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02 June 2009


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this was delightful - and I can just imagine the faces French Husband was making ;) Even when she is making faces, Chelsea is lovely!


Your story brought back memories of my daughter when she was little if she saw a mirror she was making faces!! She loved when I held her and we made faces together.
Thanks for bringing back a wonderful memory.
Enjoyed "the faces" of two beautiful women!!!


Wonderful fun and BEAUTIFUL photos.. Thank you for putting a BIG American smile on my face every morning.


Yep, two peas in a pod!


beautiful captures of the two of you. loved each and every one :)


Great photos. Chelsea got her height from your side of the family? Hmmmmm

She is a lot like you, except that you are a natural blinde!!!! :)

Jill Flory

Cute, fun photos! Chelsea is beautiful, just like her mama!
Doesn't look to me like all that pizza did anything to your chin!
Have a wonderful day,


Great photos! You are both gorgeous and it looks like you had the best time getting your pictures taken...:) Silke


Like mother, like daughter...stunningly beautiful!!!

Jeanette M.

Is Chelsea crazy tall or are you just crazy........not tall? Cute pic's, makes me want to take some with my daughter too.

Betty M

Mother and daughter pics. Nothing more beautiful.

becky up the hill

Beautiful..the both of you!


daughters are a wonderful thing... I have 3... but only one that makes goofy faces when photo taking and otherwise...

a great photo shoot... French Husband did very good!


Such a fun photo shoot!!! Thank you! Are you going to make another movie?


You two are each adorable in your own right, but together - priceless! How much fun was that?? Is that a pig hanging on the cabinet behind you? Love that!

Ed in Willows

Chelsea has grown into a beautiful young lady.....and mom still looks great. Did you say "naturally blond" ??? Uhummm....should I pass around your school picture?


Too cute!

You two are adorable together, silly faces and all!


chelsea is so pretty :)


If only my darling child would allow me to take photos of us together.... these photos look like they will bring many happy memories in the future....

Natalie Thiele

Darling pictures! I have to say, as a long time face maker, it works better when you're young. (I'm 56 and the charm seems to have worn off somewhere along the way.)


We do the same thing too- we just have to make faces :)
I keep looking for a serious one of me to put on my blog but I'm always half hiding behind a prop or making a face! Maybe I should just put one like that.



How fun! My family always was told to not make faces when being photographed. Now I wish we had, as candid fun shots show the real people. Your little girl certainly is beautiful-just like her Mom!


What fun! Chelsea and Corey are both lovely. I have a son that can't make a serious face when taking his picture. I am not sure where he got it.

Mary Marsell-Farrell

This is so cute!!! We do the same - faces that is - and even plan for a "regular" picture and then the "faces" one. I used to be embarassed by seeing how I actually look making all of those ridiculous faces, but now, in the middle of my life, it really doesn't matter and is even a great deal of fun, especially when everyone else looks just as silly.


Only one word... G L O R I O U S !!!!!


What a beautiful mother and daughter series of photos! I am glad Chelsea inherited your face-making gene! =)

Renee McLeod

don't know about the naturally blond claim . . . but can certainly see you in your beautiful (and extra smart) daughter, Corey . . . good job by French Husband (I'm still waiting for the full frontal photo of him so I can decide about hair length . . .) OOXX, Renee


Just beautiful! You guys look so great!
No wonder FH is so crazy about you Corey!

Isabel ~ Maison Douce

You girls are too funny!!! I am still smiling...


Ok Corey.. if you put your glasses on Chelsea and and lightened her hair, take her dark hair on you...you would look like the other one!! So fun and so Beautiful in every single way!
There is nothing more precious than a daughter, and a son....and well ok maybe a French husband and ok maybe an American husband that thinks he's a French husband!
Isn't life FUN??
Thanks for sharing always~

Rebecca in the Pacific Northwest

That was so cute! Love ALL the faces, and the two of you goofing around together. And patient FH dutifully documenting it all. thanks.

shannon in oregon

you two are beautiful, "funny faces" and all!!!


How adorable you both are! Making faces runs in my family, too - you and French Husband have two beautiful children!

constance lefevre forehand

she's a beauty! you will be very happy in the future to see pictures of yourself in the best pose. believe me. i found out how to give my most favorable side or smile and now i like my pictures. try it


So pretty, both of you!


You have gorgeous kids, Corey. It looks like you're having loads of fun with your daughter.


The american smile pic is definately my favorite!!


Corey the photos are great! I cannot understand how people can be expected to not make faces when they talk - how do you understand what people are saying when they aren't making faces or at least how they are saying it! I love the faces!!

Denise Leavens

You two ROCK! What absolute FUN. So nice to have her home for a while, isn't it? Thanks for sharing a little of the fun with us.


I remember you in school being the best dancer, layers of talent and so much fun. I am trying to conjure up the blond image of you as a young girl.....Pinocchio would even have to blush at that one.

xo, M


how gorgeously gorgeous...nice to see you in front of the camera....love, love....


Beautiful pictures...I enjoyed it. You all are just beautiful.

hugs and blessings


Just GORGEOUS the both of you. xxx


Your pictures were great! I need to take some of my mom and I.

Hasmade Designs

You two are the funnest and coolest Mom/Daughter combo!!! I too make faces...


You two are a "DOUBLE D"
Delightful and Darling! Funny faces and all!



You are both lovely! And what fun, your smiles made me smile as well :)


Great shots! both gorgeous!

Vicki's Bit-o-Earth

This made me laugh out loud! Chelsea is gorgeous, as is her mother... and FH is a very lucky man! (:


Whether it is his style or not, husband/papa was probably laughing his head off! Joie de vivre

Alexis Lozano

We have the same problem, as family photographer I'm hardly ever in pictures. Sometimes people I show pictures to ask me if I'm sure I really was in that party or not! :D

Loved the pictures, so fun. :) I'm so used to taking the pictures that I don't like being IN them. Really need to remedy that...otherwise people might starting thinking I either don't exist or I exist only like Charlie in Charlie's Angels! :P


Fabulous pix! Chelsea and you--perfect together!

poppy fields

I loved these photos Corey. I swear I saw your daughter eating ice cream in Aix...months ago...When Linda (Frenchless in France) gets back, lets all go have lunch :)


Best photos I ever saw!

Shelley Noble

Charming charming charming! You and Chelsea and you making faces for the camera are marvelous! She looks like Yann and behaves like you! Wonderful!


You are both so crazy and...beautiful!!!
Marigio xx


What a beautiful girl and what a beautiful relationship you have.


Hi, that's the first time I came across your blog, I gotta say, it's adorable!

This post in particular touched me in a special way. I can only hope one day to have a daughter and such a fun relationship with her, just like you seem to have with your Chelsea.

All the best!


Love this post Corey! What cuties you two are and so lovely to see how much fun you have with each other.

Donna Baker

Beautiful Mom and daughter.


Corey ....there is nothing more special than mother and daughter. Both are so beautiful!


I do love you, my dear familly...
French side, American side...I'd say Heart side ;-)


You look lovely and loving, you too. J' aime la complicite...Your daughter has a very expressive face, but I must single out the lips...I love seeing you happy. A bientot.


Dove girls no doubt. You two are beautiful!

heather kathleen

you and your daughter are beautiful!


Wow ... you guys look like you have an incredible amount of fun together, and that's totally awesome!


I enjoy your blog so very much. This is a particularly favorite post. You and Chelsea will cherish these photos for many years to come as such a sweet moment in time.

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