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11 May 2009


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Beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful post! so lovely birthday!
One of my foundations is for sure the love my parents gave me specially as a child.
Second is something inside that makes me trust me no matter what

(coming back from Portugal. I thought about you and family there! remembering your origins. Not to much internet for me there so coming back and reading your posts I missed)


I can't stop looking at the 'stone art' image. I see a little person balancing on their heart. The head has two faces... one is tilted toward the sun and choosing joy, the other is tilted downward, shadowed in darkness. Which will I choose to be? My foundations in life was my mother. She died when I was quite young but still left an indelible mark on me. To be strong, to love whole-heartedly, and to be whatever I want in life (I just need to remember to put that in practice).

Incredibly thought provoking Corey - for me faith, love & hope, jx

Absolutely beatiful post - thanks so much for giving us something to think about as well as to look at.

The stone at the bottom would be my parents and my Irish heritage all rolled into one as they formed who I am. The middle stone would be my husband who met me as I was about to become adult and has been with me ever since, my rock I could not imagine life without. The littlest rock balancing on the top would be our three young children who have been balanced on top of the foundations laid by my past and who will hopefully be my future for many years to come.

So Dreamy! Jealous, Jealous, and mor Jealous!

What beautiful pictures


I would love to celebrate a birthday exactly like Herve's! Wonderful friends, spectacular scenery, and delicious food. Thank you for taking us along.

I just read your Mother's day post and had to smile because it reminded me of an interesting remark made to me right after the birth of my second son.

I had a 3 yr. old and a newborn, who was only 5 days old, when the doorbell rang. I was wearing a Mickey Mouse t-shirt ( and breast feeding, so I was huge), shorts, barefoot and no make-up when I answered the door. An older gentleman, who was selling fruit, took one look at me and said, "Are your parents home?"

I truthfully said, "No, they're not", and he turned around and left. I had to smile because I think the Mickey Mouse t-shirt caught his eye and he assumed I was a kid. By the way, I was almost 36 years old at the time!!!

I strongly suspect that aging eye-sight was the culprit in both our encounters. ;-)

Marilyn (in Dallas)

such beautiful thoughts from such a beautiful mind Corey! what three thoughts make up our foundations? I must think on this one. Three is such a magical number in my life...

oh....what a beautiful place and birthday celebration!

The heart stone as part of the stone scultpure...perfect foundation.


That doesn't look real..it looks like some fantasy dream place! There is something about the sea and the coastline that just hits me so emotionally. What a terrific sculpture too.

Spectacular photos!

My goodness, Corey, you are such an inspiration! You don't know it, but you have been my blog-mentor since I discovered you so long ago...I have renewed my dedication to my blog and I think of you often. Thank you for your example in diligence and your beautiful words and photographs.


So, so beautiful!
Cassis is one of my favorite places in all of France.
You've brought back lovely memories! Thank you!

That is the way to celebrate! Happy Birthday Herve.

For me the three stones represent the body, mind and spirit aspects of where I reside. Thank you for the beauty you extend to us through your words and your pictures.

You (and your friends) celebrate beautifully. I recently began to collect heart shaped rocks so I instantly saw the heart on the bottom.

Missed saying Happy Mothers Day to you!

Dear Corey

What a perfect celebration of 'life' party! Your photography and way with words are truly an inspiration for me to go outdoors and celebrate the incredible beauty of nature surrounding us all.

I have a habit since I was very young of doing natural scape art when ever I am out in nature, I never thought much of it or photographed any of it, just something I did like doodling -- so thank you now I know about Artist/naturalist Andy Goldworthys --it helps put a whole new spin on it. I googled Andy and love his photographs,,,



I forget to say the one rock would be for

Corey you are an inspiration to me here in blog land with your photography and wonderful stories..


Reminds me of living in Bolinas, CA and walking the Point Reyes headlands where I had many a picnic with friends. I love France, but nothing beats the northern California coast. And nothing beats your blog.

Marcia (Fairfield, CT)

what a beautiful place and birthday celebration!
awesome and amazing!

I love it!


Okay.....now I'm jealous

I first found your blog site not long after the birth of my first child a couple of years ago and received such immense pleasure from it each day. Unfortunately due to moving house a couple of times and other such things did not have internet access for a long time. Oh the things I missed. Two weeks ago I was able to log on once again coincidentally only weeks after giving birth again.

I cannot express my delight in being able to read your beautiful words each day particularly in the early hours of the Australian morning with a crotchety baby. Thank you for sharing so much beauty with us.

On a more practical level would you share with me what lenses you have for your camera. Do you have a special macro lens?

My husband and I took your advice and stayed at La Madone last year. For anybody considering staying there - do it!!!!


Now, that it the France I would love to experience. It's so hard to experience your France, when one is a tourist and doesn't know the language. sigh

The three rock sculpture is perfect!


What a lovely way to celebrate a birthday! I love the sound of the picnic food and the stone art is stunning.

WOW that was an unusual party! But it looks like you had the greatest of time celebrating. Your pics are truly amazing. Thanks for sharing.

oh my....we missed that....looks fab....
a must watch is "rivers and tides"...amazing....!!

What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday. I am a Goldsworthy fan also, so appreciate this simple cairn.


that stone art.... truly a lovely idea and hard to believe that three such stones could be made to balance like that. It sounds like it was a perfect party.

So beautiful Corey! I hadn't been to your blog for quite some time. I think there's been more remodeling done than just in your kitchen!

God Bless,

Looks like you visited Heaven! xo amy

Hi Corey,
Wish we had been there to celebrate with Herve'. Makes me want to get back to MArseille to spend more time with our new extended French family.
The views are magnificent and I would love to be able to sit on those rocks and paint a few special scenes

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