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01 May 2009


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Tres tres chic Corey x

Wow is all I can say!!!

I don't believe we stayed in any of these when I was a very small child and we visited Paris! But I will try and convince myself that we did. How beautiful. Corey, have you ever visited the wonderful store in Paris called E. Dehillerin? I have some copper pots from there!

It is fun to dream! I wonder who owns all of these apartments/houses? What do they do? Are they happy? Do they appreciate what they have? I sure hope so!

Oh Corey! The photos from the Quai de Montebello are the best! I want to sleep there tonight. I am working my way through a bottle of red wine and if my hubby doesnt get me away from this computer soon I'll have booked the flights!

Oh, now I will be daydreaming all day long. Thanks for the eye candy.

Gorgeous really hard to keep my mouth closed!! Should we stay a night in each one?

I am soooooo mentally there!

OMG! The photos just went on and on, and the apartments just got better and better. How nice it would be to be in Paris this weekend! I think I could work it into my schedule.

That was just beautiful.....dreamy. Thanks for putting me in the mood....
Be well, Laura

When we stayed in Paris we stayed at a beautiful Belle Epoch hotel called the Hotel Langlois at the foot of the Montemarte hill. Very much your style, Corey.
And in Dijon we stayed at a B&B in Saulieu called Le Presbytere in the Morvan Forest.
Both were dreams come true for a little Melbourne girl.

oh. I just want to be on that balcony over the Seine, having a cup of coffee. but no, I'm stuck at work daydreaming about being in Paris. someday...
thanks for the photo dream, Corey!

beautiful photos... my best friend lived in Paris for 2-years and his apartment was about the size of a postage stamp with a bathroom that you had to back into if you needed to use the toilet... :)...

Fabulous my darling
I love you
Rabbit Rabbit~
Love Jeanne


What a feast for the eyes! I'll come back later when I need a break. Merci.

beautiful photos!

Oh my gosh. Be still my hezrt!

When I come to Paris and stay in one of these, you are definitely invited!

Just seeing the pictures is quite a vacation. I can't even imagine, but dreaming sure was fun. Hugs, Marty

Beautiful, especially the balcony overlooking the Seine. What a wonderful place to start the day with a cup of tea, and to end the day with a glass of wine.

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Oh my goodness! I'll take two nights at each place!

OMG! Drooling? You know it. As of yet my dream of visiting Paris is unfulfilled. Some day perhaps.

We will be in Paris this fall visiting our daughter while she is in school - I think we will rent one of these places - NOT!!!!!!!! hahaha

OMG Corey,
I wonder how expensive these are??
I would love it.

sign me up. my husband and I are thinking about visiting Provence in July... don't you think we should spend a week or two in Paris while we're already there? on peut rêver

sign me up. my husband and I are thinking about visiting Provence in July... don't you think we should spend a week or two in Paris while we're already there? on peut rêver

It is moving to think of us all over the world sharing the beauty of Paris.

Thank you for your blog; love the music today that accompanies the lovely photos.

Linda (New England)

In a month I'll be in Paris! What a wonderful appetizer you've given me for my trip. This will be my third visit to this gorgeous city.


Intriguing post.

All I have to say is "OH MY!"

It is my dream to come back and go shopping all over France, so I can finally furnish my empty new house just the way I would like-by shopping the antiques & brocantes with YOU!!! It would be so much fun to stay their and cook with you!!! Nothing here comes close. Thanks for the dreamy pics...
till tomorrow.

Great pictures! I´ll be making my second attempt at macarons tomorrow, want to join me?? Fell in love with them while in Paris with Erika..

Well, I see, we always stayed at wrong places during our stop-overs at Paris...


I just LOVE the long thin windows, white walls, and parquet floors that seem to be distinctly Parisian. So different from what i have at home (and I love my bright colors and wide windows) but sooooooooooooo pretty.

Did you take these pictures? Wow, what beautiful fun it would be...


oh my goodness...that is all I can say.


Hi Friend Corey:
Hi : )
Ahhh the many splendid places to stay in Paris. I stayed at #60 Ave de Suffren, quite close to the Eiffel Tower, a rather common 2 bedroom little apartment. Yet the gauze of memories makes it so special : )
You are always busy having your guessing games (I love the little green sewing kit) and having a modern kitchen from Ikea (they have fun stuff too) so I invite you to come to my little blog so I can enter you into a Give Away : )
Are you awake? I bet you are : ) About 5:48 am at your home : )

oh that was fun! I loved the stairs in particular. we're in the middle of replacing our stairwell and I want that first one with the fer forgé!!

There is a hotel in Paris 9th arrondissement (near big dept stores)which is decorated in Toile de Jouey. Curtains, wallpaper, bedspread and chair invaded the small room with sweet scenes of the past. I enjoyed it but my husband couldn't take it. For a holiday, why not stay in a room completely different than one you would choose chez vous? Temporary sweet dreams to be had! Bon nuit & bon voyage, Corey!

Ah, mais oui, too many choices... dear me, I can't possibly choose. I guess I'll have to be satisfied with a chateau in the countryside in the south of France!
Great post Corey.

Where do I sign up ...I'll stay in any of these fabulous places! I totally need a vacation!

*le sigh*

Oh Corey... I have tears in my eyes because we just got back from Paris yesterday and now reading your blog and catching up on it, I see this and I want to be back there so so bad. The last thing I saw of Paris before getting on the Train was the Seine and Notre Dame. Next time we go you will be invited and coming to stay at one of these with us. I know it wouldn't taken much to get the husband to go back for a second honeymoon. Also Thank your for all your advise on the city we loved every min of it. How could you not!!

What a fantastic list and a great resource! Gorgeous shots!

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