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27 February 2009


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Oh, I do love hot chocolate! This sounds wonderful.
I remember being in the Marseilles airport a couple of years ago waiting for a flight to Madrid. I ordered a hot chocolate at the counter and was delighted to see the girl pour real milk into a cup, heat it and add chocolate. None of this faux powdery stuff like we get in North America.


Hubby and I make this! We put a saucepan on our woodstove (which has been burning wood all winter in this cold weather)... we wait until it's ready and voila! The yummiest hot chocolate! =) BUT... we've never added vanilla... even yummier!!!!

OMG...that sounds like heaven!

I will definitely try this decadent treat! Thanks Corey. :-)

That sounds delicious! Next time I'm in the mood for some chocolate I'll give it a try! xo

wow - i missed that thanks - goats or soya milk for me - dairy intolerant. Sure it will still be divine, Thank you Jx

Whole milk! What lovely words. This sounds so good!

This is hot chocolate goodness - not the kind made with some type of powdery mixture. I do love a good marshmallow floating on top, the homemade kind. Once I made some homemade marshmallows to top off some hot chocolate I brought to work for "Warm and Cozy Day". One of my co-worker was astonished. "You can MAKE marshmallows???" she asked. "Yes, if they can make them in a factory you can certainly make them at home" I answered. Thanks for warming up my very cold day here on the northern Illinois prairie.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Yum, this sounds so tasty! Love your photo. :)

I sounds luscious.

Oh Corey that sounds so yummy....

Six months to go before my wedding and you tempt me with this?! I'll be back to this recipe in the fall.

I'm so glad you posted the instructions on how to restore a photo from the negative. I have some slides and my mother has a box of glass negatives. I've always thought that I would have to invest in a scanner that was equipped with a light on top and bottom to be able to capture the image. I never thought of simply taking a picture by holding the negative up to the light! I will try it right away!

Love your pictures!!!

That is MY kind of real hot chocolate!!

i will enjoy you all enjoying your chocolate...

sadly, i have an allergy to cocoa that makes it no fun for me if i eat any dark chocolate. the real kicker? i adore chocolate. i can stick to milk chocolate and be safe, but still not too much.

Sounds like heaven. I may have to go to the grocery store today for the ingredients. I need a pick me up and this might just do the trick.

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