy Birthday Shelley..Corey your post gave me goose bumps..what a way with words you have.


As you wish . . . .


Corey I sent a birthday email to your friend Shelley. You are such a wonderful friend. You are a true gem!!!

Vicki's Bit-o-Earth

A perfect moto to live by. Email sent~



What a loving tribute to your cherished life long friend!

I have been touched each time you have spoken to us of your beloved Shelley and would love to send her a little birthday communique.

Sending you a big hug and squeeze for being such a dear soul Corey.

Leslie Garcia

Dear Corey,
I sent a birthday wish this morning to your wonderful friend Shelley but I am not sure that it got through to her...I wish her the most Happy of birthdays today and every day of the year! I love the stories that you have told of her. I just booked a trip with my children to see my childhood friend,Noreen, after reading your words about Shelley and you!
Happy Birthday to YOU dear Shelley!


Thanks for introducing your friend Shelley~
What a beautiful post you did for her. I emailed her. Did you ever go to that castle estate sale?


What beautiful friends you have in each other, Corey and Shelley! =)


I too just emailed Shelley. You are both so lucky to have such good friends.

Reni (AzReni)

What a sweet gesture for your dear friend! I sent her a quick e-mail and included a pic of 2 lavender roses in my garden. Hope she gets to see them and also has a lovely birthday.


How wonderful to have a Shelley in your life. Everyone should have a friendship like that!Just send her a Happy Birthday email.
Have a great weekend, Jeannette


Done! I think she is going to have a mail box full. You are a good friend Corey!
Blessings to you and yours!


Hope her day was filled with love and joy - Happy Birthday, Shelley!


Thank you for sharing Shelley with us. I was so happy to wish her a happy birthday.

Lisa from Kentucky

I just sent Shelley an email but forgot to tell her happy birthday! I was too busy telling her about my mom who also had ALS and how wonderful things were. I also forgot to send her the link for my blog. I post lots of pictures of country life. I will send another email right away!

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