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21 May 2009


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hi corey,oh what beautiful poppies!thank you for those pictures they are simply beautiful.i live in ireland and yesterday attended an art exhibition entitled "les colouers de provence"and the artist captured the poppy flowers so well .i have spent holidays in south of france and provence and i just want to hop on the next plane now!

Glory be! Corey,what wonderful images, wonderful.

My 'first' celebration today? The rains have arrived here in western Australia. We have beeen waiting and waiting and..........

A gale is making our tall eucalypt trees sway and rain is falling on our tin roof.

I love that photo where you're holding it up to the sky!

Love you

Corey I can't imgine how beautiful it must be to witness this. Once again,lucky you.I am wondering how the kitchen is going and am anxious to see the finished product. That would be a first too.Happy antiquing!

Beautiful photos, and text too - thanks! We have far fewer poppies here near Toulouse, but we too have been enjoying our 'first strawberries' (having steadfastly ignored the imported ones which grew under plastic in Spain early in the year). 'First cherry' picking starts tomorrow - with a friends' tree!

Simply beautiful photos Corey!!!

While in Castellane last spring, we established a friendship with a little owl standing every night on a tree outside our restaurant. Now this has become the signal of spring, each time I hear that sound, I smell all the Provence perfumes.....

My Daughter-in-Law-to-be wants to carry a bouquet of poppies at her wedding.
I love poppies, they remind me of our time in France and Italy.
I just hope they will be able to withstand a day of festivities and hugs.

Does anyone know of any other brides who carried poppies? I would love to know if there are any secrets I should pass on to her.

Beautiful pictures. I love having coffee and visiting France with you in the mornings. It is a real treat. And I can't wait to see the treasures you found at the brocante!

So Pretty!

I absolutely love poppies! To come across a whole field of them like this as I was driving along would thrill me! You are blessed. Beautiful!

Poppies! I stayed in a house one May that had a view of fields, and the poppies were a wonderful surprise every time I looked out that window. I tried to put some in water, but they did not last a day. Who needs poppies in water when all I had to do was look out the window? I'll miss poppy season, but I'll see the lavender and sunflowers. As far as firsts, first cigale? Love that sound. And, yeah, hows the kitchen coming? Can't wait to see. Rebecca

How I love poppies. I have them planted in my yard and they are beautiful but this entire field is amazing. Happy first day to you also.

We were overwhelmed by the poppies we saw in Provence last summer. More than I had ever remembered seeing before. They are so beautiful.

You reminded me of my childhood,and that the French really do appreciate the little things .

So pretty! If you want poppies here you have to plant them one plant at a time. Like Tamisha, I too love having my coffee while visiting France each morning. Have a great day!

Lovely -- and to see it all right before Memorial Day here in the States is so meaningful, too. I always think of te Flanders Fields poem when I see a field of red poppies. Thank you for posting this.

And our first -- tomorrow we close on our first house! :)

Corey, thank you for sharing such beautiful images. How blessed to be able to walk through a field of poppies in Provence.
I think I'm falling in love with France.
Have a beautiful day!

That is incredibly beautiful! Our region's tulip fields were late this year too.I brought a single pink rose from the garden to work on Monday. The first rose of the season!
Wonderful to hear that the rains have arrived in Western Australia. National Geographic had a huge article about their drought.

Hi Corey:
Do poppies ever make you think of them and how they grow wild in the Central Valley of California? I remember them growing alongside the driveway at home in Fowler. French lavender, bright poppies and hydrangeas...oooh to be on the roads in Provence!!!
Makes me think of the Tulips in Holland : )
And yes, growing up in the Central Valley everyone would say Ummmm, this is the first grape, nectarine, tomato, walnut, of the season and the feeling of pride that it came out of the garden or field is so fun.

What a beautiful sight--and a beautiful way to start my day. We have fields of blue Camas here in Victoria, but no poppies.

OH,Corey...what stunning pictures!

One thing I'm not clear on is whether this is a commercial field or whether they grow wild along the roadside. Either way, what a glorious site to come upon.

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Yes indeed, Carole, I too thought of the fields full of wild orange poppies [Eschscholzia californica] in Northern California during the springtime when I was growing up there. Also the wild yellow mustard, and lupines...

It's probably illegal, but I collected an envelope full of wild California poppy seed pods on one of my visits home anyway, to plant in my yard. They sprout and bloom each spring, then obligingly drop their seeds so I don't even need to replant them year after year! They're also hardy enough to survive our harsh winters.

Of course, one could just buy packets of the seeds, in a variety of shades from off-white through pink to bright red, as well as the typical orange, and with larger blooms. But for us native Californians, there's only ONE kind of state flower!

BTW, Corey, when you visited the Azores, were you as startled as I was to notice that a few people's gardens had California poppies in them? Presumably either the people had visited our home state, or else a relative/friend sent them the seeds!

I remember red poppies next to my sandbox when I was a child.

too beautiful....

Ahhh be still my heart! These flowers hold a truly special place in my heart, thanks to a very special great-grandmother. How I wish I was in this field of poppies right now! Thank you so much for sharing this, Corey! I have happy tears in my eyes.
Much love to you!

LOVE POPPIES! How nice to look at this post on a day where I feel a bit down...my sweet little grandsons (2.5 and 8 mos) and their parents flew home after their first visit here. It's hard to live faraway from those you love. The poppies made me smile. Thanks

Thank you Corey what a wonderful way to appreciate Mother Nature and the seasons. Too often I forget to stop and appreciate what is here around me, I too will be thinking today of all the firsts around me.

What beautiful photos of poppy fields. We visited in autumn last year and missed all this (but oh the fun we had playing in the leaves). I truly love lavender and hope you will share this with us this year.

As a child on holidays in France I used to make "Poppy Dollies"

I would pick a Poppy, gently fold its petals downwards to the stem to make the dress, tie a piece of grass around the petals to make the waist, break a piece off the lower stem and push it left to right through the dress to make arms and finally use something sharp to gently draw two eyes, a nose and a mouth on the poppy seed head which of course made the Poppy Dolly's face!

I haven't thought of this for years. Thank you Corey for rekindling memories!

I discovered your blog just today and am I delighted to have done so! Your blog is wonderful and inspiring. I must Bookmark you! :-) Will be back. À très bientôt!

These picts are just beautiful. Oh, to see it in person! I bet it is lovely.


Oooooooo, I love the red poppies! Are these like California poppies or like Icelandic poppies?

Will these red poppies grow in California. I would love to have some red poppy seeds to scatter on my California hill side.


You found it! I´ve been looking for a field like that for ages, and you found it! :) hope you enjoyed it!

Hi Corey, here in New Zealand it is late Autumn and this morning we had the first Frost!!! Winter is nearly here. And the other day had my first persimmon of the season - just delicious.

Oh Wow! What a treat!

...as always you lift my spirits...no matter what tailspin I might be caught up in...
always appreciating you...Judy

Thank you for sharing the poppy pictures with us! I love poppies - I think that they are my favourite flower!!

i want to run through that field & roll around in its center!!!

Absolutely beautiful red poppies!!

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