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20 May 2009


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How Beautiful!!! I'll not only bring you macarons but whatever else your heart desires if you will let me come visit you in your new apt., hee,hee. I'll even bring a little snack for the friend locked in the closet! Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.

Mélanie ...

This is gorgeous ! This is what I call heaven.
We should go there to spend one night . We will bring macarons , pink champagne a good book and some frou frou ...and GOOD MUSIC


O.M.G. That is all I can utter !!!!!

Oh that arched ceiling...........O.M.G.

Betty M

I understand exactly how you are feeling. I went to their website yesterday to "visit" the apartments. They are all gorgeous. And the fee for the rental apartment is very reasonable. Added this to my list of "have to" places to stay in France. I'll be sure to bring those macaroons when I come.


Wow i can't even put it into words just how beautiful the apartment is. What good taste they have, truly amazingly beautiful. With that ceiling you will think you are in heaven.



Eileen @ Passions to Pastry

I will echo what just about everyone else has said... gorgeous.


I'll see your macarons and raise you a tarte tatin ... might even let Natalie out of the closet long enough to go with her to the brocante and to her shop ... OK, OK, you can come, too!

This is the most wonderful place ... I actually came across it online before discovering your connection ... of course you are friends! So ... maybe you and I can work out a time-share. Would a fool proof recipe for really excellent chocolate chip (or chunk!) cookies help?


If I ever come back to the south of France I will check it. Could I say you told me so?


Everything you say about Nathalie and Jean Bernard's awesome design and decorating is so true Corey - they have vision like nobody I've ever met. This new apartment is just breathtaking - looks like I need to start planning a return visit!

............and I'm still trying to find silver sneakers and a skirt like Nathalie's, as you say she dresses as beautifully, (and is so beautiful and delightful) as she decorates!

Diane Laurent

I understand what jealous means now,,,I am the shade of the grinch...If I'm ever reincarnated that is where I'm going to live out my second life!!!


WOW-eee! That is some house. I of course went right to the website, love the mix of modern and antique! I'm sort of a minimalist/modernist myself with a love of old stuff. There is NOTHING like a room with minimalist/modern lines with old stuff in it...comme l'appartement contemporain. THAT ONE IS FOR ME! Hands off everyone else. Rebecca


Someday I will convince my husband we need to vacation in France, and I know just where we will stay! This is a dream apartment! I've added their website to my wishlist. Thank you Corey, for all the beauty you bring to us each day.

Julie Ann Evins

Well Ms Amaro very many thanks for building my anticipation of our forthcoming trip to fever pitch ! You are fickle & I obedient - Last year I stayed in your "then" favourite appartment "Chanvre" and this year your current favourite - the new appartment in Apt. Even better with a wind behind us I even get to see you face to face this year. What will we do I wonder ? Perhaps you will want to visit me at MY appartment ! Happy Days - Thanks Corey, Juliex


Catch me, I'm swooooning !! Just beautiful!


Oh my word, everything is just absolutely gorgeous. I think you are right, I could live there very happily. Stunning. Hugs, Marty


It is absolutely beautiful. The grey wall in one pic (window with couch) reminds me of your new bathroom colour. Was there a spy dangling from a chord while you were painting?



Oops, make that a cord.


Paula and I had the same thought....O....M....G!

Julie @ thekitschentable


Divine my lovely friend
Thanks for sharing
Love you


I looked at La Madone's website. They absolutely need to update it with some of your gorgeous photos.

Hi Annie
They will. The photos are of their shop and their newest apartment for rent. The photos will be added soon. I took them yesterday.

Sue Smith

Stunning! We stayed there last fall (on your brilliant suggestion!) and loved absolutely everything about it. After seeing all of the apartments, my favorite part was how distinctive and unique and gorgeous each one of them was.

Tamara ModernGear TV


I was wondering how big their whole entire house is!! Do you have a picture of it?

And also, I would LOVE to see a picture of the ultra-stylish Natalie! I love the style of French women, and like to pick up a thing or two from them. Can you introduce her to us in a photo?

Thank you for the beautiful inspiration.


OMG thanks for this post! wonderful!

Vicki's Bit-o-Earth

Heaven... simply heaven! If I ever have enough money to come to France, this is where I'll stay, but they might not be able to get me out of that room. I love it that they have done all this with their own hands. Amazing and wonderful. I applaud them!


Simply divine! I am checking the airlines for tickets right now! And checking with Paris Breakfast,Carol G for the best place to buy marcarons to share when I arrive and serve hot chocolate/tea at this delight apartment.


Franca Bollo

saint merde

Aunt Amelia's Attic

Of course these are simply beautiful. But something tells me...

You are avoiding the topic of how _your_ house is doing, during kitchen renovation time. -giggles-

Aunt Amelia


oh if I ever come there I will definitely stay there with you and macaroons and tea and maybe we should her out of the closet..heheheh Thanks for sharing

Gina Baynham

I'm green with envy! I don't know which is more beutiful, the wonderful new apartment or the way you describe the friendship between you!


How lovely-
Do you have pictures of the rest of the 'maison'?


My mouth just kept getting wider and wider...one of the most beautiful apartments I have ever seen. I think I have found where I would stay when I plan my next trip to France....and yes I will stop at Laduree on my way!


Now I have seen, through your eyes and your photos, a bit of heaven on earth! heehee

My jaw dropped with each photo... your friends are true artists!!!


oh so beautiful...ask them to adopt me tooo!!!!!!

Hasmade Designs

OMG! Stunning...I've been salivating looking at their website and just dreaming of me being there!!! Thanks Corey for sharing...(hug)


Oh.my.god. This IS heaven! Wow. How do they do it...? I'm lovin' that gold crown-stage-like thingy above the bed (that's official designer talk, ya know). But what I really, really, really love is the photo that you took of the two mirrors on the chair in front of the mural of the forest. There's something sensual about the set up. And then the empty round frame on the cracking wall...siiiiiiiigh! I'm jealous of both you and Natalie! Now pass the macaroons, goshdarnit.


I love it!


Beautiful. I can't wait to visit their shop!

Barbara  Sydney Australia

Corey, you are so funny I adore your humour.
What a dream it would be to stay at such a lovely place. If I ever make it from Australia to La Madone will you promise to eat macarons with me while we sit in that pretty courtyard?


Wow!! Sooo very cool. *sigh*



Love this Post,,you are totally funny,,,I am jellyous too! hehehe


Corey, LaMadone is like no other place on earth as you know. My 10 days there were the first true holiday I have had in many years and one of the only places I actually felt like myself again. J-Bernard and Nathalie are the loveliest of people and fit nicely into almost any niche in your heart. They made us feel at home, happy, welcome and very special. On the day that I had to leave, my heart broke as tears came pouring from my eyes. It was if it had become a new home to me. A day, a week, a lifetime...that's what LaMadone is to me.

Must a really bring macaroons? I'm much better at lavender shortbread.

Cathy @ The Stylish House

Don’t ask me how in the vast world of blogs I stumbled on yours, but I immediately marked it to follow. Now that I found it I don’t want to loose track of it. Wow, yep Wow that pretty much sums up what I see on your pages!

JanePoet ~ JP/deb

What a gorgeous place - I can see why you want to keep it all for yourself! I'm jealous that you have such talented friends! (punching you in the arm as I type - hehhehehe!)



What a lovely home!

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