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13 January 2009


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vicki archer

Look forward to the bathroom updates Corey - glad you loved the snow too,xv.


Your bathroom will be a sanctuary . . . I hope you win out on keeping the facade visible.

My advice on the ring: Purchase another (that you can return). As soon as you bring it in the house, your ring will magically appear. This has happened more than once to me with other "lost" things.


Ooooops I thought for moment you had redone the scary grey surgery bathroom...
Well anyway the renewed one looks loverly!
Not scary at all.


The grey surgery bathroom (that you find scary) is another bathroom of ours. We actually like it like that ;)

The blue one that is being knocked out as I type is the second bathroom we are remodeling.


Love your new look for the bathroom.
Love you
I hope your ring shows up soon.
Love Jeanne


look in the laundry for your ring... mine was once hidden in the folds of a sheet in the wash basket.


I hope your ring has turned up by now.

I can see why the old bathroom really didn't fit your style sense and your other one is a masterpiece of chic.

As another household with no fitted cupboards, I am just wondering where you will now be able to keep your toilet paper! We spent a week in a rented house for our holiday and I couldn't stop admiring the acres of fitted cupbords in every room - even though I always used to hate them ...I started thinking, maybe if I had this many cupboards my house would be tidy..... almost made me consider fitted cupbords under the sink!

qualcosa di bello

i am totally with you on exposed walls, esp. old stone ones in france!

you have done an awesome remodel job with the other BR & i cannot wait to see the outcome of this. losing storage space means less clutter of things not needed! (that's what i tell myself...)

qualcosa di bello

i've asked St. Anthony to help out with the wedding ring...


interesting project...not something i would want to undertake though i really should redo bathroom adjoining master bedroom.

so sorry to hear ring has not reappeared as of yet...was thinking of you enroute to work this morning and hoping you had found it :)

a brisk 25 degrees this morning with some frosties on the grass and roofs. no snow in our forcast. do you still have snow?

take care and keep warm.


Hi Corey,
such an undertaking! I liked the old blue bath, but I am not living there, good luck with it, I know it will be great when you are done, a bath remodle is always a good investment.
The new banner is nice too!
Have fun today!


You said it snowed awhile back....have you checked your gloves?

I so enjoyed the pic's of the bathroom redone. Beautiful!

Can't wait to see the new creation...

Don't regret not following through with what you SEE!

I love the clawfoot tub!


I collect old dice, so I love the new banner!
Word of advice on placement of clawfoot tub, be sure you can reach back there to clean it! I sometimes have to stand in my clawfoot tub to clean behind it, and I usually lay on my stomach to clean under it. However, it is worth it.



The first thing I thought to mention and forgot to........ I love your new header with the spoon and dice!


What a lovely bathroom! I adore that minimalist, spa feeling. I'm much too untidy to live with no vanity though. Where in the world do you keep all your girly goodies? I have enough cosmetics to fill 3 vanities. I guess the key word is "vain", right?



and yes...your bathroom....lovely...;)
and loveeeeeeeeeeee your new banner! i like it a lot...seems more Corey...


post pics when the new bathroom is complete!! I'd love to see them :)


I like your modern minimalist bathroom and look forward to see what you create in the now empty room! Are you going to paint the belly-up clawfoot tub before you put her back on her feet? (The tub does have a female gender, doesn't she? *questioningeyes*).

I hope the workers get the job done quickly, drafty doors in cold weather are hard to live with.


Like the new look remodel bathroom and change a little on the blog. We are waiting for a guesstimate for our kitchen/laundry room redo. Also just to see how much we asked him to figure pushing our diningroom wall out about 4 ft. Husband says that is out of our price range, but it never hurts to ask right? I find myself liking the expense counter tops. I have a few other places to look then take Steve back to look also. I don't know why he wants to look he doesn't do much cooking or cleaning in the kitchen. Also found out will most likily have to have a new floor also....I ready like my wood floor. The are not sure they could match it to the rest of the flooring. Oh well I will have to find something else. I hope you find your ring soon. Jeanette

Ed in Willows

I would kill to have your old bathroom. We have a very small, single shower and no tub. I'd like to find the person who remodeled our bathroom before we moved in and strangle him. Maybe someday, we'll remodel ours the way we want it. Corey, I just noticed something new to your page. You now have a link to Amazon.com over on the right side of the page. I love some of the selections being offered on your page.......An American In Paris......Junk Style. I get the feeling you had something to do with the items being offered...LOL.


Why not take a photo of the facade wall. Enlarge it and use it like a wallpaper panel over the greenboard/painted wall once the remodel is done?
You will find that ring, it is just playing hide and seek with you.


p.s. they ARE going to put insulation up aren't they? Stone walls can be pretty cold in winter.


Hi Corey,
Let me just say demolition, my favorite.
Since we did our bathroom 6 months ago, and just finished our kitchen, I know what it's like. Fun, exciting and messy.
I'm so sorry about your wedding rings. I didn't get a chance to read the blogs on the weekend.
Did you pray to St Anthony? I swear it works.
My daughter's boss recently lost her big, and I do mean big diamond ring somewhere in her house. She prayed to St. Anthony and she did end up finding her ring.
Just a thought. Have a great day!!

Sunrise Sister

Love your "other" bathroom, all nice and complete. Scary launching into remodeling - the first sounds and sights of the destruction make one wonder if the "right" thing is being done. That exposed wall - wow, that's pretty tempting to keep in some way - I look forward to seeing your progress!


Oh the simplicity ...love the new bathroom redo! Can't wait to see the finished masterpiece.

PS Hope you find the missing ring soon! I would also be lost without mying.


That is a nice sized bathroom! I like the style of your remodeled bathroom. All things being equal will there be prints of the male form in the new bathroom?


Hi Alina
Funny you should mention the charcoal drawings that I have in the bathroom... When I bought those years ago at a brocante in my little village I also bought nude men drawings from the same artist (1920 Sepry) I have been thinking to put them in the new bathroom.
Sacha about died when I told him of my thoughts.
Thanks for encouraging me ;)


I am loving your bathrooms!!!!!! The redo in black is sooooo chic. I can't wait to see the one in progress. About your wedding ring, I am sure it will pop up and in a place where you least expect it!!

I continue to wait with baited breath to see the daily progress.

Lisa "Oceandreamer" S.

Ok I am going to just say it....I really like the look of all that blue tile in the before photos. It reminded me of the sea. I am sure the after will be stunning though.(and I do love the look of a claw foot tub)
I do have a question....since you say the sink will be free standing, no cupboards etc....where do you store things like bath essentials, hair dryers & the like, extra TP, towels...that sort of thing. Just wondering.
I like the open shower and the shower heads in the other bathroom.
We have only one bathroom that is in DIRE need of a remodel but the hard part in doing it is what do we use in the meantime? Thus it's still in dire need.
I will be watching your progress here, it's really interesting to see all the steps!!
p.s. Your ring is going to turn up in the least likely place!


Love your new clawfoot tub....can't wait to see it done. What color are the walls in the bathroom you redid?? Love it!!! Praying you find your rings!!!!


I love how you have a vision and make it come true! Can't wait to see the "after" photos. Hope your ring is somehow magnetically drawn back to you!


I love your clean style. Can't wait to see how the blue bathroom turns out.


Dear Sacha,

Get over it! :D


Dear Sacha,

Get over it!


Dear Sacha,

Sorry for the double posting. Once was really enuff!

Die Rabenfrau

Wonderful bathroom! I like the colors very much. Don't you really need any shelves or something like that? That won't go with me. But it looks really good!


Dear Corey, your ideas are daring and unpredictable! Love it!

Shelley Noble

I bow to your style ability as it is immense. m..m

Tamara Giselle

Brilliant idea. Reading light over the toilet.:)

I have a lost wedding ring story of my mother's. Actually it was a lost diamond out of wedding ring. One day she looked down and noticed her diamond was gone. She turned the house upside down looking for it. To no avail. She waited awhile and then finally turned it into her insurance company who replaced the diamond. It just wasn't the same as the having the diamond that Dad had picked out for her, but it was better than an empty setting. A couple of years later she was emptying their burning barrel and when she dumped all the ashes into the compost pile she noticed a glimmer of something that was wasn't quite as ashy looking among all the ashes. She sorted through the ashes and found the glimmer was her diamond. She took it in the house and cleaned it up and it was as shiny as new. Completely unharmed even after being torched for two plus years. She took it to the jeweler and had it reset and took the replacement diamond and had it set in another ring. Gives new meaning to hot romance huh?


Love your new banner, and the remodeled bathroom. I hope you'll continue to share pictures of the current bathroom project.

My Melange

Oh Corey, can't wait to see the finished product!! I will tell you I would have *killed* for the one you are destroying. You could square dance in that thing,-as opposed to mine, which can barely fit two people in :)


so funny
we are in the planning stages of redoing our bathroom, and i would love to have your old one. I too want a claw foot tub,we had one in our first home and I have never got over it!
I will keep checking on your progress ~ how I love to come here and see pieces of your life
thank you so much for always sharing!


Well... you know where I stand ( or would sit be more appropriate here???) for this bathroom!!!! I started hyperventilating when I saw the title to this post!!!!!



Corey this was interesting reading the comments. We all have different likes. I really like your new bathroom make-over. Simplicity at its finest! :) It is gorgeous and peaceful. I am sure the one being redone now will be just as special. Blessings, Kimberly


Forgot to mention the new banner, rocks! Blessings,Kimberly

Denese Vlosky

You could be an interior decorator Corey.


oooo Corey, I love the exposed walls - and so what if some frowned at that thought --they frowned on the claw foot tub from the yard, too!

I can't wait to see it all done - I love that tub!

I hope your find your ring!! I lost mine in a pocket of some snug jeans once, as I pulled my hand out of the pocket, the ring stayed in! I panicked all afternoon looking for it!

xo Isa


How exciting! I have to agree with so many others..I would kill for that blue tiled bath.
I don't know if I could have watched the demolition, however, the claw foot tub will be amazing too. I can hardly wait for the "after pics" Your other bath is quite lovely and I especially love the large tiles in the shower!
I regret the day I chose the small 4 x 4 tiles for mine.


What, no wall of soap or infrared water faucet?! I love the mixture of modern with the ball and claw tub.


I whish I had such a spacious bathroom! And I have to say I like the green tile.....but I'm eager to see how the new style will be.


Oh my! That is a lot of work! I'm not sure if you shared the story about the "new" old tub...where it's from, if you have plans to refinish it...but if not, that's a story for another day, right?

Good luck with the ring!

Robin Rane'

Hi~Found you on Twitter while looking for some inspiring blogs~ yours is wonderful. I'm so looking forward to your finished bath!Have a great Wednesday~

Hi Robin,

Glad you found me and my tub.


I LOVED your upstairs bathroom and want to do something with the same kind of colors in my downstairs guest bathroom.

I can't WAIT to see how your bathroom comes out.

I hope you find your ring soon.

Hi Shannon

(Shannon is one of my oldest blogging friends. She came and stayed with us. She climbed our freaky staircase.)
The bathroom has your name on it Shannon as well as our hearts.

Hasmade Designs

Can't wait to see the bathroom w/the claw foot tub, when it's finished!

Corey, your bathroom looks great! It looks like a model home...so clean and simple.


Corey, I did not imagine you having anything modern in your ancient French home (except in your armoir), but still I find your style tres chic!

Polly-Vous Francais

I am So glad that you are installing an antique claw foot tub.

When i find my dream house, I will have a bathroom also with a clawfoot tub (we once had a six-footer!). Meanwhile, here's a link to my all-time favorite French bathroom so far. Ooh, the chandelier over the tub! The photo doesn't do it justice, either.




HI Polly

We share the same idea, I have a chandelier too...Though I am not going to electrify it so it doesn't have a chane to electrify me :)



Love the first bathroom you did.. can't wait to see the new one finished.... keep those pictures coming...
Hope you find your ring...

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