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14 April 2009


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Thank you for this magical time travel through your Provence!

The gentleman with the long hair?
Cut it?
Pourquoi? ;-)


Your love and respect for your French home shines through in all your posts about it. I think that is one of the many reasons it makes your blog so special. Merci.


A resounding NO to the P.S.

This is a wonderful post. I would move in to one of those fabric shops if I could! I remember my own French Memere making quilts -


Maintain those wavy locks at shoulderlength


Thank you for sharing the wonderful history of your village. As far as the locks whatever makes FH happy!! Which does Corey prefer? FH locks certainly would blow in the wind on your Harley trip!!!


Do NOT cut the hair.


Wow, from this side of the ocean, it is hard to imagine a history so long! What a fantastic experience to have traditions that extend so far into the past and can still be enjoyed today!

Elizabeth Ferguson

French man almost has the Albert Einstein look, which personally I just love! *Fun and carefree*

Nancy from Massachusetts

My Mom has a 'village' of Personnes de Santon that Belgium friends would purchase for her on their way to Provence to their summer home. She also came home with many during her trips to visit them.
As for the hair: all that matters is what's inside that counts...long hair or bald, it's the person that makes the man. :)

Jeanette M.

What a fun tradition. I would love to participate some day. I can imagine what was in the picnic baskets - yum. NO to the haircut.


Should he cut his hair?

Do you like running your fingers through it?!!!


Beautiful post Corey,,I think FH would look good in any hair style,,I enjoyed the costumes. Thanks Corey!


Typically, I do not like long hair on men, but your husband is the sexiest guy I have seen with long hair. So not to short. Thanks for all the beautiful photos! When I read your blog it is like going on a mini vacation for just a few moment.


A beautiful glimpse into the past Corey. What a wonderful village that makes the annual effort not to forget...


His hair is lovely....lucky you.

This looked like a fun event. That fabric is just wonderful. It would be great for my primitive dolls......would it be possible for you to obtain some for me? I don't need huge pieces........lets talk about it?


Your husband is sexy no matter what length his hair is!! Maybe he could slightly trim it.. but either way, it's good!

Isabel ~ Maison Douce

Beautiful tradition!! I miss that about home, too!! I vote for cutting the hair, sorry Yann!!!


Thank you for allowing us to accompany you on your trek to the picnic site. I only wish that I could've been there in real life!

I am such a big fan of traditions, and really enjoyed your photos and accompanying descriptions today.

I also vote No to a haircut. It looks great, as is.

Marilyn (in Dallas)


Oh my Corey - French Husband should NOT cut his hair... ooooh-la-la! I've been trying to get my own hubby to grow his out again!

And as for these fabulous photos... my brother asked for your blog address yesterday and boy is he going to be in for a treat when he sees this post today (he's the one with a wife and bebe who have dreams of moving to France)! =)


That is a lovely tradition, and a wonderful history of the fabrics and quilts. I bought a bit of modern 'boutis' in my local charity shop, and am on the look out for some older stuff when I see it within my limited budget! Our elder son is taking a voluntary class this year in 'Occitan language and culture', so I hope he's going to find out about some local traditions and events for us.


Thanks for the 'tour and history lesson'. I always find your posts on the history and tradition of where you live so interesting.

As for the hair - my vote would be no, but that decision should be between the two of you. He does have beautiful hair - but if he cuts it, it will grow back.


very interesting post & great pics!


I loved reading this - thank you!


I love all of the beautiful details about Provencal clothes in this post... but are you sure those socks are not knitted instead of crocheted?

p.s. Oh la la, keep those scissors away from FH!


ABSOLUTELY NOT! (Excuse me for the upper case ...)
I saw the same costumes last spring in Castellane and Grasse, so colorful! Thanks for sharing.


Now, I disagree with everyone. I think French Husband should cut his hair. I liked it much better when it was cut shorter, like the photo in your family album. He’s got a good wave and it looks better when it’s styled semi-short. Not that I obsess over FH’s hair, or anything.

I love the posts where we get to see a bit of your life in a French village. It looks beautiful.


I love all of that fabric and color Corey.
Yes, I vote for the hair cut!
I have to say, I like a little bit shorter neater look.
That is just me though.
Have a great day!


I just love all those fabrics and the history behind them. Have you lived in France long enough now to tie a scarf as well as a Frenchwoman? lol

I don't know about the hair - FH looks good with it long or short!


1 vote here for haircut...


Such a privilige to be part of that tradition.

I would say Non. I have a husband with almost no hair....enough said. ;)

Brother Mathew

Marie and I loved your post today. Marie loved the story and all the clothes. I enjoyed reading it to her. Marie says cut the hair Uncle Yann. I say let it fly.

Hey Riri and Brother Mat

I like Yann's hair long, but I do not like it when he lets it fly.
When he is at home, just hanging out, he doesn't brush it, and it looks like a mop, and well it looks like one of those guys in the Charlie's Chocolate Factory...what is their name? I am not talking about Johnny!
Anyway Ri, I'll tell Uncle Yoyo that you said to CUT IT!

I miss you.

Aunt Coco


When my fella's hair (which looks like Yann's)gets that long I always threaten to get little plastic barettes or braid it while he is asleep.
Beautiful photos Corey. Do the people make the traditional dress themselves or purchase them?
Hi Georgie (Martina)

Most of the clothing is old. Hand down, or bought at the brocante.
Though some do make their costumes too.


Linda Hanselman

This was a great post. Is that church 1000 years old as well? How gorgeous and what a fun day trip. I love the Provence dress. Is this dress only particular to Provence? Since my mother was from Limoges area I wonder what that dress was? Does anyone have any idea where I could look that up?

Also to Pauline or Corey, I see you called your grandmother Memere. We always called our grandmothers Meme. Is that a derivative of Memere? How does Memere translate? Since I am going to be a Meme in November for the first time I am excited to know. Now I have a problem should I be Meme or Memere??!!?

FH maybe just a summer trim;)

liz malloy

Some of your pictures remind me of Easter celebrations in native dress at Old Salem, here in NC. As to hair, I think groomed long locks look good, especially with thick grey hair. If you prefer it short, though, and don't want to nag, do what I used to do with my late husband...remark how much he is starting to look like his sister (or his Mom). A haircut usually followed soon after.

Julie Ann Evins

A good interesting post for the flat grey day that follows the Easter break - thanks. I think FH should cut his hair but not too short. Jx


I hope you enjoyed your picnic and hike!
Does HE think he should cut his hair? Does he know you have put it to a vote? LOL.


leave the hair... but then i was a child of the sixties!


Oh what a fabulous tour of Provence. I adore the colors, the landscape, the food, the wine - I am so thrilled tto find your site.
Happy Twirls


Love the Provencal fabrics. What a lovely tradition, the hike and picnic in the old village. Beautiful pictures.


What a lovely tradition. Thanks for taking such wonderful photos and for sharing your villiage history with us. I just love it when people care enough to keep up tradition, I hope it will continue with the younger generations.

FH's hair? cut it.


I found your blog a couple weeks ago and I just want to tell you that I love it. I love your stories and your photos. I get completely transported! Thank you for my daily escape.


Your beautiful images are like photos into the past. And NO! No haircut! LOL


No! Please don't cut that gorgeous hair!


I was thinking French Husband needs a haircut. He looks sharp and sexier with short hair.

Shelley Noble

These photos are a feast! Long hair/short, doesn't matter with that Frenchman, gorgeous either way.


What a fun tradition! Great pictures. You really captured the event. I love it! For all it's worth, I vote NO on the haircut.


Non!! To the cutting of the hair!! Lovely photos as ever Corey..


An hour after sending my comment, I trimmed my little boy's blonde locks for the first time since beginning of school year. Though it was difficult (and crooked) he was called "mademoiselle" too often. I feel better by saving some locks which were 4 inches long! Now your "monsieur" is a monsieur regardless.


i am a short and neat hair person when it comes to men's hair...they look so WOW.
oh those people in the movie were the Oompa Loompas :)


I vote no on the haircut. My husband's hair is to his shoulders, and he is complimented on it's beauty all the time. It is thick and silver/white. Some men just look sexier with long hair.....


FH should NOT cut his hair! Love those long, silver locks!

Those pictures are gorgeous, Corey! LOVE IT!

Rebecca N.

Oh, Corey, what a lovely post! It reminded me of pieces, like others of yours, I've seen in Victoria magazine. :-)

Charlotte Le Den

I remember going up to that picnic when I was little with you guys and the most vivid memory I have is Papa and Yann dressed in diapers, with baby hats and all drinking through bottles for a game!! I think we still have a picture of them at home somewhere!!


Love your blog, makes me want to come to France.


I think I might be in the minority.

Yes to a haircut!

Hasmade Designs

To cut or not to cut FH's hair!

He's one of those men that can get away with short and long hair, and look good either way. ;-) Isn't it "in" to have long hair right now?


Marcie and I agree

"Should he cut his hair?

Do you like running your fingers through it?!!!"

what does French Husband think?


Noooooooooooooooooooooo! no cut hair

beautiful pictures Corey! as being there! Thank you



I love this traditional Provençal event, especially through your eyes (and camera!)
Simple, colourful, loving ...

I'm not so keen on BR's long hair...
(but I confess it suits him)


BR = Bell-Ringer


I love a well groomed man and have been noticing FH's growing locks.
Now, I'm sure Samson looked good both before and after his haircut, but . . .

Just be sure to watch over your shoulder for potential Delilah's, Corey.


Beautiful fabrics, wish I'd been there,



That was a wonderful essay. Thanks for sharing!

I am an Army brat. I always think shorter hair looks better on a man.

Hope your Easter was nice.


You got some great photos of the old style clothing, guess it was a case of being in the right place at the right time to get those.


Thank you for sharing this, Corey. I love the jupons, they are beautiful. The scarves, caps and crocheted socks are amazing. And, since you asked, yes, I believe the bellringer should have a little snip here and there on those locks of his. My apologies, Yann.


Is that the church we tried to find the trail to? I wish we would have found the trail and made the hike.
Yann get a hair cut already, and take it easy on the bell tower!
Missed you at Easter


the fabrics and the costumes... once again Corey, your blog has made me sigh with happiness....


Corey, Your story and photos in this post are just so beautiful... you have the most wonderful way of shaing your world so intimately... I feel as though I am there...

As for French Husband... some men can wear their hair longer some cannot... FH... yes, he can...


Thank you for sharing your (and your village's) post-Easter tradition. Beautiful, evocative photographs. Lovely words as always.

Teresa Sheeley

Loving all the beautiful colors and the tradition of it all. When my mom was young they used to do something similar at the Mission. I wish our traditions were kept in tact. Thank you Corey for showing this, in my heart I want to be there someday. Oh and the older lady in the photo; I kid you not, we have the same nose! :)



Loved the tour. Are the quilts expensive in the antique shop? I love the fabrics.
French husband looks good with long or short hair. sorry I can't decide. He is handsome. (My 17 year old daughter wants to meet Sasha.)


Just started reading your blog, and I am amazed how much your French husband looks like my American one! (he wishes he were French, but when he speaks French, people think he's Swiss...?) I love mine with long hair, but then he cuts it and he looks so great that way too! I'm guessing you have the same situation going. (oh, being married to handsome men...what a trial for us!) We spend our summers just north of Nimes and I am itching to get there! Thanks to your blog I am able to pretend I am already there!

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