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05 April 2009


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Stunning pics. Love them.


I love these photographs....they make me think of food.


You are dazzling us the last two posts with these beautiful photos of France, the hamlets, the gardens, the views, the tile rooftops of which I could sing atop and say "how beautiful this all is..........
How does that saying go? How can you keep the boys on the farm, after they have seen Paree' (Paris)
I love that house your friends rented, the best for me of all things the garden with the roses and daisies. But then again, all were truly beautiful. Have a good Sunday with your family, Joanny

Thanks for the mini vacation. Love your blog, just recently discovered it and it's brings a little joy into my corner of the world.

Lovely. I love the shocks of color in the midst of all the natural hues. You are blessed to live among such beauty!

I bought my lottery ticket.

This is a vacation of my dreams!

Your photos are such a treat. Each and every one of them.

Oh! to live in a pink house behind a purple door!

Love those purple doors.

Adored your postcards....can't wait to see the south of France next fall!!! The shutters are to die for!!!

*dreamy sigh* Oh, Corey, you have such a wonderfully artistic eye! I would so love to wander around these villages with you to take photos for painting when I had to come home to the States!

In the fourth postcard down - can you please tell me what that word is and what it says in English? So many of your images are paintable - have you ever thought to try your hand at painting (and I am NOT referring to your bathroom walls!)? :-)

These are so lovely. Your light is much clearer than our light in Haute Garonne, I think. Thanks for your beautiful photos.

Hi Corey! Beautiful photos! I would love to be there having my coffee this morning! Is that Mt. Sainte-Victoire in the background? Very Cezanne!!!! Hope you are having a great weekend...Debbie

there is nothing prettier than those images!!!
... and that eggplant color for shatters, just stunning!


Absolutely gorgeous

BIG sigh
Thank you for the visual walk in the village. I can only imagine the other senses.

Someday ~


Corey, your postcards are so lovely. They capture happy colors along side faded images, details, and the simplistic beauty that I so, so love. OH,how I wish I were there!!!

Oh be still my heart. I was so in the mood for this today - I even posted my fantasty sunday in a french village on my blog this morning - and to think that you actually get to live it each and every day... I've said it before, and I'll say it again - you are living my dream, Miss Corey.
That olive tree with the pansies is just out of this world!! All the photos are. Thank you for the delicious eye candy. Now.. if I could only blink my eyes and be there!
Happy Sunday,
xo Isa

I wish, I wish, I wish, I lived next door to you! What a beautiful inspiring place to live. do you think that perhaps Annie or Lucienne would like to adopt me?!


Ahh thank you for the inspiring views. A true blessing... have a good day :)

Like images from a fairytale dream.

I came upon you a while back and have so enjoyed your beautiful photos and your writings. I am from the Pacific Northwest and feel as though I am traveling in France with your daily posts. Thank you for giving me a glimpse of your life. I too, have 3 children (21,19,16) so the pictures of your family and friends are beautiful. Best Wishes.

Beautiful photos Corey. There's something about window and door photos that is charming to me, and clocks too.

I so love these...beautiful. I wish I could live next door to you and have tea and listen to your stories.

love and blessings

Beautiful! All of them. I especially love the colors of the first photo, it actually made me catch my breath. Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for sharing...these are stunning.

I had to smile when I saw the gentleman leaning out of his window. I lived in France for 3 years. Often, on my way to work in the early morning, I would pass a building where the gentleman living there would come out and stand on his balcony in his underwear to have a smoke. Just leaning on the railing without a care in the world. I love the French.

Corey... your photos are breath-taking... I love architectural photos... and even more so when the architecture is in France!

Was the old building, that you cannot read the sign, once a dairy? It looks like the word is "Cremerie" to me...

have a beautiful week!

Could be CREMERIE but the third letter looks like an F hmmmm

Beautiful village, I too wish I lived next door!

Hi Corey! just beautiful pics and words...like always!

you are amazing photographer!!!

visit me anytime...

Lovely. Thanks for the tour :)

How about **Fromagerie?**

Love your blog, photos and writing style!

A tour of beauty... Merci. x

Corey, thank you for sending these postcarts!
I am so happy that i am able to visit such charming places trough your curiouos eyes.
So many different colors everywhere, i love that. It seems that people dont mind living in old , that is other thing what amazes me, maybe i am wrong, but it looks like they are very comfortable and proud and they dont try to get rid of the "old stuff".
I cant get enough of looking at these fantastic pictures!

It is all sooooo beautiful! I can't get enough of the tall windows, dressed up with lace curtains and shutters that are actually functional rather than just decorative... They are so charming!... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

I 've enjoyed this walk with you, Corey...
and all the details along... and the old shop signs, especially the "câpres...conserves" and the "crèmerie".
That could have been a new guessing game of yours !?!
Thank you !

I am so glad to have found your blog! Your photography is stunning and you live in one of my favorite areas in the world! I love seeing it through your lense... Silke

Your photos always remind me of my childhood.
It looks like it might say-cremerie,with something else painted over?

These photos make me want to pack up my house and move. What a beautiful town, it looks like an ideal place to live.

I really enjoy your blog.

Corey, Thank you! What a wonderful break I had wandering with you through the villege. Spending my break with you is one of the highlights of my day! Beautiful! Awe inspiring! Thank you.

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