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09 February 2009


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Jill Flory

Love it Corey. When can you be here to help me paint my kitchen?? Think I could pull that tecnique off? I definitely think you need to come help me! Too bad the commute is a little far:-)


Fabulous.. What are the most interesting things in the jars ??

Hi Welltraveled

I call them "scrapjars" Whenever I find some little thing, a button, a broken piece of painted china, torn lace, a vintage postcard, a christmas ornament, a key... I put it in the jar. Scrap jars.



Ooooooh, Corey! A beautiful sanctuary...great job!

Billie Haffey

It is totally cool, Corey. Excellent job and I know how much work this was for you!Your magazine should do a spread on it!!!!
I think you mentioned that you are not really a tub girl I believe, but this tub will change your mind. You'd have to pry me out all shriveled up like a raisin!
Big hug,

Hi Billie
No no no. I prefer the bathtub to a shower. I do not like BUBBLE BATHS. Just plain good hot water.

My Melange

Love it. Knew I would.
Hi Melange
I do not think I will ever "distress" a wall again. Though thank you for the idea. Really thank you. But what a job I tell you !


Corey it is FABULOUS!!! I love everything about it....so glad you left the toile in the shelf. You and FH should be so proud...and the fact that you are still talking after your first project is wonderful!!! Enjoy your spoiled tub and I vote for candles!!!


Definitely candles! Lovely...


Absolutely gorgeous. My dream has always been to have a really large bathroom with a sofa in it. That is my version of heaven. I would hang out in there reading, knitting, painting my toenails, and taking long hot baths.


I really like it. What happened to the other mirror you were thinking about? I have always wanted a bathroom with a chandelier, yours is great! So where is your toilet closet located? I kinda like that idea.
Please enjoy many wonderful, luxerious (sp?)baths to come!
Hi Shea

I took the other mirror back. Once I decided on grey the blue greenish mirror didn't look right.


Nancy N

Amazing! Simply amazing. Thanks for sharing the process and the completion.


How chic! Great work, Corey and FH.

Isabel ~ Maison Douce

Love it!! As always, you did an amazing job!!! I like that mirror better.... The other one was cool but a little modern... As for the chandelier, I would definitely go for candles! By the way, your link to the second hand shops takes us to the faucet company...

Hi Isabel
Thank you for the note about the link. I fixed it.


This turned out gorgeous! Congratulations on a big job amazingly done! I vote for candles in the chandelier - I can just imagine the candlelight with the crystals...


This is so divine, and yes, candles!!!!!! Oh how I would love to rummage through your apothecary jars! You did a great job on the color. It is very soothing and classic. The whole bathroom is simple, elegant and timeless. Bravo to you!
Hi Emily

Those scrap jars love to be rummaged through. There is always something for someone, never fails.



SUCH a Beautiful job! Wow! I love that you didn't paint the tub or the feet. It looks amazing left "nature" You gave me some ideas for next bathroom project :)




It came out really nice, not my choice of style - but I like the colors - but it's truly fascinating. Good job Corey!




Wow! Grey looks great! I love it! I'll bet you could have a grey kitchen and make it sing.

Ed in Willows

It looks great. The most important part is that you like it. You did forget one picture though, you soaking in the tub.


I love the grey! The whole room looks fabulous.



C'est tellement chic! J'aime les peintures gris melange et le lustre XIXeme siecle!

Love the old style faucets too. It could be in a magazine.



I like it!



positively gorgeous! i love the grey.


It looks wonderful! Congrats on a job well done!!!


I love it..
absolutely fabulous..
wish I had place I could make the toilet and bathhroom separate..


ooh and I vote for candles if it is not wired..
but you may need an pulley system to lower the chandelier to lit the candles easily..
whatever you choose.. I am sure I will look in adoration..
kolay gelsin (let it be easy) for the kitchen ..


A Louis the Sixteenth chair in your bathroom! Perfect!

After your explanation about the placeent of French toilets, I know why in French class we were always told to learn "Ou est la W.C.?!" lol


PLACEMENT - not placeent! lol





Lemon Tree Tami

Beautifully done! If the chandelier isn't electric then most definitely put in candles. Could you find some pale, pale silvery blue ones? I like the little bits of blue accents against the rich grey walls. I'm sure that in person you really get to see all the subtleties of that paint job. Congrats on finishing the renovation! :-)


It is gorgeous! I love the new mirror choice and want the blue chair. The faucet for the tub is amazing and must have been a challenge for the plumber. Candles-get one of those long butane candle lighters and a pretty candle snuffer.


Simply Gorgeous...........
We vote candles for sure.
Can't you just imagine the soft lighting for a perfect evening soak in the bath...


Well...I love it! Looks like a comfy place to take a bubble bath!


I absolutely love it! I knew I would. You did it! You and FH should be so proud. I love the chair. I'm glad you didn't rip out the Toile du Jouy in the shelf. It adds a surprise of color. I love that the toilet is not there. That makes it a whole different room for a whole different purpose. Our toilet is in a "closet" too but a closet in the same room. I love the idea of candles in the chandelier since it's not electrified. And styrofoam moulding? Amazing! I really really love the scrap jars! Fabulous!!


Lovely! Thank you so much for the links to the products!


It's wonderful! Well done! And I love the Toile du Jouy, so I'm glad it stayed.


IT is just yummie! WEll done.


Candles!!! Fabulous...perfect...beautiful...clever...and Oh!!!so French.
As I mentioned our master bath is gray...I look like an old hag in that room...so I am painting it a lovely "blue bird chest peach"...I shall be disappointed if I still look like an old hag after painting our bathroom.

Ooooor!!! perhaps I should redo my bathroom and keep the gray...gray sure looks perfect in your new bathroom.
I love that little touch of red of the Toile de Jouy.


congratulations on a project well done...i can see where you went with the gray...a distressed, time-aged look. lovely, very lovely.

now is there heating in this room? seems it would be quite chilly sitting there in the tub. and do you throw little rugs down so when you get out you don't step onto a cold floor? curious.

and electrifying the chandelier would be too difficult? shucks. to have the sparkle then, i would say do the candles...

and, of course, i am looking forward to the charcoals of the gentlemen adorning the walls :)

have a wonderful evening.


Hi Erin
Since I didn't like the idea of an electrified thing hanging over my head. I thought about candles... though it might burn the ceiling??? I have done that before in another room....
I have a rug, usually it will hang off the tub when not in use (where I have a towel in the photo.)
Our house is heated by a fireplace downstairs. As our house faces south it soaks up a lot of natural heat as well. The bathroom did have a heater. But as we never needed to turn it on we took it out.



So, when you take your motorcycle trip across country and you STOP AT MY HOUSE :D can you give me decorating ideas? I love your taste.

Okay Shannon!


I love it! It looks wonderful. I think candles in the chandelier would be great.

Hi Vanessa
Since I didn't like the idea of an electrified thing hanging over my head. I thought about candles... though it might burn the ceiling??? I have done that before in another room....


shannon in oregon

it is just stunning. you have such a great eye for detail and design. i raise my glass to you (okay, my mug of tepid coffee).


The bathroom looks amazing. How was the first soak? They say you never forget your first time. Then again a lady never tells!

The poor charcoal nudes! Their heads must be hanging in shame. :D

On Saturday I saw a book on Toile du Jouy and thought of you immediately!

Congratulations, now on to the kitchen!
Hi Alina
Well the first soak... I noticed a leak!
The plumber has to come back.


It's maaaaaah-vel-ous, daaaaah-ling!


A-M-A-Z-I=N=G!! You did it and it's gorgeous! You and French Husband should be so proud! I don't even know you and I'm super proud of you! Everything is beautiful - the walls came out stunning and I like that you painted one wall solid, it really shows off your distressed wall even more! Your second hand finds are true treasures.
I'm most pleased that you ended up loving it - I know in the middle, you weren't sure - So HUZZAH to your beautiful bathroom, your hard work and for loving it! Cheers!
xo Isa
Thank you Isa and everyone for the generous compliments. You are invited to come and party in my bathroom. Bring your own towel, soap and a bottle of champagne. I am serious.


A-ha! Another thing the French and Australians have in common... separate toilet rooms! I HATE the way the toilet is in the bathroom here in Nth America. HateHateHate it. I should have married a Frenchman and lived in a country that had toilets too. :)

OH, and I would go for plain candles in the bathroom light fitting, unless you want to add a touch of colour to the shades on the chandelier... pink perhaps? *sly grin*

Violet @Create Beauty


Michelle McAvoy

OH My, OH, My... Simply GORGEOUS. I love the walls and especially love the armoire. Do you know what? I never even noticed that there was NOT a toilet in the bathroom. I guess it's one of those things we tend to overlook in a photo since they are usually unsightly. I'm always looking for the pretties. Simply amazing Corey. I love it. I'm thinking of grey now for my bathroom. We'll see. Can't wait for the kitchen renovation to start. Perhaps you can post a photo of what the kitchen looks like now.
Michelle in KY

Miz Booshay

Bravo! Trey Chic.



Your bathroom is beautiful. It looks like it came straight out of a magazine. Job well done. Now enjoy the fruits of your labor!


Paris Parfait

It looks lovely, Corey. Well done, you!



Simply Divine! Candles would look lovely,
and you can accessorize with shades -- much like using scarves or jewelery for that extra sparkle now and then....
More importantly, a true test of strength in a marriage is to tackle a home remodel together any couple who tried it can tell you it is not easy. It is a true testament to your marriage working side by side doing a home remodel and getting along -- and it turned out as pretty as any bath room featured in a lovely magazine.

liannallama v

ohmigoodness! I am in love with what you did! I don't think I'd ever leave such a beautiful bathroom, LOL! I adore the weathered look you did on the walls and the soothing color. If the chandelier is not electric, then I'd definitely add candles--what could be more romantic and soothing than that!

Of course, I'm so boring and practical all I can think is what a nightmare it must be to clean--especially the gorgeous chandelier!


Dear Corey, Ican only say : "WOW" !!!! Stefania


Thank you Stefania and everyone for your affirming response! It makes me feel excited to tackle the kitchen ...


le petit cabinet de curiosites

It looks gorgeous . Bravo .

Kim...Up On A Hill

I love it. The colors are beautiful & that chair, that's what I am talking about! Candles, by the way. Much more romantic.

______________ Hi Kim

I am really lucky to live nearby such a fantastic second hand store!! The chair: I bought it five years ago and it cost $70. As it is. I nearly hugged the salesperson I was so excited!



It's magnifique!! (Did I spell that right)?
I love it to pieces!!! I would have done it that same way!!!
I say candles, much more romantic. I have one in my bedroom with candles.
You would never know you two hadn't done many projects together.
The color is so soft and pretty!!! The tub is to die for!!
Thanks so much for sharing,


My hat is off to you and FH. You could hire yourselves out as a decorating team. Maybe in your retirement.

I've always wanted to have a chair in my bathroom but N. American bathrooms typically aren't big enough.

The satisfaction of a job well done is a good feeling, especially when it was your first project. You and FH should be feeling well satisfied.

It turned out absolutely beautiful Corey. Thank you for sharing this project with us.

So, what is your hourly rate?


Hi Cindy
lol, our hourly rate? It took us HOURS to do this!! We are very slow. Yann said, " Thank God we don't do this for living we would be eating sawdust!"



Simply Gorgeous. Very envious...

Candles. Definitely x




It looks very French indeed. I love the contrast witht he red Toile. I hope you won't rip it off! And I didn't know about the separate bathroom and toilet. Oh the things I learn through Tongue in Cheek!


Perfection! Love it! Candles.


Hi!! A very very happy late birthday!!!! Sorry for the late post, I've been in Brussels all week end at a friend's place, and have only just gotten back so I'm catching up on your posts!!
I LOVE the bathroom! Can't wait to see it in March!!!
And is it true I get a gift???!!!


Hi Charlotte

Yes why not! Send me your snail mail address.
I cannot wait for you to see it in March! Remy (the carpenter, Charlotte's neighbor) came by tonight? He gave his thumbs up to our paint and floor job. I was tickled pink!


I know I am only saying what many before have done but that looks utterly gorgeous! Its definitely the walls that do it for me - you should market your crazy "mix em up and slap on a bit of furniture wax" technique. We are just about to do our bathroom and we live in no french chateaux but I'm so up for a bit of grey!!

Hi Chantal
Our home is far from a chateaux. Remember our home shares walls with three other homes.
Splash and shine, it is a long process.
I painted two other rooms in our house in one afternoon, and it took me four days to paint the bathroom!
I can send you the paint colors?


Oh, I think your bathroom came out just BEAUTIFUL! I would love something like that in my house.


Hi Evelyn

Where do you live?
The second hand store has a great online shop (hundreds of shops all connected online throguhout France.

Thank you,


Di Overton

Did you buy your paints at Leroy Merlin? :)
Do the candles. I have a bath and basin that have lights inside so I don't have the fear of burning the house down when bathing.


Hello DI,

Yes I bought the paint and molding at Leroy Merlan. When I went to add a link to the shop your blog address came up in Google!
Wow wonderful, so I added your link instaed. You described the paint section perfectly. (except the LM by our house did not have "cutter " brushes.

Aunt Amelia's Attic

Wonderful ending to a long process. It looks so like you. As it should.

Did you ever hear of or see a photo of Mistinguett? When I looked up the author of my love quote of today... I found her photos. And I thought; "Corey!" If you go to my post {2/09 Mon.}, there is a link to the site. Please see if you don't think; "Corey!" too. :-)

Aunt Amelia
"A kiss can be a comma, a question mark, or an exclamation point. That's basic spelling that every woman ought to know." ~~Mistinguett


I'm glad you left the toile. The whole thing is perfect.

I can't wait to see the kitchen. As I told you, I live in Louisiana. There is a bit of Caribbean and Central and South America here, so our kitchen remained as it was painted when we moved in: Forest Green.


Hi Denese

Forest green? Do you have a picture?
I am glad you like the toile I think it is the right amount of color and surprise.



Wow! It looks fabulous, Corey! All your hard work was definitely worth it. As for the chandelier, I'd use the candles.

Hi Lynda

Candles it is, seems to have won with a land slide.


Corey it turned out beautiful and I LOVE the chair!
Hey Shel Belle, Eric and Garret,

Yippy! I am glad we have YOUR stamp of approval! Eric HOW do you DO this type of thing all the time, and cook dinner ;)!! Okay Shelley have any ideas for our kitchen?



C'est magnifique!!
Truly, Corey, it is amazing! No little shades for the lovely chandelier, let her show off her curvey lines and jewels au naturel!


Love, love, love everything about it! Very dreamy and romantic! Candles for sure. Congratulation!


I think it looks lovely. Thanks for sharing and I wihs mine could look like yours. Maybe you should write a book.

love and blessings


I'll find a picture and send it. What is your email again? Mine is [email protected]

Sweet Repose

Love the effect you accomplished, so much fun to experimnent.

The easiest way for me to do my walls is to paint with flat or satin, no matter, then take a really thin, runny mix of dark brown flat paint mixed in water and brush all over walls. Let dry till just dry(and no more), then wipe down with a wet rag. It gives the look of mildew, smoke and years and years of negect. I love it, it's easy and will work over any color. I did it on my pale yellow, white and gray walls and it looks wonderful, saving me from repainting.

My Dad said, you really need to paint in here, I think you have a mildew problem...a supreme compliment to the artist...ha!



Hi Sharon

Good idea!



The last pictures in this post show our forest green kitchen. I'll take others this weekend. This might be too much of a shock from gray (although I think they are related colors). You could go with another green color-- it is a very nurturing, comforting color...



I absolutely love the results Corey--High five! BTW--i vote for candles. I can't wait for your next project!


Everything is beautiful, Corey, just like I knew it would be! Enjoy your new "old" bath.



just gorgeous Corey - of course!
I love every single bit of it.. I have a claw foot bath and when we renovated our bathroom a few years ago, it was done around the bath too. I painted the walls a stone colour and have just hung a large vintage mirror over the sink. I love lighting candles and sinking deep into that bath pretending I am a princes... oops, of course I AM a Princess ;) - love those apothecary jars and would love to make one. yes, I know gather bits and drop them in! why would mine not look like yours???
still needing to know how you keep your towels so brilliantly white... maybe it is because my husband uses ours to wipe his builders hands on....

cannot wait to hear of the kitchen, like I said before in a comment.. that is our project right now and i am really struggling with bench tops... and you would think it would be easy with my husband owning a kitchen design business.. ha!!


oh and ps- where do you keep all the bath bits n pieces.. you know, like shampoo, face cleansers.. cotton balls.. etc etc??


Hi Miss R
Everything bathroom wise fits into the linen armoire.
Towels, rugs, pjs, shampoo, soap....



That tub! Be still my heart, that tub. That is on my vision poster. lol

You did a great job here. These look like they belong in a magazine.


Elaine L.

I didn't think I would like gray, but I LOVE what you've done with the mixture of colors. It's like a watercolor. I, also, like the muted colors of the toile and the tapestry.


"J" @ French-Kissed

Stunning! It is art! You had a vision that you nurtured and brought to the loveliest conclusion. Enjoy!


It looks amazing! I'd like to live in there. You are so talented. Second hand shopping--horray!!


Looks like Corey's, gorgeous :-)
I would use candles for the chandelier.

I love your grey theme, even though it would not look as good around here, in my opinion, the light is different: this is not Provence, after all. I have grey towling bathmats by Conrans, though, and use white (American) towels only (the bathroom is white and black, the apartment was built in 1905)

Hasmade Designs

Serene and cozy...lovely! :-)


Absolutely beautiful. Takes my breath away; it is the bath room of my dreams. I think candles would make it look even more romantic(big sigh).

the domestic fringe

I lOVE your bathroom! Wow...can't say enough good stuff about it.

It's my first visit to your blog, but I'll be back.



man, that looks great! you can come redecorate my nasty 70s-colored house anytime ;) one of the things i miss most living in alaska is the lack of antique shops - or truely old things in them. there's some second hand stores, but most of that stuff is from the 50s. the feeling of age just isn't the same. you capture that feeling of time passing so well in your decorating style.

Tamara Giselle


Gray has never looked so beautiful. You, and the bathroom look gorgeous! That shot of just your back is a masterpiece. FH did real good, on the pics and on the bathroom. You two make just a tremendous team don't you?

I would never come out of that bathroom!!!!

I can only dream.

Enjoy. You deserve it after all that hard work (and waiting.)

and painting! Thanks. I think I should live in that tub.


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